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Site5 Coupon Codes

Site5 Coupon Codes

Site5 is a budget-friendly web hosting provider that charges customers starting at $5.69 regularly. Now, to allow more price value, Site5 releases some beneficial coupon codes to reduce the hosting charges down to $4.95/mo effectively with an up to 23% discount.

In the following, we have listed some popular coupon codes offered by this web host, all of which are valid according to our personal testing.

Site5 Coupon Codes

The following coupon codes not only apply for the web hosting solutions, but also for domain names and VPS hosting plans.

FREETRIAL – This coupon code achieves an up to 23% discount, reducing the hosting charges down to $4.95/mo effectively. Besides, it is the default coupon code for Site5 at present, allowing a free trial of 30 days no matter which contract term is selected.

FREEDOMAIN – By default, Site5 charges the fee of domain name registration at the price of $12 each year. With this coupon, you can get a free domain name for the first year of registration, saving $12 on the first-time signup.

ONEDOLLARVPS2 – This coupon is used for the Managed VPS2 plan of Site5. With the code, this plan can be purchased at $1 only for the first month with the testing purpose, saving $55 effectively. If you select a term that is longer than one month, you can receive the monetary equivalent of $1 for the first month of the billing circle.

ONEDOLLARVPS1 – This coupon has the same function as the previous one, allowing you to get the VPS hosting at only $1 for the first month. The only difference is that this coupon is used for the Managed VPS1 plan, saving you $25 in total.

Special Notes

After entering the coupon code that benefits you the most, you cannot check the discount and reduced price at once. Instead, you need to navigate to the next page to check out how much you can save.

Besides, Site5 also allows some beneficial extras including:

  • Free migration service to Site5
  • Free backup services
  • 45 days money back guarantee
  • Hundreds of free scripts with the 1-click script installer
  • Unlimited allocation of disk space and monthly bandwidth