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Social Media Marketing Trends 2015 for Website Promotion

Social Media Marketing Trends 2015 for Website Promotion

With all the rage surrounding social media and their exponential growth, these platforms have become very important and effective marketing channels. Social media websites are used for the promotion of many different products, services and websites. With the help of these platforms, webmasters can reconnect with old readers and reach out to new ones as well.

Advertising your website on a social media site garners more attention than just having an ad displayed on any webpage or publishing posts only. Here we have some of the social media marketing trends in vogue for website promotion in the year 2015, with which the majority of webmasters can gain some learning for effective website promotion.

Preference of Content Marketing

Everyone must agree that content is the king when it comes to telling what is in a website. Meaning content can give you good feedback and goodwill. Using social media pushing the content can become easier and more effective, and the content can also be more accessible to the readers.

When it comes of content creation, the principles are the same as those of quality blog writing. However, the only difference is that the social media posts may set some character limits, so it is important to convey the information within the reach.

The Use of Hashtags

HashtagsHashtag has been seen only on Twitter in the earlier time, but now are almost everywhere. They are on Facebook, Google+ and even when you see a show on TV they appear on your screens. A hashtag creates a searchable link that helps you organize the content, and helps your readers find your content and site easier from the social media.

Here, we’d like to mention that among all the hashtag options, the use of Twitter hashtag is the most prepared way due to its popularity among internet users.

Image and Video Based Content

It is a proven fact that images and video are far more interesting for people than some textual descriptions. As a result, image-based content and video-based content simple see an increase in numbers within the blog posts.

Creating viral buzz videos can be a great preference for webmasters in order to spread word far and wide. YouTube also continues to reign on this front as the go to video portal. The links from these can then be published on the social media sites by the marketers, with which readers can be attracted effectively and tend to learn more information about the directed site.

Mobile Marketing

Studies show that 40% of online traffic is by the use of mobile devices. Experts have predicted that mobile usage increases significantly among online users. Therefore, the responsive website design and the mobile marketing method are circle for webmasters to better promote the website.

Mobile Marketing

Increased Budgets

This year simply shows an increase in the need for social media marketing. As a consequence, the budget for social media marketing can see an increase. As people spend more and more time on social media, advertising your website and blog posts on Facebook and Twitter becomes a sensible thing to do.

Engaging the readers through social media interaction can keep them interested in your product and be up to date with the latest news from your site. Therefore, more and more webmasters choose to spend more budget and energy on social media than any other website marketing methods.

Google Plus Gains Momentum

Google PlusGoogle+ might not have had a fantastic start, but these years its user base continues to grow steadily. During this year, this increasing trend even reaches a top. Therefore, connecting your website to Google+ can have a profound effect on the traffic. Also, as this platform is a product of Google, the connection can even bring better results on the search engine ranking of your website.

Google+ offers many useful features, among which the Google Hangouts is the best one. This function allows webmasters to engage with the readers effectively in the real world. It is a very good and useful mean to open a two-way communication channel between site owners and online visitors.

LinkedIn Gains Professional

With more than 238 million users on the web, LinkedIn is fast emerging as one of the top-most sources for image related blog content. This rise has been fueled by its Influencers program, which consists of high profile CEOs, entrepreneurs and other leading people from many different industries. Webmasters can take advantage of this and use LinkedIn branding to promote their own sites.

Analysis of the Data on Social Media

Webmasters now prefer to analyze the data on social media sites to gain a better understanding of consumer patterns. Doing so can help them identify behavior trends of visitors and better cater to the needs of these readers.