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What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Mean - Detailed Explanation of This Term

What Does Unlimited Web Hosting Really Mean – Detailed Explanation of This Term

The offering of unlimited web hosting service has become a common marketing trick among web hosting providers. These companies claim to provide an unlimited allocation of disk space and monthly data transfer, and some of them even allow unlimited domains, e-mail addresses, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, and many more. As the average price of the web hosting is around $7/mo only in the market, can you really get everything unlimited at such a low price?

In the following, we’d like to unveil the truth and secret about unlimited web hosting, and help you understand what does the term of unlimited really mean.

What is Unlimited Web Hosting?

What is Unlimited Web HostingGenerally, almost all the trust-worthy hosting companies offer the unlimited hosting that refers to the hosting service allowing customers to get unlimited server resources. Webmasters need the disk space to store their websites and bandwidth to transfer data, so the benefit of unlimited is undoubtedly attractive. In addition, some large web hosts even offer many other unlimited features like e-mails, databases, and add-on/parked/sub domains.

Is Unlimited Web Hosting Really Unlimited?

Without doubt, it sounds great, but it is nothing but a marketing tactic used to attract customers. After all, we are living in a physical world where you can never find anything unlimited actually, and the server capacity is definitely not infinite. The reason why can web hosts claim to offer unlimitness is that they are just over selling.


Generally, only bloggers and small website owners will choose this hosting type, for they only need a small or moderate volume of server resources to support the daily operation of their websites. In this case, web hosts know exactly that their large hosting capacity can never be exhausted by a single website, and many webmasters can hardly consume all the resources allocated to them. Thus, they can confidently claim to offer unlimited web hosting.

In addition, as there are a lot of server resources remaining unused, web hosts can re-sell these left resources to more people for benefit generation. This kind of practice is called as overselling.

Unlimited Web Hosting is Actually Limited

In the case that your physical server hosts some large e-commerce websites that require a tremendous volume of storage and bandwidth for their images, files, apps, and traffic, then the sites of you and other small webmasters will be affected negatively. To eliminate this possibility, almost all the web hosts have set some restrictions concerning about the maximum usage, and locate the usage policy at Terms of Services that is ignored by the majority of webmasters.

In fact, the main purpose of this policy is to tell webmasters that they can utilize as many server resources as they want to run their websites, but the prerequisite is that they can never overuse this benefit and excess the allocation entitled to them. Otherwise, the hosting companies may implement some penalties like suspending the website without notification.

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Is Unlimited Web Hosting Good or Not?

Although it is somewhat dishonest and misleading, it doesn’t mean that this hosting type is bad. Instead, many web hosts have guaranteed a quality service for webmasters.

In fact, choosing unlimited web hosting or not is 100% depending on your real needs. If you are going to set up a small site or blog that doesn’t need too many server resources, then the unlimited web hosting is undoubtedly a good option. After all, it gives you sufficient capacity, along with the budget-friendly price.

However, if you want to build a large site coming with a lot of HD images, files, and applications, then you’d better forgo this option as you may be restricted by the usage policy.

How to Choose Unlimited Web Hosting

howIf this hosting option is suitable for your website, then the first thing you need to do is finding a quality web host among countless choices. You can refer to some popular review sites like this one for web hosting to find some best options. These websites include you the detailed information about the most award-winning hosting providers based on the cost-effectiveness, uptime track record, page loading speed, technical support, customer satisfaction level, and industry reputation, etc. The following list presents the top three options meeting all of these requirements.

In addition to finding the web hosts, you also need to check Terms of Services offered by a specific company. After all, you have to know what does unlimited mean for this company and understand where your boundaries are.