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SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting

SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting on Shared Web Hosting

SiteGround and InMotion Hosting are all the quality shared web hosting providers that have served for massive customers for tens of years. With either of them, you can be ensured with the industry-standard service at the budget-friendly charges.

Now, you might be confused that which one is the better option for supporting your own site. Due to this situation, we have made a SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting comparison in the following, with which you can learn their strong points and weak points clearly.

Note that to come out the comparing result, we have carefully monitored their performance and uptime, surveyed their customers for the objective reviews, contacted their support teams to ask for the support service and compared their hosting plans one by one.

Before moving to the details, you can check the following star rating for these two web hosts in the very beginning.

Rating SiteGround InMotion
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The Common Aspects for SiteGround and InMotion Hosting

As both SiteGround and InMotion Hosting are the reliable web hosts, they surely have some aspects in common, among which the technical support and the knowledge base are two of the most obvious aspects.

24/7 Technical Support

Both of these two web hosts provide you with the 24/7 available technical support, making sure that you can have someone to resolve your issues and confusion no matter when you need. In addition, in order to achieve the great convenience for you to be assisted, they also allow multiple support methods. Each of them can ensure the fast reply.

  • Instant Conversation – You can click the Live Chat button to talk to their support staffs with a dialog box. Generally, there will be a support representative who can reply you instantly.
  • Phone – They all offer their exclusive hotline numbers so that you can dial to contact their support representatives. As tried personally, the reply speed achieved by both of them is within 5 seconds.
  • Email/Ticket – These two methods take a relatively longer time that is around 15 minutes, but allows you to explain your issues as detailed as possible. This means you can ask some complicated and advanced questions via this method.

Large Knowledge Base

Both SiteGround and InMotion Hosting have set up a large knowledge base. From it, you can start an easy learning by reading a large number of meaningful tutorials, tips and guides. In addition, there are also some video tutorials that can help you learn something in a much more vivid manner.

InMotion Hosting mainly categorizes these tutorials based on the frequently asked questions such as domains, emails and FTP. SiteGround, however, categorizes all the useful articles based on applications and scripts.

The Different Points between SiteGround and InMotion Hosting

When it comes to their differences, there are a lot of aspects concluded by our professional editors. According to the comparing result for each aspect, InMotion Hosing wins almost all the games.

Charges of the Hosting Solution – InMotion Hosting Is Slightly Cheaper

As reviewed, both of these two web hosts have 3 web hosting plans, each of which has been charged at a budget-friendly price. However, when comparing these packages, those offered by InMotion Hosting are the slightly cheaper options.

By default, InMotion Hosting sets the price starting at $6.99/mo. With the release of this promotional link that achieves a 50% discount, however, these plans can be got starting at $3.49/mo only, leading to almost no financial burden for webmasters.

As for SiteGround, this web host also launches an around 50% promotional campaign that cuts the hosting prices from $9.95/mo to $3.95/mo, which charge you a little bit more as compared with InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Promotion Link Activation

Features for Each Hosting Package – InMotion Hosting Allows More

In addition to the package charges, we also have checked the features offered by them. According to the result, we have found that both of them ensure the most basic features, but InMotion Hosting allows more add-on offerings.

  • They all offer plenty of server resources with unlimited monthly bandwidth. However, InMotion Hosting also sets no limit on the disk space while SiteGround allows up to 30 GB of storage.
  • The money back guarantee is ensured by both of them. The difference is that InMotion Hosting will refund you within 90 days while SiteGround will refund you only within 30 days.
  • InMotion Hosting provides you with the $250 advertising credits so that you can easily promote your site online. SiteGround, however, does not offer this free extra.
  • InMotion Hosting includes a setup wizard in the cPanel, with which you can integrate Gmail and any Google application with your domain name in 3 steps only. This feature is not available with SiteGround.
Features SiteGround InMotion
Storage up to 30 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Google Integration Wizard No Yes
cPanel Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes
Money Back 30 days 90 days
Free Credits No $250
How to Claim Not Recommended Promotion Link

App Hosting – SiteGround Gives More Options

Both InMotion Hosting and SiteGround ensure the great compatibility with massive popular scripts that can be used to set up a website of any size and kind. Even, they all offer the exclusive WordPress hosting that can achieve the optimized hosting environment to run this script for the peak performance.

However, as compared with InMotion Hosting, SiteGround allows more app hosting for Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal and Magento. Even, they also allow the service hosting for email, MySQL, cPanel, FTP and PHP.

Website Templates – SiteGround Offers the Free Gallery

The overall design plays an important role in the success of a website. Generally, you need to choose and purchase the beautiful and elegant template from some third parties or theme markets to achieve the decoration purpose. SiteGround, however, offers plenty of well-designed options for websites built using WordPress, Magento and Joomla. Note that all the options offered from these theme galleries can be got free of charges.

InMotion Hosting, however, does not offer the free site templates.

Reliability & Uptime Record – InMotion Hosting Achieves the Better Result

As the quality and reliable hosting providers, both InMotion Hosting and SiteGround focus a lot on the overall reliability achieved by them. They officially claim to guarantee a 99.9% uptime and fully keep this promise all the times. InMotion Hosting, furthermore, is confident enough in their hosting reliability, promising you the credit compensation if the downtime is more than 0.1%.

In fact, we have personally monitored their uptime. According to the reports from the tool of Uptime Robot, InMotion Hosting actually achieves a 100% uptime for around 5 months. You can check the below statistics chart of InMotion Hosting uptime.

In fact, this web host has done a lot to maintain the 100% uptime. For instance, their hardware is business-class and web servers are DELL branded. They utilize two great data centers to house all the machines, which come with the redundant electricity supply, advanced and dedicated network from Brocade, BGP route optimization, 24/7/360 overall monitoring and many more.

As for SiteGround, they surely achieve a reliable hosting for you. However, their uptime record is not as great as that of InMotion Hosting.

Hosting Performance & Server Response Speed – InMotion Hosting Is Better

The last comparing aspect is their hosting speed, and again, InMotion Hosting achieves a better result than SiteGround with the 237 ms of server response speed.

To achieve the fast speed, InMotion Hosting utilizes the Samsung SSD drives to keep the super-effective I/O and the CDN service to run your site at least 3 times faster.


Now, it is clear that InMotion Hosting is the better web host than SiteGround in several aspects we have discussed here. In addition, after surveying their customers, we have found that InMotion Hosting satisfies these webmasters more.