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The Best Premium Non-Profit WordPress Themes

The Best Premium Non-Profit WordPress Themes

The non-profit organizations have always been in quest for their enhanced representation over the internet. These organizations also have a complete working network and require all requisite cooperation from all their contacts and their business stakeholders. In this case, the functional and quality WordPress themes are designed for such organizations in order to meet their needs for listings, displays and interactions, providing them with ease while operating their sacred businesses. Here are some top rated non-profit WordPress themes listed in order based upon their quality, design and popularity among the people.

Utmost – Multimedia Church Non-Profit Charity WordPress Theme


The Utmost is an exclusively designed WordPress theme for the churches and its associated bodies. Although churches are not in the business listing; but, they have to run a complete organization like a business body. They have to interact with their stakeholders for various day to day matters. They have to manage their financial and administrative matters. Therefore, they need to develop their websites or portals. The Utmost theme includes almost all options usually required by a conventional church website or web portal.


The Cause – Non-Profit WordPress Theme


The Cause is one among the non-profit WordPress themes specially designed for the organizations working for some noble causes or services for the humanity. This theme includes all daily used items like calendars, calculators, employee database, charity account dashboard, earnings record, expenses listing, and contact us page. The theme is useful for multi-purpose by various non-profit organizations. Its main features include six various types of customs posts, many customs widgets, a wide range of customs page templates.

The Cause

Child Charity – Non-Profit WordPress Theme


Child Charity is a theme among non-profit WordPress themes purely related with the environmental organizations’ websites and portals. The exclusively designed theme with modern gadgetry provides comfort to the environmental protection organizations and other stakeholders in the same line, along with a comfort and freedom to run their websites. It is performing wonderfully to represent the environment related styles. The “Customs Slider” is a newer option available to scroll freely or easily slide over any part of the single paged website.

Child Charity

Hero – Non-Profit WordPress Theme


Another beautiful and state-of-the-art non-profit WordPress theme is known as Hero, which is dedicatedly intended to be used by the purely non-profit organizations. The major beneficiaries are welfare foundations, memorial trusts, human rights organizations, churches and charity based organization. The theme provides liberty to the organizations to run their websites with special features embedded in this theme. It has by default embedded-in space and players for church sermons, charity requests and non-profit advertisements and promotions.


Legislator – Non-Profit WordPress Theme


Legislator is another non-profit WordPress theme designed with ultimate flexibility and liberty. It accommodates multi-purpose organizational sites and allows these organizations to run their websites with more reassure. It has built-in options for charity campaigns, important announcements, posters, pictures, displays and listings. The theme has minimal and especially concentrates on the direct messages. It is suitable for the sports clubs, entertainment hubs, politico-religious bodies, churches, trusts, non-governmental organizations and many more.


NativeChurch-WP – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme


Among the themes providing services to environmental websites, NativeChurch-WP has a significant place. With modern and cutting-edge tools, this WordPress theme is exclusively designed to accommodate the needs of a conventional, as well as contemporary website related with environmental affairs. The major beneficiary organizations are environmental protection organizations, forestry, tourism, mountaineering organizations, etc. The theme includes all modern gadgets and easy to use options that are likely to be used for a modern website related to the environment.


Charity Hub – Non-Profit WordPress Theme


Charity Hub is an educational WordPress theme provided with an interface for educational institutes, universities, colleges and schools. The theme is so artistically designed that it is useful for even pre-school websites. This theme comes with attractive designs, publishing textbooks, placing announcements, displaying rolls of honor, showcasing the mission, vision and values, listing the schedules, date sheets and results. It also has embedded-in timetables, important news and discussion boards interfaces for parents-teacher interaction.

Charity Hub

Going Green Pro – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme


Going Green Pro is a beautiful WordPress theme with its elite design for the website owned, maintained and run by the organizations having noble causes for humanity. As these organizations do not have huge funds and skilled manpower to run their websites, this theme has been designed especially for non-professional users of the WordPress. It has all the basic tools with ease of use for the website. It provides liberty to maintain dashboard, to organize finances, to run campaigns and to advertise for the charity funding

Going Green Pro

Advocator – Non-Profit WordPress Theme


Advocator is a nicely arranged and esthetically designed WordPress theme specially introduced for the churches and non-profit organizations. The theme has been focused to make it easily understandable for those who are new to WordPress. The matrimonial websites are also using this uniquely designed theme. A separate admin panel provides the administrative body to monitor all the traffic and activities going on the website. Salient features include its multipage templates, homepage, blog page, pop-ups, PSDs and documentation.


NativeChurch – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme


NativeChurch is a non-profit WordPress theme with a strong design intended for charity organizations, helping community, human rights activist organizations, churches and the religious websites. With Bootstrap framework 3.0, this theme has a fully responsive exposure. It is suitable for all modern browsers and is compatible with all screen sizes. This clean and minimal theme is available with ultimate features of new homepage designs, photo galleries, video albums, and category header images for welcoming the sermons and the other non-profit material on these websites.