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What is WordPress Squeeze Page And How to Create It

What is WordPress Squeeze Page And How to Create It

At present, creating the squeeze page has become an effective method for you to enlarge your email lists or to better market your services, contents and products. By doing so, you can automatically showcase a popup window to your readers when they enter your webpages, bearing the essential information you want them to see and the call to actions you want them to take.

If you are not familiar with this special technique, you can check the below contents to learn what is WordPress squeeze page and how to create it.

Basic Knowledge about WordPress Squeeze Page

In fact, it is possible that when you land on the webpage to check the displayed contents, but only be distracted and interrupted by a sudden popup window that contains the advertising information or requires you to offer your email address. This is a squeeze page.

Surely, this special popup might be annoying for most of your readers and the unexpected interruption may even irritate them, but things can be much better if you promise that people can get the valuable things from the squeeze page, such as a free ebook for downloading, the free trial for your newly released online service, the exclusive video content related to your website topics, some series bearing the useful tutorials and many more. Note that you should make people realize that all the actions they take on this special page are the exchange of information, products or services they want to get.

In addition, we do not recommend you to offer a free video that can be found on YouTube or other video resources. After all, people can easily find the source on their own, so they may feel it is not worthwhile to enter their email or to check the showcased information in the squeeze page.

How to Create A WordPress Squeeze Page

In fact, the easiest way to create a WordPress squeeze page is by utilizing the WP Lead Plus plugin, with which you can create a popup squeeze page with the full customization and modification, which is totally based on your preferences.

In addition, there are a lot of pre-designed page templates for you to choose, along with various editing possibilities to further modify them.

Now, you can start using it by having it installed and activated in the first place. After that, you need to click the settings page of this plugin for entering the tracking code of Google Analytics or Statcounter. This simply helps you keep a close eye on your squeeze page. If the tracking result is not satisfactory, you can change the design and elements accordingly.

Tracking Code

Next, you need to create the squeeze page. Note that you can do this by clicking the Create Squeeze Page button or the Create Widget button. However, these two options can only showcase your squeeze page in a static way without the popup effect.

Due to this, we highly recommend you to click the Create Popup button, which allows you to generate a popup squeeze page with the full customization options.

Create A Popup Squeeze Page

Here, you firstly should give a title of this page from the upper-left section of the screen. Then, you should look at the bottom-right area and click the Select button for choosing the page template. Note that if you want an information-rich page, you can tick the With Opt-in button. Otherwise, you need to choose the No Opt-in button.

Select Page Template

After picking up the preferred template, you should click the Edit This button. Here, we take the option of “ThePaw.Inc” as an example.

Firstly, you can fully change the currently existed words with your formats, alignment, listing, font family, color, font size and many more. Even, you can insert and edit the hyperlinks and images as you want.

Change Template Words

As this template has a video to be showcased, you can choose to remove it or to change to another video that is made by you or is found on the video resource sites. To remove it, you can target the video, and then, click the Remove button after ticking the Edit button.

Remove Video

If you want to change the video to be displayed, you can click the Code button to target the Media button. Here, you only need to enter the embed code or URL of your wanted video.

Change Video

As for the email field, you can create the autoresponder by clicking Edit > Email.

Create Autoresponder

It is possible that you promise the free offering to people when they enter their email address or click the link on your squeeze page. In this example, the free offering is a template via the “Send me the template” button. Here, you can change the button label as you wish, and then, you need to click the Inert Link button to enter the target URL directing people to the downloading page of the free item.

Free Offering Button

In addition, you can click the Edit button to add more components, change the background of the overall appearance and the box, as well as dragging, resizing, and relocating these existing components.

Edit Template Button

As this squeeze page is modified with the full satisfaction, now, you can click the Save button and publish it.

Display A Popup Squeeze Page

To make this page available on your website, you need to click the Manage Popup button. Here, you can choose to create a new option or to edit an existing one. If you create the squeeze page for the first time, you need to click the Create An Option button.

After that, you need to give a name for this option for the easy management and choose the popup squeeze page you have created just now from the drop-down list.

Now, you can choose the display location. Note that this plugin allows you to showcase the squeeze page on all the pages and posts, on pages only, on posts only and even on some categories only. You can choose where to show the popup based on your needs. In addition, you should determine the exact location. Personally, we suggest the Screen Center so as to pick people’s attention the most.

Popup Title and Location

Next, you should decide the popup background. Here, you have 6 options – Transparent, Solid Color, Pattern, Video, Image and Transparent Black. We personally prefer the Transparent option.

Popup Background

Lastly, you need to determine how the squeeze page can appear along with the display frequency. This plugin allows you to show the page on the exact timer that is based on the second or just after people land on your page. As for the frequency, we think one time is enough that can reduce the chances to annoy your readers the most.

Now, you can make your popup active and click the Save Options button.

Popup Frequency

Below is the example after choosing a No Opt-in template.

No Opt-in Template

Use A Button to Trigger the Squeeze Page

If you do not want to bother your readers with the popup squeeze page at all, you can leverage a button to trigger this special page.

To do this, you should click the Wherehouse button from the drop-down list of this plugin. Then, you can find a Trigger Elements button here. Just lick it.

Now, you can choose what to create for achieving the trigger purpose. There are two options – button and link. Frankly speaking, the button ensures the better result. Then, you need to decide the button label, style and color, as well as picking up your popup squeeze page.

Generate Code

Next, you should click the Generate Code button. The coding stuff can be entered into any webpage you want, but we recommend you to paste it into a text widget and to display the widget in the sidebar.

Button Triggers Popup Page

In addition, to ensure more button clicks, you’d better make the button text as attractive as possible.