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Weebly VS WordPress for Picking the Better Platform for Website Building

Weebly VS WordPress for Picking the Better Platform for Website Building

In the information age, more and more people plan to build their website to display their life style, do online business, exchange opinions and more. In this case, finding a useful and powerful tool or platform is becoming an important part in website building. Weebly and WordPress are two wonderful options for you to handle with website building easily. In order to help you understand them better, we have made a Weebly vs WordPress comparison for you to make a wise choice for your website.

Overview of Two Website Building Tools

Generally speaking, if you want to compare Weebly and WordPress, you firstly need to make clear about what they are. Therefore, we give you a brief introduction to help you understand them better.

WordPress – It is a website building tool that can help you build all types of websites with ease by using PHP. Before installing it, you need to choose a hosting provider for your website.

Weebly – It is a website building platform with the typical function of drag and drop to allow you to build your website only with the mouse.

That is to say, these two options are both functional for website building, but they are extremely different from each other for one is a tool and the other is a platform. We have compared them from the aspects of customizations, SEO, ease of use, and plugins to help you find out which one is better for you to build your professional website quickly.

Features Weebly WordPress
Ease of Use

Customization – WordPress is Better

When talking about website building, most people are concerned about how to design the website professionally and attractively. Both two options support various services for you to customize your website with ease.

Installing a theme is the most efficient way for website designing, and WordPress does a really good job in this area for the large amount of themes. As it has an unimaginable number of supporters, you can not only find over 2,600 themes of different types in the official website, but also search even more themes in other websites, such as Elegant Themes.

Although Weebly also offers themes for websites, the number of it is of no competition, and you can only change the color styles or even none of these themes.

SEO – WordPress is Better

Weebly is weak in the aspect of SEO. We have explained that Weebly allows you to choose two types of domain names. The option of sub-domain name can contribute nothing to the search engines optimization, while the option of self-owned domain may be able to rank highly if you pay much attention to quality site building with SEO in mind.

WordPress is a light-weight tool with the effective page optimization. Besides, it uses simple code which is preferred by search engines. There are many excellent SEO plugins to help your build your SEO friendly website easily and efficiently.

Ease of Use – Both are Good

Both two choices are easy to use for the website masters to build the site. Even the beginners who have no knowledge of website building can start their sites in seconds. Just with several simple steps, a website can be built in minutes.

After having decided your hosting provider, you can install WordPress as a tool to build your website. It offers a service of one-click installation for you to get rid of many complex installation steps. The user-friendly admin interface is also an amazing feature for you to set up the layout, edit the content, upload the media and install plugins, modules and templates.

As for Weebly, it has a function of drag and drop, which means you can dag any elements and drop them at any places of your website.

Plugins – WordPress is Better

PluginsComparing the aspect of plugins, WordPress surpasses Weebly without a hitch for there are all kinds of plugins for you to build different types of website, such as ecommerce plugins for staring your online business, social network plugins for integrating social media, calendar plugins for adding calendar for your website, and more.

At the same time, Weebly only enables you install several limited plugins, and many of them are not free.

Themes – WordPress is Better

Approximately, there are over 100,000 free and premium themes for WordPress as it powers more than 30% of the world’s websites. You can easily find a right option according to your business and favourite. As a commercial platform, the Weebly community is much worse than WordPress, and the theme resources are only a fragment of WordPress.

Summary – WordPress is Better

Leaning from the comparison above, you can figure out that WordPress does well in every aspect of website building. One the contrary, Weebly has some weak points in customization, plugins and SEO. Therefore, we suggest WordPress as your priority for website building, and we list 3 best WordPress hosting providers below for you.