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What is Domain Privacy Included in Hosting Packages - Is It Worth Purchasing?

What is Domain Privacy Included in Hosting Packages – Is It Worth Purchasing?

When you place an order of a domain name and start paying for it, you can find an optional service called Domain Privacy Protection in the package information that is recommended to choose. It is offered by almost all the web hosts and domain registrars on the Internet to increase the level of security, and is utilized by many webmasters to better protect their personal information.

Now, you may be wondering what domain privacy is. In the following, we’d like to introduce this service in detail and explain why it is popular and worth purchasing.

What is Domain Privacy?

In fact, this is a security service concerning to domain name that is offered by hosting companies or domain name registrars. With it, webmasters can have their personal information masked and replaced with the information of the service provider. This can decrease the chances of sensitive and important information leaking significantly, and lead to a more safe and secure environment for the website running.

In fact, in addition to the domain privacy service, we have also introduced many other security methods that are useful to protect your website. Simply check these posts to get some suggestions

Domain Privacy

How Does It Work?

Generally, when you purchase a domain name, the registration process requires you to provide a series of personal information including your name, country, city, street address, e-mail address, and phone number for convenient future contact and purchasing information receiving.

After your domain name is successfully registered, all of the information will be stored at the WHOIS database immediately. However, this database is totally public and can be viewed, accessed, and utilized by any people, meaning that the opportunity of your personal information to be exposed on the Internet is large. In this case, the service of domain privacy can be useful.

If you purchase this protection service, then the information showcased in the public WHOIS database will be that of your web host or domain provider, but not yours.

In the following, we have given you an example of what the WHOIS looks like before and after you going with the domain privacy service offered by BlueHost.

BlueHost Domain Privacy

The Benefits

Now, you might have a general impression of what domain privacy is and how it works. In the next part, we’d like to tell you what benefits it brings to you.

  • Avoid Marketers – If your contact information is public online, then you are very likely to be bothered by some telemarketers, unwanted newsletters, junk mails, advertising garbage, and many more. With this service, however, you can feel worry-free.
  • Prevent Domain Stealing – Note that your domain might be stole, hijacked, and transferred easily by hackers as your email address is made public. By hiding your email with domain privacy, however, the authorization message cannot reach the target, thus the transfer cannot be verified.
  • Avoid Fraud – At present, many identity thieves steal the personal information of others for cheating. By using this service, you can reduce the level of this risk.

Special Notes of Domain Privacy

NoticeAlthough the domain privacy can promise you great benefits, it still has some drawbacks. This service is not free of charge, and the price varies differently based on the service providers. In addition, if you purchase it when you sign up with a hosting package, then it is non-refundable, meaning that you cannot get the money paid in connection to it back to you after you cancel the hosting account. However, as we have researched, the domain privacy service is not expensive. The average price is around $10 every year, which can be afforded easily by the majority of webmasters.

Another drawback is that it may cause the inconvenience when you transfer your domain name. After all, the authorization cannot be sent to your email as the email address is masked. In this case, you need to disable the service in the very beginning, and then start transferring.

Domain Privacy is Worth Buying

Without doubt, domain privacy is worth purchasing as it can make your private information safe and secure. And its disadvantages are not some big issues. To help you get this service with ease, we have listed the top three web hosts including it in their hosting packages. Many more choices can be found in this hosting page.