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Top 10 Password Generators - Strong Password for Better Security

Top 10 Password Generators – Strong Password for Better Security

People need to use a password to do everything in daily life, such as opening an account or creating a cryptic file. However, most of them create the passwords only by using their birthday numbers, letters of names or even the simple number series of 1234 or the simple letter series of abcd. In this way, people need some tools to help them generate a complex and strong password for better security.

We introduce the top 10 password generators to offer you some options of how to get the best password. What’s more, if you want to enhance the security of the site in a higher level more than just using the password, you can refer to this page.

Random Passwords

Random PasswordsRandom Passwords is a customer friendly tool to generate a password. It has two options for people to get their password quickly. One is that people can choose how long the password is, and another one is based on whether they need alphanumeric or not. After having decided these two options, one can just click the button Generate and get three different results. Besides, each password has the “Phonetic” to help you understand them easily.

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New Password Generator

New Password GeneratorThere are two types of passwords for people to choose. In the left side of the box, people can get an easy-to-remember password by inputting the number of letters and digits included in their password. What’s more, people can also decide which letter or number comes first in the password. In the right side of the box, people can generate a strong and safe password.

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Norton Identity Safe Password Generator

Norton Identity Safe Password GeneratorWith this tool, one can determine the length of the password and the characters of it. In details, one can decide the letters, mixed cases, numbers and punctuation. If people are not satisfied with the options, they can click “reset” to get everything to the original condition. What’s more, the number of the password depends on people’s option. At most, 50 can be chosen.

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SafePasswdWhen using this tool, one needs to choose the type of the password. It includes 6 types – “Easy To Remember” “Letters” “Numbers” “Letters + Numbers” “All Characters” “Hex” and every type has the examples. Also, one can choose whether to use the uppercase and lowercase or not. Under the type option part, there is a ruler for people to choose the length of the password.

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PassworGWith PassworG, people can also choose the length of the password. However, what makes it different is that people can check the strength of the password. After the password has been generated, it may appear with the information of the bites and the quality. If people want to know the detail of the strength, they can chick “Check Password Strength”.

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WinTinker Password Generator

WinTinker Password GeneratorThis software enables people to generate the password in an easy way. Firstly, one needs to type some words in the box. These words can be a sentence, a phrase or even some words without meanings. However, people need to type the words that can be easily remembered. After this step, people can click “generate” to get a complex password, which is similar with the words they have typed.

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Phonetic Password Generator

Phonetic Password GeneratorThere are four options containing “Consonants” “Vowels” “Numbers” and “Special” for people to decide what should be included in the password. Then, people need to choose the pattern they want. After that, one can click the button “Password” to generate the passwords. Every time, 10 different passwords can be got for people to pick their favorite one.

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Password Bird

Password BirdOpening this tool, one sees a green bird and a dialog box. It seems that people are talking to a bird to generate the password. In the dialog box, there are three questions about the special name, special word, and special date for users. Then, it can generate the password according to the answers. Further, this kind of password is easier for one to remember. However, if the password fails to meet expectations, one can make a new one by answering different questions.

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Automated Password Generator Online

Automated Password Generator OnlineThis tool has 5 parts for people to create their password. The “Algorithm” part includes “pronounceable” and “random”. In the “Symbol sets”, one can decide the small letters, capital letters, numbers, and special symbols included. After 5 parts have been completed, people just click “Generate Password” to get the results.

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Strong Password Generator

Strong Password GeneratorWith Strong Password Generator, people have 4 options except the option of length. If one wants a password that is easy to remember, he can choose the first one. The other 3 options are “include punctuation” “avoid punctuation used in programming”, and “avoid similar characters”. Each option has the example for people to understand the meaning, thus choose the right one they like.

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