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Tumblr vs WordPress - Which One is the Better Platform for Online Sharing

Tumblr vs WordPress – Which One is the Better Platform for Online Sharing

For people who are wishing to set up an online platform for personal use, Tumblr and WordPress can never be the strangers. Both of the two options are popular and great for expressing the thoughts and opinions online, so in the following, we have made a Tumblr vs WordPress comparison to help you figure out which one is the better option.

As these two choices all have a large user base, we do not compare their online popularity, but focus our eyes on the usability, cost, content variation, customization, ownership, and focuses.

Before Comparison

Here, we need to give you a basic understanding about Tumblr and WordPress. Although they are all made for online sharing, they are totally two different things in reality.

WordPress – This is an online tool developed with the nature of open source. To use it, you need to download it, sign up with a hosting service, and register a domain name.

Tumblr – This is a social network platform used to share your thoughts and reshare the words created by others. You simply need to sign up an account and login for displaying the things you want.

In the following, we have made a simple rating chart concerning about all the aspects for comparison based on our real experience on these two options, helping you have an initial impression of them.

Features WordPress Tumblr
Usability rating 5 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Cost rating 4 of 5 rating 5 of 5
Content Variation rating 5 of 5 rating 3.5 of 5
Customization rating 5 of 5 rating 3 of 5
Ownership rating 5 of 5 rating 1 of 5
Focuses rating 5 of 5 rating 4 of 5


This aspect is pretty important for some newbies who build a personal platform online for the first time. Fortunately, both WordPress and Tumblr are very easy to use, allowing you to create and publish content without any hassle.

One of the main reasons contributing to the tremendous popularity of WordPress is its ease of use. Beginners can get used to it easily, and some smart users even can handle the basic functions without referring to the related learning resources. Although it requires you to download and install firstly, you can take advantage of the auto one-click WordPress installation tool available in your web hosting package, with which you can make the installing an easy thing with a few simple clicks.

Tumblr is also very user-friendly. After logging in with your account for the first time, you can start blogging simply by following the steps introduced by Tumblr. Honestly speaking, this practice is pretty useful helping you know how to make use of this platform simply within minutes.


CostThis can be the second important aspect viewed by people. After all, the majority of them are unwilling to spend much money for building a personal site or a blog.

WordPress is 100% free to download and to install. However, you need to purchase a WordPress hosting plan to support your site built using WordPress. Generally, the hosting solution costs you no more than $10 each month, meaning that you can afford the charges easily.

Tumblr is totally free to use. You can publish your posts, share others’ articles, showcase you loving photos, and many more without paying.

Content Variation

To arouse readers’ interest on what you have shared, you need to publish the content with various types such as images, links, audio, and video, etc. After all, people may feel tired and bored to see a page flooding with loads of words.

WordPress simply provides you with a high level of flexibility for content creation. With it, you are allowed to publish anything you want apart from the standard textual posts. Even, with the HTML code or some plugins, you can add Google Map to your post or insert the multi-media effortlessly.

Tumblr also has done a good job in the aspect. In the dashboard of your account, you can know clearly that you are allowed to create textual content, photos, quotes, links, chat, and multi-media simply by clicking the corresponding icons. However, you are allowed, and are only allowed to publish these types with no other options.


CustomizationEveryone wants to have an eye-catching site or blog coming with the unique design and proper layout. Both WordPress and Tumblr allow you to do the customization thing the way you like. Considering the customization possibilities, however, WordPress is absolutely more powerful than Tumblr.

There are a large number of WordPress themes and plugins available online from and some theme selling platforms, with which you can beautify your site effectively. Moreover, you can also add some additional features using the powerful WordPress plugins, such as adding a calendar and integrating a forum to make the site more attractive. Frankly speaking, WordPress offers you unlimited chances for customization.

In fact, Tumblr also offers a lot of templates for you to choose. Even, it allows you to configure the layout the way you like. However, the theme options are limited, and you are not allowed to use the theme offered by other platforms. This may raise your chances to have a site that is similar to many others. Besides, Tumblr does not support plugin integration.


From our previous comparison of WordPress vs Blogger, we have already told you that WordPress simply gives you the full ownership over your site for it allows you to use the domain name owned by you. Tumblr, however, only allows you use the domain as This means the actual control over your site is taken by Tumblr but not you.


WordPress aims at helping you build a site that is totally owned by you, with which you can drive traffic and attract visitors by publishing quality and meaningful posts. It even allows you to earn commission via online monetization.

Tumblr, however, mainly offers you an online platform for content sharing and resharing. With it, you are not allowed to generate profit through any money-making methods.


Honestly, when comparing WordPress and Tumblr, the former one is undoubtedly the better option for it allows you to post contents of any kinds, to customize your site with unlimited possibilities, to be the real owner of your site, and to make money with ease.

To use this tool, you need a reliable hosting solution with the quality service at a cheap price. In the following, we have offered the top three options for you pick.