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WebHostingPad VS HostGator on Budget Blog Hosting

WebHostingPad VS HostGator on Budget Blog Hosting

For bloggers who are looking for a budget and quality web hosting solution for blog running, WebHostingPad and HostGator are the great options. Both of them have been serving for a large number of websites for a long period of time and have gained a great reputation on the industry.

In this case, choosing between them might be a hard decision for many new bloggers. Here, we have made an objective WebHostingPad vs HostGator comparison in the following, demonstrating their pros and cons based on the aspects of hosting charges, technical support, page loading speed, features and uptime.

Before showcasing the detailed information, we firstly give you a general impression about their hosting solutions via the below editorial rating chart. The result is based on your real hosting experiences and verified customer feedback.

Rating HostGator WebHostingPad
Technical Support
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HostGator Wins Over WebHostingPad

As compared with WebHostingPad, HostGator is much more cost-effective with rich features. Besides, according to our real-world monitoring, HostGator has achieved a better hosting performance with greater uptime track record and more responsive technical support.

More Cost-Effective Hosting Packages

The truly cost-effective hosting package should include two aspects, which are the budget-friendly hosting charges and the rich features. Based on our review and comparison, both of them set the prices affordable, but HostGator is more generous than WebHostingPad by offering more useful features.


  • HostGator offers three packages that charge you starting at $4.95/mo regularly. But now, with the release of coupon code EUNGE30OFF, you can enjoy a 30% discount which cuts the rates down to $3.46/mo effectively.
  • WebHostingPad has two cheap hosting plans, which are priced starting at $1.99/mo and $3.99/mo respectively with their default promotional campaign.


Both of these two web hosts have included all the basic features into their hosting packages, including the sufficient allocation of monthly data transfer, disk storage, FTP accounts and email storage. In addition, you can also get the cPanel control panel, automatic script installation, the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, security measurements of HotLink Protection, Spam Prevention, IP Blocking and Password Protection, as well as some advanced features including Python, Ruby on Rails, Perl, CGI and many more.

However, when comparing in a deeper manner, HostGator is more rich-featured in the following aspects.

  • HostGator allows $100 credits for Google AdWords and another $100 for Yahoo and Bing. WebHostingPad, however, only allows $50 free marketing credits.
  • HostGator sets the refunding period to 45 days while WebHostingPad only allows 30 days.
  • HostGator includes the SSL certificate and SSH access to all the hosting plans for better website security, but WebHostingPad only offers them in the Power Plan Plus package.
  • HostGator also offers 4,500 free website templates while WebHostingPad lacks this offering.
Cost-Effectiveness HostGator WebHostingPad
Unlimited Server Resources Yes Yes
Free Domain No Yes
Money Back 45 Days 30 Days
Free Templates Yes No
Advertising Credits $200 $50
PHP5 & MySQL5 Yes Yes
Perl, Ruby and Python Yes Yes
Price $3.46/mo $1.99/mo
Discounts 30% Off N/A
How to Claim Coupon EUNGE30OFF Not Recommended

Better Hosting Performance and Greater Uptime

The speed of page loading and the website uptime are the core aspects to evaluate the quality of the web hosting service. Therefore, we have started an online monitoring for these two web hosts to clearly test their hosting performance and reliability. According to the results, HostGator has done a better job in both of these two respects.

Page Loading Speed

According to our testing, our sample site hosted by HostGator only requires 338 ms for each server response, which is already 134% faster than the site hosted by WebHostingPad.

In order to achieve such a great speed result, HostGator has done a lot of efforts, such as hosting all the sites using the solid server machines, equipping web servers with SSD caching, locating these high-performing servers at multiple world-class data centers, and including the CloudFlare CDN service in each plan for free. All of these technologies can boost your page loading to a large extent.

Website Uptime

As for this aspect, both HostGator and WebHostingPad claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. Based on our monitoring, however, only HostGator has kept this promise by achieving a 99.99% uptime and WebHostingPad really disappoints us by achieving a 99.47% uptime.

HostGator hosting uptime in the recent 30 days,

WebHostingPad hosting uptime in the recent 30 days,

To be frank, we are not surprised of the testing result of HostGator. After all, this web host only adopts the DELL branded web servers coming with Opteron Processors, 32 cores, 64 GB of RAM and RAID 1 drives. As for the data centers, there are multiple options, each of which is equipped with advanced technologies to ensure the proper running of web servers.

More Responsive Technical Support

It is true that both of these two web hosts offer 24/7 support service that can be got via multiple channels including the hotline, live chat, emails and ticket system. However, as for the support professionalism and respond efficiency, HostGator is far better than WebHostingPad based on our personal trying.

  • HostGator usually compresses the respond time to 10 seconds for live chat and phone support and 20 minutes for emails and ticket reply. WebHostingPad, however, doubles or even triples the time consumption.
  • The responding emails of HostGator are question-targeted, with some resolutions for your issues. As for the response of WebHostingPad, there are always some rigid email templates that are useless at all.

WebHostingPad Wins Over HostGator

To be frank, as compared with HostGator, WebHostingPad does not have any major advantages. The only thing that highlights WebHostingPad is their exclusive DIY free site builder, coming with 100+ unique designs and drag-drop function. With it, you can have your blog site started with the appearance you prefer totally.

In addition, WebHostingPad offers the free domain for each new customer, but this free extra is only valid for the first year of registration.


Based on this comparison, HostGator is undoubtedly the better web hosting option for blog running by offering cost-effective hosting plans, reliable and high-performing hosting solution and helpful support service.