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WebHostingPad Review & Rating - Don't Save a Little to Buy a Brick
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WebHostingPad Review & Rating – Don’t Save a Little to Buy a Brick

For a long time, WebHostingPad has a lot of controversy for claiming to offer quality web hosting service at an extremely low price. However, people are confused about whether its hosting services are as good as it boasts. In order to reveal all hidden secrets about this company, our editors write WebHostingPad review based on performance, price, customer service, and features.

In order to make the review objective and trustworthy, our editors collect dozens of customer reviews about WebHostingPad on the Internet and establish a testing site to figure out the true condition of its uptime and page loading speed. Based on all data collected, our editors make an overall rating chart in below to help readers have a rough idea about the company.

WebHostingPad Review
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Secrets in Price

WebHostingPad presents two shared hosting plans pricing at $1.99/mo and $4.99/mo respectively, and the company claims free setup and no hidden fees. To be honest, $1.99/mo for quality shared hosting plan is extremely worthwhile on the condition that there are no extra costs.

However, with our investigation goes further, we find out that $1.99/mo is just the market tactic rather than the true condition. If anyone intends to get the low price, he or she needs to subscribe the plan for at least 3 years.

Little Tricks in Money Back Guarantee

JustHostYou may wonder that 3-year purchasing is not a big deal, for the company offers 30-day full money back guarantee which, by default, ensures people to get all their money back for any cancellation within 30 days. However, the company makes a long list of fees that are non-refundable, such as domain transfer, control panel license, website builder, and many more.

In addition, although it is widely acknowledged that web hosts need to offer both full money back guarantee as well as pro-rated money back guarantee, WebHostingPad refuses to pay pro-rated refund for cancellation over 30 days. Besides, the company doesn’t offer automatic data backups. If people cancelled their plan and forgot to keep backups, they need to pay extra $15 service fee for creation of backups.

Unsatisfactory Performance

The performance of WebHostingPad is nothing but ordinary. As our testing result shows, there are several down times in the past month, which last at least for 20 minutes. In fact, frequent downtime can influence websites’ fame negatively and as a result, websites will lose traffic.

Apart from uptime, hosting speed is the other component of performance. As authoritative researches show, netizens seldom wait for a page loading more than a second. According to our testing figures, the average server response time of WebHostingPad in the last month is 792ms that is 148% slower than the leading role in web hosting industry – BlueHost.

Inefficient Technical Support

The company offers 24x7x365 customer service through multiple channels, including hotline – for emergencies, email – for ordinary problems, as well as live chat – as an alternative to phone support. According to real customer feedbacks, sending more than five emails can receive a response. As for live chat support, the waiting time is over 15 minutes on average.

Lacking Advanced Features

FeaturesAlthough the company claims to provide programmed feature system, our careful editors still find some drawbacks. It is true that WebHostingPad provides decent server resources and many basic features. However, it neglects some important features in security, speedup technology, such as SSD, suPHP, CDN, Cron Job, as well as Ruby on Rails.


Considering its shortcomings in features, money back guarantee, performance, and technical support, WebHostingPad is not a wise choice to go. For people who are seeking for cost-effective hosting providers, we highly recommend the following three hosts that come with affordable prices, responsive customer services, outstanding performance, and reliable money back guarantee.