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What is Google Adsense - Powerful Google Program for Online Monetization

What is Google Adsense – Powerful Google Program for Online Monetization

At present, online monetization has become more and more popular among webmasters. People adopt a wide variety of methods to generate revenue from their own blogs or websites. Due to this new trend, we have introduced a series of tutorials concerning about making money online. In this class, we’d like to introduce a useful profit-earning program called Google Adsense.

In fact, most of our readers have heard about this Google program for many times, but only few of them really know it. With this comprehensive introduction, however, you can get a clear understanding of what Google Adsense is.

What is Google Adsense?

To put it simply, this is an online program allowing webmasters to showcase the Google advertisements on their websites and to get the commission based on pay-per-click or pay-per-impression. All the ads are selected by Google exclusive technologies to make sure that they are relevant to your contents and are targeted to your readers properly.

To be honest, for anyone wishing to make money on the Internet, Google Adsense can be regarded as a perfect choice. After all, you don’t need to analyze your traffic, contact advertisers, and select the suited ads. This program can do all of these tasks for you automatically. The only thing you need to do is to wait for the money to flow into your pocket.

Note that you can earn profit successfully using Google Adsense only when your website has a large traffic and reader base. After all, everything is in vain if no one visits your site.

Google Adsense

Why It Is Popular?

goodDuring the past 10 years, there are more than 2 million of webmasters using this program to start their online business, and the majority of them are satisfied with the final result. Why can it achieve such a tremendous popularity? Check the highlights in the following.

  • Multiple Advertising Options – Google has a huge advertiser collection that can be accessed by any Google Adsense users. You can establish a win-win partnership with them easily, and can maintain a solid relationship with no efforts. As more advertisers mean more relevant ads, your opportunities to earn money online can increase significantly.
  • Right Target – This program has a robust targeting system that only places your website related advertisements, meaning that the ads selection is based on your website content and readers’ interests. To be honest, this can benefit both advertisers and you, for advertisers can reach the right potential customers and you can guarantee a better browsing experience.
  • Robust Ads – There is no need for you to worry about the quality of ads located at your website, for all of them are selected by Google machines and real people.
  • Free Ads Management – Sometimes, you may dislike the ads chosen by Google, or you may want to change the look and formats of some ads. In these cases, you can block and control the advertisements as you like as Google Adsense gives you the flexible control.
  • Reporting System – This program has an exclusive reporting system that allows you to have a comprehensive impression of how your ads are performing. The report is graphical based that is very easy to understand.
  • Mobile Friendly – If you want to figure out how much you have earned or to check the graphical reporting via mobile phone, this service can guarantee you a perfect mobile interface.

In addition, the kinds of advertisements on your website can be various. In addition to displaying the text ads and image ads within your website contents, you can also showcase the video advertising as you want.

How It Works?

Google Adsense has a simple registration process. You only need a Google account and a self-hosted website, and then you can start using this program. Note that your domain name needs to be registered for more than 6 months.

Once you apply successfully, you can get the HTML code offered by Google Adsense. Simply copy and paste the coding to your website, such as the theme file or text widget. The ad placement is totally up to you.

Then, Google places all the CPC and CPM ads that are related to your website and readers into one bid system for competing. After comparing their bids, Google displays the best ads with the highest paying on your website.

Now, you are simply waiting for people to click on these advertisements, thus get commissions with ease.

How Google Adsense Works