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Site5 VS HostGator - Which One is the Better Hosting for Small Bloggers

Site5 VS HostGator – Which One is the Better Hosting for Small Bloggers

Recently, we have made a Site5 vs HostGator comparison based on the cost-effectiveness, hosting performance, technical support, and customer satisfaction rate of the hosting solutions offered by them. The main reason why we start this comparison is that both of the two web hosts are popular hosting options among webmasters online, so many of our readers are confused that which company offers a better service with a cheaper price. To come out a precise comparing result, we have carried an online survey to figure out customer reviews on these two companies. Also, we have tested their reliability and hosting speed personally with the monitoring tool of Pingdom.

Rating Site5 HostGator
Price 3 stars 4.5 stars
Features 3 stars 5 stars
Hosting Performance 3.5 stars 5 stars
Support 5 stars 5 stars


In fact, both HostGator and Site5 provide customers with three hosting plans featuring different level of prices and features. Honestly speaking, this practice gives customers great flexibilities when choosing the hosting package, achieving a perfect balance between budget and needs.

To compare the two web hosting providers, we have picked up their best-value package of HostGator Baby plan and Site5 hostPro plan.

HostGator Baby plan – This plan only charges customers $4.16/mo at present, 30% off its initial price of $5.95/mo using the exclusive coupon code EUNGE30OFF. With the 45-day money back guarantee, customers are allowed to ask for a refund after submitting the account cancellation.

Site5 hostPro plan – This option simply costs more than the Baby plan. Customers need to spend $8.95/mo to get the hosting service, and this price is only available for a 2-year billing cycle. Note that this company also offers 45-day refund policy for a risk-free dealing.

In terms of the hosting features, all of them offer an unlimited allocation of data space and monthly transfer, and allow customers to set up unlimited websites on one account. Besides, customers can take advantage of the backup service, 1-click installer for apps and scripts, PHP5, MySQL 5, Cron Jobs, SSH, shared SSL, and many more.

However, when it comes to some advanced features, Site5 fails to do better than HostGator for it lacks the cPanel control panel, Perl, Python, CGI, and PostgreSQL.

Cost-Effectiveness site5 HostGator
Plan in Comparison hostPro Baby
Discount No 30%
Price $8.95/mo $4.16/mo
Money Back 45 Days 45 Days
cPanel No Yes
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited
SSH Yes Yes
Shared SSL Yes Yes
PHP 5 5
MySQL 5 5
PostgreSQL No Yes
Python No Yes
Perl No Yes
CGI No Yes
Not Recommended More Information


To figure out whether the two companies can achieve a reliable hosting service, we have carefully reviewed their web server and data center for these two aspects are critical for the reliability of a hosting solution.

HostGator makes use of top-rated web servers with the hardware partners of Level(3), Cisco, Cogent, Juniper, Arbor and many more. All the servers are assembled using some robust components, and are configured with the best specifications. In terms of the data center infrastructure, HostGator now utilizes two options named as CyrusOne and Ace. Both of the two server spaces are industry standard, having a lot of cutting-edge technologies equipped, such as UPS power unit, diesel generator, HVAC, water storage, file protection and smart monitoring system.

Site5 also makes use of robust servers to ensure that every hosted website can run smoothly. Besides that, the server spaces are really amazing for this company locates its web servers at multiple places all over the world. Customers can choose one that is closer to them or their visitors to ensure a great website performance.

As both of them focus on the quality of the web server and the facility of the data center, they all succeed in achieving a high level of reliability. HostGator, in particular, has achieved a 99.99% uptime record during the past 30 days as we have tested.

Page Loading Speed

In fact, the page loading speed guaranteed by these two web hosts are all fast. When compared between them in this aspect, however, HostGator is undoubtedly better than Site5. Note that the speed comparison is carried using two new websites that are built using WordPress. To ensure an objective result, we have published the same posts and have inserted the same plugins.

According to the result, HostGator is really amazing, only needing 338ms to response server. Frankly, this fast speed can rarely be achieved by other web hosts in the industry.

Support & Customer Satisfaction

A responsive after-sales service is a critical part for business of any kinds, no exception to web hosting. It is general that customers may encounter some problems when setting up or managing their websites. Also, their sites might be negatively affected due to the sudden crackdown of the web server or data center. In these cases, the availability of profession support staffs is indispensible.

Fortunately, both of the two companies offer an around-the-clock service via live chat, phone, and ticket system, with which customers can get what they want quickly. In addition, according to the reviews from hundreds of customers, HostGator is particularly amazing for there is no complain about its customer support.


Honestly, HostGator is better than Site5 according to this comprehensive comparison, for it sets a lower price, offers more features, and achieves a faster speed. In addition, it has been widely trusted by millions of customers all over the world.