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Squarespace vs WordPress - Which One Offers Easier Way to Build a Quality Site

Squarespace vs WordPress – Which One Offers Easier Way to Build a Quality Site

Comparing Squarespace and WordPress could prove to be a tough confrontation since these are two very reputable website building services. They however have their differences in both function ability as well as the merits posed by each. To start with, WordPress is a conventional site builder while Squarespace on the other hand is a classical site builder. These two open source platforms will offer varying results in your site building and thus you have to know which one to apply for which type of website.

Anytime you are comparing two site building platforms you will have to look at the ease of use, ability to customize, design, ecommerce, price, plugins, stability, scalability and support. When it comes to Squarespace vs WordPress, we will compare them using these criteria and help you realize which one has more advantages over the other.

Ease of Use

easyIn terms of ease of use, Squarespace is preferable over WordPress. Squarespace offers an incredibly easy to use and friendly interface just like the one provided by WordPress. Squarespace will provide a good platform for any experienced user as well as a new one. Same is the case with WordPress. The Squarespace visual layout editor completely simplifies the task of making changes to the site. You don’t have to write codes when using Squarespace which is the same case in WordPress.


WordPress is recommendable since unlike Squarespace that offers just a handful of templates. It supports virtually an unlimited number of templates. All a webmaster needs to do is to download a template and start working, and that’s it. No coding is required at all!

Customization is a drawback that hits Squarespace. This is because with this platform you are solely limited to the themes, which are very few, and it is very hard to customize a website to achieve a desired appearance. You can never break out of Squarespace existing designs. However with WordPress, you have endless abilities when it comes to sites customization. You will never find any barriers when it comes to customization in WordPress.


With ecommerce, there is a big gap in the services Squarespace offers. Although this tool has been rolling up various new features with ecommerce, there are still numerous problems with it. It is unfortunate that you can only use Stripe as the only payment processor when using Squarespace. You can never have access to global payment systems like PayPal, Skrill or other popular processors. You can’t also change the checkout process designed by Squarespace. It clearly offers limited options when it comes to ecommerce. However, WordPress offers unlimited ecommerce solutions. You can apply plugins to give you a variety of options that could diversify your ecommerce experience. WordPress does not limit you to a single payment processor and you can easily customize the checkout process.



Squarespace pricing is tiered on three levels:

  • Basic – 20 pages and charges at $10 monthly
  • Professional – unlimited pages and charged at $20 monthly
  • Ecommerce – charged at $24 monthly

On the other hand WordPress is completely free. It is an open source platform and you will never pay for anything. All you have to spend on is a hosting account which costs under $5 per month. This means that in terms of pricing, WordPress is the best to go with.


PluginsAnother major drawback experienced by Squarespace in terms of plugins is you will only be limited to a number of plugins provided by Squarespace and several tools put forward as well. There are very many features that you can apply on WordPress with plugin but that is not possible in Squarespace. You can never incorporate advanced functionalities or specific plugins to your site if you use Squarespace. WordPress offers an unlimited variety of plugins which will help you accomplish any function for your website, such as adding a form, integrating social media icons, inserting a gallery, and many more.


Scalability is when a site requires regular developments due to the changes a business experiences as it grows over time. This means that your site should be made via a platform that will give you unlimited functions and installation of new themes. This is very hard in Squarespace. WordPress is more preferable since you can easily scale your site over time. You could also easily install themes, plugins and functions to grow and develop your site.


In relation to the above comparison we have made, it is clear that both have special features and special characteristics that a webmaster selects depending on the needs. However in every element of site building we have discussed, WordPress has proved to be superior.

Based on the theme resource, plugin resource, popularity, ecommerce or pricing, WordPress has revealed more advantages over Squarespace. It is therefore of no doubt that any Squarespace vs WordPress disputes can be solved by coming to an agreement that WordPress is the better and more preferable site builder between the two.

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