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WPEngine Coupon Codes - 40% Discount

WPEngine Coupon Codes – 40% Discount

WPEngine is a famous WordPress hosting provider that offers the best service to WordPress users with the stunning speed, powerful features, top-rated reliability and best-in-class customer service. This web host provides five packages that are priced starting at $29/mo, much more expensive than many common WordPress hosting solutions. To ease the financial burden of customers, WPEngine now releases some coupon codes that reduce the hosting charges greatly. In the following, we have listed some popular WPEngine coupon codes that are valid for utilization.

WPEngine Coupon Codes

WPEngine only allows two billing circles – the annual one and the monthly one. Here, different coupon codes may only work for different billing terms exclusively. Even, some coupon codes can only be valid for a specific hosting package of WPEngine.

FreeMoveM – This coupon works for all the hosting packages with the monthly billing. With it, you can enjoy a 20% discount off the regular rate of $29/mo, and the purchase the monthly service starting at $23.2/mo effectively.

FreeMoveA – This coupon code also allows a 20% discount for all the packages, along with 2 months free of charging. However, it is only valid for the annual plan, reducing the price down to $232 for each year.

SSL40OFF – This coupon achieves a 40% discount for the Personal, Professional and Business plans of WPEngine with the annual billing circle. With it, the hosting charges are down to $17.4/mo, namely $208.8 for one year.

ASEBONUS2 – This coupon allows a 2-month free and a 20% discount off the recurring terms for the Personal, Professional and Business packages. Besides, it allows 4-month free for the Premier package.

ARTOFFBLOG – This coupon allows you to enjoy a 3-month of cheap hosting that is only $4/mo. It is valid for the Personal plan of the yearly billing.

More Information

As compared with many other WordPress hosting solutions, the service offered by WPEngine is undoubtedly costly, but still powerful and reliable. In this case, if you are concern about the hosting charges, you can choose one of the listed coupon codes that benefit you the most.

Otherwise, these budget WordPress hosting are still the brilliant choices. All of these companies have over 10 years’ experience serving for more than a million of users.