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Top Web Design Trends 2015 That You Should Consider in Designing Your Site

Top Web Design Trends 2015 That You Should Consider in Designing Your Site

More and more webmasters have realized the importance of website appearance, thus are keen on following the latest styling when designing their sites. In this case, we have checked a large amount of popular websites to analyze their overall design, and have consulted some experienced online designers for valuable information, resulting in the top web design trends 2015 in the following.

Note that these tips are suitable for those who want to design their websites on their own using coding stuff. And in the meanwhile, people who are looking for some attractive templates can get great inspirations.

Bigger is Better

“Get it big” can be an important principle for website design nowadays. People no longer want to see a homepage or a landing page mixing up with some small and square images. Instead, a half-screen or even a full-screen picture with the high definition can be a preference.

Full Screen Image

In fact, there are two main reasons for why this kind of design is popular now.

  • It gives readers a deep impression as soon as they land on your site for the first time.
  • It is easy for you to display your homepage or landing page properly on mobile, tablet, PC or some other viewing devices. The responsiveness is easy to be achieved.

Hidden Navigation Menus

This trend is mainly used by some blog sites. Webmasters prefer to hide the navigation menu using a small icon. When readers click on that icon, navigation bar simply appears in a vertical manner generally. If people hit on a tab on that bar or do not make any action after a few seconds, it is removed automatically.

This kind of design is pretty suitable for those who opt for the first trending, for their homepage images can remain an integral showcase at any time.

Hidden Navigation Bar

Multi-Media Components

In earlier days, webmasters prefer to use the single image or gallery to ease peoples’ fatigue when dozens of words are flashing in front of them. But now, the multi-media components are coming in handy, making the web content more engaging with the animated visual effects. Generally, this trend is used by some touring sites with maps, gallery sites needing a dynamic display and landing pages of some common websites.

Multi-Media Components

Dynamic Scrolling

Dynamic scrolling, or parallax effect, is the hottest web design trending since 2014, and will continue being hot in 2015. With this kind of design, your webpage looks sharp, giving readers a 3D effect simply via the page scrolling.

Generally, the parallax scrolling is vertically displayed as it is mainly used for homepage or some long webpages. But now, the horizontal scroll is adopted by many people, especially for some showcase sites.

Parallax Scroll

Grid-Based Structure

For gallery sites, online magazines and some other websites requiring a long content listing, the grid-based layout is a great option to try, especially the Pinterest-alike one.

Grid-Based Layout

Animated Story Telling

This can be a new design trending appeared in recent months. When people reach a particular position on your page, they can find a simple animation that starts playing. It can be a background video or a small flash, all used to explain your web content in a vivid way.

Story Telling

Ghost Buttons

The ghost buttons are widely used by the top-level websites in recent days. It can be color-empty, semi-transparent and box alike, coming with colorful borders that fully meet the overall design of your webpage.

To be frank, the ghost buttons can attract customer to make a click greatly, increasing the possibilities for them to check your valuable information.

Ghost Button

No Rectangle Elements

The boxes or some rectangle things have been the main elements of a website previously. But now, more and more webmasters simply want to be out of boxes. They use circles and some irregular shapes to replace any rectangle elements. Surprisingly, people love this kind of design.

No Rectangle Element

Minimization and Simplicity

Instead of viewing a website that comes with a sophisticated design and layout, people are more likely to check a simple and easy to navigate one. For instance, you can create a homepage that only contains a full-screen image as the background, along with some words and a hidden navigation bar to help people learn and browse your sites.

As for each webpage, you simply need to add a few large images among your paragraphs as the decoration, along with one or two ghost buttons for webpage direction. If you need to showcase more information, a sidebar is enough to present them in a well-organized way.

Simple Website Design

Split Screens

This trending is popular among the product selling websites, especially those have two or more equally important items. With this design, you can give the same prominence to different products without the need to rank them.

Split Screens Design