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How to Start a WordPress Auction Website

How to Start a WordPress Auction Website

The auction website is a special online platform that helps auction participants easily bit or sell the products and services over the Internet in different geographical locations. In most cases, the starting bids of the selling items are low, but will increase at a steady rate based on the popularity and market demand. People now love this shopping way, especially with the improvement of eBay auction service.

Due to this, creating an auction site has become a hot choice for many experienced webmasters or online business owners. If you are looking to start one, we highly recommend you to choose WordPress as your site builder. This is not only because of its user-friendly dashboard, but also because of the support of massive professional auction templates and related plugins.

If you haven’t created such an online platform before and are looking for the guidance, you can check the below content that introduces how to start a WordPress auction website in detail.

Finish Some Preparations

Before starting the creation of an auction website, you need to finish 5 preparatory tasks as discussed in the following.

Choose the Quality Web Host for WordPress

You have to make sure that people can have a stable and fast auction experience from your site. In this case, a fast and reliable web host for WordPress is critical for the success of your auction site. Selecting such a hosting provider among massive options online can drain off your patience and energy. Therefore, we have listed the top 3 choices in the following chart, each of which ensures the well optimized hosting environment for WordPress.

Decide a Proper Domain Name and Website Title

The proper domain and website title directly influence the first sight impression and professionalism of your auction site. In this case, when deciding these two aspects, we highly recommend you to use “auction” and some other keywords that can greatly indicate your website niche.

Install WordPress and Run the Website

Now, you need to install WordPress. There are various methods for achieving the purpose. Personally, however, the 1-click installer is really appreciated, for it saves you a lot of efforts and can hardly cause any error or issue during the installation process.

Choose a Professional Auction Template

This step is pretty essential to add better attraction to your auction site. You can choose either the paid option from some market platforms or the free one from WordPress directory. Chances are unlimited at present.

Install a Functional Auction Plugin

In fact, your WordPress site can work properly at present. And the next step is to install an auction plugin for integrating the full auction functions. In the following, we have listed some features you need to consider for a truly quality auction tool.

  • Allow users to place the bids or to list the items for sell easily.
  • Integrate the Buy It Now option with multiple payment methods.
  • Send the private messages or emails to all the bidders.
  • Entitle the ability to edit, stop and delete a live auction.
  • Enter the detailed information for each item, including the images and some media.

After searching for the available plugins, here, we think the Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin is a great option. Check the below parts to know how to use it.

Configure the Basic Settings of the Auction Plugin

The installation of this plugin is quite simple using your WordPress admin. After that, you should click the Ultimate Auction tab and then press the Settings button. Here, you can decide some basic settings of this useful tool for the proper working.

Payment Settings

Firstly, you need to decide the currency from the drop-down list. And then, you can enable the payment options among PayPal, Cash, Cheque and Wire Transfer.

Payment Settings

Auction Settings

This part, you need to decide some settings for the proper display of your auctions, along with who have the right to bid.

For instance, you should choose your local timezone, decide the number of auctions to be listed on each feed page and determine whether to showcase the comment, private message area and the plugin credit in the footer section.

In addition, you should determine whether to allow users to bid even if they are not logged in. Frankly, we do not suggest you doing so, for this choice cannot work well with the Proxy and Shipping add-ons and the Buy It Now option.

Lastly, you need to enter the URLs for the auction page, login and register. Note that the auction page needs to have the right shortcode you can find from the below screen.

Auction Settings

Email Settings

For the better management of the whole site, you’d better be informed for each bid. In this case, you need to enter your valid email address to receive all the bid notifications.

Email Settings

Add the Payment Details

Now, you are required to add the detailed information for the payment methods you have enabled.

  • PayPal – For this method, you should offer your account email and choose the PayPal account type between Live and Sandbox.
  • Wire Transfer – Here, you should enter some wire transfer details that will be delivered to the highest bidders.
  • Cheque – This method requires you to enter your right mailing address so that you can receive the checks via mails.

Add the Payment Details

Add Your Auctions

Now, you can start adding your auctions by clicking the Add Auction button. Here, you firstly need to enter the title and the description of the selling item. Personally, you’d better add the information as detailed as possible to give people an incentive to bid.

In addition, you need to enter a short description for the product as well, which will be shown on the listing page for all the auctions.

Add Product Details

To add more diversity for your product introduction, you are allowed to add up to 4 product images or videos. In addition, for the better auction listing, the thumbnail image for each product is also required.

Product Images

Now, you can set the opening price and the incremental value between two bids. It is possible that you do not want to sell your product below a certain amount of money, so you can also decide the lowest price to accept.

In addition, if you want to apply the Buy Now option, you also should set the Buy Now price and choose the payment method. Here, do not forget to set the ending date of this auction.

Auction Prices

Now, you can save the changes. Note that you can repeat these steps to create as many auctions as you want.

In the front-end of your site, they will be showcased like this.

Auction List

To manage them, you need to click the Manage Auctions button. Here, you can edit and delete your current auctions, check how many bids have been placed and put an end to the auctions if you want.

Manage Auctions

More about This Auction Plugin

Now, you have already created and displayed all the auctions on your exclusive auction page. For the better showcase, we highly recommend you to add this special page into your main navigation menu.
This can be done via Appearance > Menus. Here, you simply need to find the page link from the Most Recent area, and then, drag it into your navigation menu.

In addition, it is possible that you also want to grant the right of auction creation to your users. If so, you need to upgrade to the pro version of this plugin.