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WooCommerce Review - Is It a Great Ecommerce Online Software

WooCommerce Review – Is It a Great Ecommerce Online Software

With the number of ecommerce websites increasing every day, various software and tools have been launched in the market. Among the list of available options, WooCommerce is a powerful choice for WordPress sites that comes with tremendous numbers of features. Analyzing the effectiveness and features of this plugin, many experts have regarded it as “the Greatest ecommerce Software” in the WooCommerce review.

Listed here in this WooCommerce review are several important aspects including popularity, usability, design options, price, payment, shipping, security, and add-ons.


PopularityEver since the launch of WooCommerce in September 2011, the e-commerce tool has become the first preference of all the business organizations whose websites are running on WordPress. The tool is not only appreciated by its users, but is also recommended to prospective business owners for enhancing the online-selling experience.

As a matter of fact, WooCommerce has been used by more than 3.84 million users around the world. It occupies approximately 13% market share for the eCommerce sites operating in the present era. Therefore, it can be concluded that WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce options.

Usability and Design

WooCommerce is a simplified platform that offers a user-friendly interface to its users. Every WordPress-familiar user can operate this plugin easily. The tool can be installed and activated like all the basic plugins for WordPress, and pre-loaded pages such as Cart, My Account and Checkout can be added to the front-end of the website. The WooCommerce themes and templates can be selected from the list of WooTheme and installed on the site by clicking on the Install option.


Being the leading ecommerce platform, WooCommerce allows its user to have full control over the online transaction tools. Users can customize their ecommerce websites to send free packages, offer local as well as overseas delivery, set a flat rate and many more.

Apart from it, users can categorize, tag and write attributes on product pages for better marketing of the products. Also, with the presence of simplified order statuses such as Pending, On-Hold, Processing and Completed on the dashboard, customers can check their orders easily. As a whole, this software ensures ease-of-access for the users as well as customers.

Pricing and Payment

PaymentAlthough WooCommerce comes with a powerful pack of features, it is an open-source platform that can be installed in a WordPress site for free. In other words, a WordPress user doesn’t need to spend even a penny to use this ecommerce application.

However, as it performs best with a WooTheme, users choose to pay a couple of dollars to get an effective template installed on their websites. Apart from it, some users prefer the installation of additional premium tools and extensions to enhance their website’s performance or appearance. Therefore, although WooCommerce doesn’t involve any initial cost, purchase of templates and add-ons constitute the operational cost.

When it comes to the payment processing options, WooCommerce offers a wide range of payment processors. With PayPal being the standard option, the tool lists some major players in its list such as Amazon Payments, WePay and Overall, it presents more than 100 payment processors through extensions, allowing customers to make payments conveniently.


ShippingThere are various shipping tools offered to the users in the basic version of WooCommerce. As shipping information and payments have always been a hectic topic for the majority of ecommerce websites, this tool allows the users to calculate the amount of shipping based on several factors.

With the inbuilt calculator tool, one can easily calculate the shipping cost by entering the travelling distance or the total travel time. Due to the systematic transaction procedure, customers get the convenience to check their shipping status on the ecommerce website.


The basic version of WooCommerce comes with a set of useful add-ons for every type of ecommerce websites. As most of the WordPress users desire to add more tools or extensions to their ecommerce site, WooCommerce offers various additional tools for free.

Every prospective user can purchase the third party add-ons and install on their WooCommerce platform conveniently. Some of the most popular add-ons used by majority of WooCommerce users are Bitcoin Payments for WooCommerce, Product Add-ons, WooCommerce Pre-Orders and Woo-commerce Instagram.


It is very essential to have a secured WooCommerce website. Although WooCommerce offers various security tools, every user must check and implement some security measures. This starts with the protection against brute force password attacks.

Secondly, it is recommendable to use a reputable and recognized host such as InMotion, BlueHost and HostGator. Lastly, the templates, tools and plugins should be downloaded from secured sources for the eCommerce site.


The WooCommerce platform is a useful tool for ecommerce websites that look for tremendous numbers of features and customizations without bargaining with the performance of the website. Its operation cost is quite reasonable when compared to other ecommerce tools. Therefore, it is recommendable in this WooCommerce review that this option is a must-have tool for every ecommerce website operating in the present era.