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How to Prevent Blog Comment Spam - Promise A Secure Environment for Comment

How to Prevent Blog Comment Spam – Promise A Secure Environment for Comment

If you are having a blog, then it’s imperative that you will receive a lot of spam comment on your blog, and the basic reason for this might be the fake users who try to increase their ranking on Google or take the traffic from your readers. This is one of the most common problems faced by people these days, and because of this, there are various plugins and tools have been developed to stop this. We are going to discuss some of the most famous plugins to stop spam comment on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Let’s first talk about WordPress, which has gained immense popularity among blog developers who love this platform because it’s absolutely easy to use.

Askimet for WordPress

Download Source

This plugin is the ultimate revolution developed by WordPress, and it has been used in every single website developed on WordPress. The installation is pretty easy, and users can simply click on the installation button to get it installed on their websites. This plugin has its own database, and it has its own set of protocols, to differentiate between normal comments and spammed comments. So, if any of the comment looks like a spam comment, then Askimet stops it from being published.

The free version of this plugin is installed automatically when you install WordPress on your domain. The users are also having the permission to report a certain kind of spam comment, so that Askimet can update the database and add up some more protocols. This plugin is absolutely amazing if you really want to prevent spam comment.


This plugin is also available for Joomla based website, which is popularly known as Askimet 4 Joomla. This plugin is having similar features, and it is used by many Joomla users nowadays.

Spam Preventer for Joomla

After the success of WordPress, let’s now focus on Joomla, which is considered as the best CMS platform for bigger websites that need more functionality. Most of the ecommerce websites are using Joomla. Even bigger companies are switching to Joomla, because they feel that their website looks better if developed by using Joomla. Nowadays, people are often considering Joomla even for their blogs. But the main concern is the spam comments, which people often get on their blogs.

R antispam for Joomla (Download Source)

This plugin is developed by a group of developers, and till today, this extension is tuned constantly for better functions. The basic principle of its working is similar to Askimet for WordPress. One of the most important qualities of R antispam is its capacity to integrate with Askimet for Joomla, and this integration is absolutely free of cost. You just have to request a key from Askimet, and you can easily integrate this extension with Askimet. Many developers around the world are using this extension for preventing spam comments on their blog.

R antispam

Spam Prevention in Drupal

Now let’s talk about another CMS platform, which is a paradise for developers. Drupal is emerged as the most powerful CMS platform, which allows tons of customization with any themes, and developers are free to customize every single coding. With so many customizing options, Drupal has gained an immense popularity among web development communities, and they can also be used to develop customized blogs for single users.

Best Module for Spam Filtration in Drupal (Download Source)

As you know that plugins are for WordPress, and extensions are for Joomla, similarly modules are for Drupal. These modules are small programs, which enhance the overall performance of the websites, and people can use these modules for betterment of their website. For spam filtration, a module is used known as Mollom, which is based on Bayesian algorithm. This is the same algorithm, which is used in Askimet for WordPress. This module for Drupal is the best one till now, and developers reply on it a lot. It filters all those comments which qualify the parameters for spam comment. The database is extremely huge, and users keep on reporting some comments, so that they can differentiate between a real comment and a spam comment.



Now that you have known about the best spam comment prevention tools for all three CMS platforms, it should not be a problem to prevent those disturbing spam comments. Apart from these plugins and extensions, users can also install CAPTCHA entry system, which is considered the safest way to differentiate between automated comments and real users.

Captcha test is quite famous because it can only be passed by real users who are trying to leave a genuine comment on the blog. So, now that you have known about all the latest tips and tricks for preventing spam comments, then it must be very easy for you to keep your website clean from these spam comments.