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Wix vs WordPress for Better Personal Blog Building

Wix vs WordPress for Better Personal Blog Building

When it comes to website building application, then two major platforms come against each other, one of them is WordPress and the other one is Wix. Both of them are intended for normal users who are not into coding. Below, we have made a Wix vs WordPress comparison considering about the popularity, usability, theme options, plugins, and SEO, which can surely help you in choosing the best application for your blog.

Popularity Comparison

PopularityIn this area, WordPress is simply the winner, because within a short period of time, WordPress has gained tremendous fan following. Normal users and website developers are consistently considering WordPress over Wix, because they can simply exploit the power of WordPress as it is absolutely open sourced. Coders can manipulate the codes, and they can even create new plugins and themes accordingly, which really helps in creating unique and creative websites.

One the other hand, Wix is not open sourced, therefore the options are pretty much restricted in Wix. If someone wants to change the theme of their website, then they have to lose the content too. These features of WordPress make it really easy to use and flexible at the same time.


Now is coming to the main point of usability. How frustrating it can be when a developer creates a blog for you, but then you are unable to use it on your own. WordPress overcome this problem by making the platform very easy to use, and one can easily upload the content and pictures without taking any help from others.
One the other hand, Wix is not so easy to use, and you always have to stick with the main theme if you want to upload your content on the website. On WordPress, you also get the option to install plugins, and use it without any hassle.

Theme Options

As we have discussed earlier that WordPress is an open source platform, which means that coders are free to create themes and plugins for WordPress, and this is the basic reason why there are so many quality WordPress themes available for users to experiment with. Users are absolutely free to choose any particular theme and change it without affecting the content. This feature of WordPress makes is so easy for the users to actually find the best suited theme for their website.

One the other hand, Wix is not having so many themes to experiment with, because it is not an open source platform. So, in terms of themes, there is nothing better than WordPress.

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Plugins are basically small tools, which can be used for adding extra feature on your website. For example, if you want to add some social buttons just below the posts, then plugins can do it for you. So, there are thousands of plugins available on WordPress, which can help you in making your website better than before.

However, Wix is not so great in terms of plugins, because it is not an open source platform, and coders or developers cannot upload their plugins. If you want to convert your website into an ecommerce website, then with WordPress, you can definitely do that just by using some plugins. But Wix can never give you this kind of flexibility.

SEO Factor

SEONow, we all know the fact that SEO is pretty important for better ranking on Google. Though, Wix is having some SEO inbuilt functions, but WordPress offers so many SEO plugins, with which your website can gradually rank better on Google. It offers plugins like SEO Yoast, which is considered as the best SEO plugin available today.

More about WordPress

The best thing about WordPress is the installation process. You can choose both manually and automatically install it on your local computer within a few minutes. In addition, there are many reliable web hosts offering 1-click WordPress installer achieving an automatic installing simply by clicking a few clicks of button.

The best way to experiment with WordPress is by installing various plugins and themes, which are easily available on Apart from this, you can also consult a designer to enhance the overall look of your blog by custom coding. You can easily change header images, and add various slides and you can also convert your static website into a dynamic one.

Final Result

Well, to be really fair, WordPress is way ahead of Wix in terms of everything. With WordPress, users can get lot of customizing options, and they can learn a lot from the large community. Apart from customization, blogging becomes really easy with WordPress. But Wix is not having so many features, and that is a huge drawback for this platform. Amateurs really love WordPress, and it is really easy to install too.

By the way, as the utilization of WordPress requires the hosting service, we’d like to list the top 3 best WordPress hosting providers in the market, offering the top-level hosting services at the affordable price.