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WPEngine vs BlueHost -  WordPress Hosting Comparison

WPEngine vs BlueHost – WordPress Hosting Comparison

Since both WPEngine and BlueHost are recognized specialists in WrodPress hosting, people may naturally wonder which one is better in which regard. That’s why we carried out this comprehensive comparison of their WordPress hosting services.

The WPEngine vs BlueHost comparison is focused on their prices, features, performance and support. Each aspect is reviewed and rated in a careful and objective manner. Please refer to the table below for their overall rating before going into detailed comparison.

Overall WPEngine Bluehost

Plans & Pricing

WPEngine offers four WordPress plans. The name of each plan suggests its primary usage and targeted users clearly. The first three plans are priced starting at $29/mo while the price of Enterprise Plan is open to negotiate. The company promises a full refund for 60 days if customers are not satisfied with the products.

The four WordPress hosting plans offered by BlueHost are quite similar to that of WPEngine, priced starting at $24.99/mo. Obviously, they are more affordable than WPEngine plans. What’s more, if users sign up any BlueHost plan from this promotional link, they can get a 50% discount.

Price WPEngine Bluehost
Regular $29/mo $24.99/mo
Discount 17% 50%
Discounted $24/mo $14.49/mo
Money Back 60 Days Anytime
How to Claim Link Activation


Both companies include various amazing tools in their WordPress plans. Specifically, WPEngine plans offer unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, Git Version Control and Caching, which are all attractive resources and development tools for WordPress users.

BlueHost has also included many key features such as MOJO Marketplace and ManageWP to enable users to run their WordPress sites smoothly. To figure out which is more cost effective, we have compared the hosting features between the Personal plan and the Blogger plan. Refer to the table below for detailed information.

Feature WPEngine Bluehost
Storage Unlimited 30 GB
ManagedWP Sites 1 5
Free SSL No Yes
Control Panel N/A Enhanced cPanel
Dedicated IP No Yes
Telephone Support No Yes
Fress Domain No Yes
CDN $19.95/mo Free
SSL Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes

This table shows that the Blogger plan offers more useful tools than the Personal plan. Hence, BlueHost is a better choice than WPEngine for personal WordPress hosting.


We’ve been monitoring the uptime and speed of both companies. We find both of them have done a good job but BlueHost does better than WPEngine. During the past 30 days, BlueHost has kept its uptime above 99.9% all the time while WPEngine uptime dropped to 99.8% for several times. The chart shows how reliable BlueHost is in terms of uptime.

We’ve also tested their speed and found that the average server response rate is 320ms for BlueHost and 400ms for WPEngine. Please refer to the performance chart below for more statistics collected in the past 30 days.

We believe their impressive performance is attributed to sophisticated technologies. For instance, both companies have built multiple high-performance data centers and adopted built-in caching technologies for fast loading speed. And BlueHost hosts all the WordPress plans on their revolutionary VPS platform that delivers extreme speed.

According to the final results of our online monitoring for the aspects of reliability and hosting performance, BlueHost surely wins over WPEngine by ensuring the 100% uptime and consuming an average of 320 ms only for the response of each server request. In order to keep the fast and reliable service for all the hosted websites, this hosting provider spares most of their times and energies on the below tasks.

  • All the web servers utilized by BlueHost are developed and refined by a group of experienced experts, making sure that these machines are composed of the rock-solid components that are offered by DELL factory. Also, to achieve the smooth website running, all the servers are coming with the sufficient SSD storage and Intel processors, and have been well optimized for the peak performance.
  • Unlike many other hosting providers that rent the data centers, BlueHost decides to set up their self-owned server spaces by spending a large sum of money. All of these centers can ensure the uninterrupted power supply, automatic fire suppression, proper overall climate and the worry-free data center security. Even, there is a group of on-site staffs who monitor all the facilities 24/7. Once there is something wrong, they can resolve the issues before becoming the serious problems.
  • As you need to share a single web server with many other people, it is possible for you to meet some bad neighborhoods to overuse the server resources or suddenly handle the traffic spike. Once these situations happen, your website running might be affected negatively. Due to this circumstance, BlueHost offers the exclusive segregation system that can better protect you away from these bad users.
  • BlueHost offers the CloudFlare CDN service without any charges, which can improve the page loading speed and stability of your website greatly. Even, you can save your bandwidth utilization by enabling the service.

Technical Support

The three support channels including live chat, phone and email are available from both companies. However, Personal plan users do not have access to WPEngine telephone support while all BlueHost users have the same privilege to ask for help in any way. Whenever BlueHost customers call for help, they can always get precise and simple answers from in-house technicians.


In conclusion, the two companies seem on par in terms of performance but BlueHost is certainly more recommendable, especially for individual users because it offers more affordable prices, more friendly features and better customer services. WPEngine, a new startup with less than 30 employees, which is completely not comparable with BlueHost with 700+ employees at all.