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Why & How to Create WordPress Sticky Posts

Why & How to Create WordPress Sticky Posts

Sticky posts, as the name hints, are the kind of posts that stick on the front page. You can choose one post that you want to highlight as a sticky post. Also, you can replace that post with new ones.

After all, talks are simply talks. As an important function in WordPress, there are still certain numbers of people who don’t know exactly what sticky posts can do and how to create a sticky post.

Thus, this tutorial is going to introduce WordPress sticky posts by analyzing their advantages, and then present the procedures to create your own sticky posts in a step by step manner.

Why Use Sticky Posts

By default, WordPress provides you sticky posts function so as to better present your posts. Firstly, sticky posts can do you a favor in information highlighting.

As mentioned at the very beginning in the tutorial, sticky posts are put on the front page where turns to be the most important area on websites. Naturally, important areas are bound to present the most important information. Through sticky posts, your visitors can totally get the crucial ideas that you want to emphasize.

Secondly, sticky posts are very helpful to website SEO. Generally, your sticky posts would cover some keywords by which your websites are searched. If your websites are without sticky posts, then search engine is often less targeted. Naturally, the volume of visits would trend to decrease, which would obviously do no good to your business.

How to Create Sticky Posts

procedure Based on analysis, you can notice that sticky posts are very helpful for online business. So, this tutorial is going to present how to create sticky posts next. In order to be easy to understand, this introduction will be conducted by words and pictures.

First of all, you need to log in the “Dashboard”. Then you can find the function menus available such as Media, Posts and Tools. You should get familiar with all those functions so as to operate more quickly and conveniently. After a glimpse of the dashboard, you should focus on “Posts” because that is where you are going to edit and create your sticky posts. Then you may find “Add New” under “Posts”.

Secondly, you are going to create new posts. Remember that those posts should be important ones which can help to attract visitors, so their content should be appealing and valuable. After editing, you can also add some pictures, tables and charts which would make your posts more vividly.

Create Sticky Posts
Now you are faced with the most important procedure – to make the post sticky. On the right side of the page, you can find the “Publish” section where you can find a menu named “Visibility”. You should click the “Public” Link under “Visibility”.

After that, you may see a check box with some words saying “Stick this post to the front page”. Just click the check box and publish your posts. Then, when you browse that post in the frontend, you can find it showing up in the front page.


This sticky post can be changed out of your favor or needs. When you want to publish another sticky post, you just need to go through mentioned three steps again. All in all, creating a sticky post can be very easy actually, so no matter how little you know about WordPress, you can make one and run your business as you like.