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PowWeb Review on Shared Web Hosting
PowWeb Review 2 5

PowWeb Review on Shared Web Hosting

Established since 1999 and acquired by EIG in 2006, PowWeb claims to offer the best “one plan” web hosting mainly for bloggers and small sites owners. To figure out whether this web host is trust-worthy, we have carried out an all-rounded PowWeb review according to our online survey and real-world testing using Pingdom.

PowWeb Review
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PowWeb Hosting Package

Unlike the majority of web hosts nowadays that offer multiple packages to meet different hosting requirements, PowWeb only has an all-in-one plan that is priced starting at $3.88/mo, coming with a long list of features that can meet the basic hosting needs for webmasters.


  • PowWeb offers an official 62% discount, with which you can purchase the service at the price of $3.88/mo instead of the regularly charging of $9.99/mo.
  • This web host allows a free domain name, SSL, unlimited mailbox, MySQL database, phpMyAdmin, PHP 5, Perl 5, CGI, Cron Jobs, daily backup, scripts installer and $200 credits for Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing respectively. Besides, there is a free website builder available coming with multiple templates and color schemes, a sitemap generator, a voting tool and many more.


  • People generally can get a cheaper price if they sign up with a longer billing circle. With PowWeb, however, there is no difference between the 2-year billing and the 3-year billing, all charging at the price of $3.88/mo.
  • PowWeb offers a 30-day money back guarantee, which is available for credit-card paying only. Besides, for those who cancel the account after the initial 30 days, they will be charged a minimum of $35 for cancellation fees.
  • PowWeb claims to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, but it is simply a promotional trick. One of our editors who has experienced with this web host was penalized when he consumed 30 GB storage and 10 GB bandwidth.
  • PowWeb fails to offer the cPanel control panel, unlimited domain hosting, Python, Ruby on Rails, and SSH.

PowWeb Hosting Performance

To ensure the peak performance and reliability, PowWeb only uses the DELL servers, featuring Cisco and F5 BigIP switches for server clusters. As for the hardware, PowWeb negotiates with Juniper Networks and Foundry.

In terms of the data center, this web host rents a world-class one featuring Tier 1 backbone for network redundancy and multiple Gigabit connection for quick server loading.

Supported by these technologies, the hosting performance of this web host should not be bad. In the following, we have presented the testing results of our sample site’s uptime and loading speed for the last 3 months.


PowWeb utilizes an exclusive Load Balanced technology to eliminate the downtime to the largest extent. As for our sample site, it did not encounter any serious downtime during the last three months, only 2 small downtimes occurred with no more than 35 minutes.

PowWeb Uptime

Hosting Speed

As for the hosting speed, the result is quite ordinary. Our sample site needs 686ms for server responding on average. Even during the best performing, the website requires 547ms. To be honest, this level of hosting speed cannot be viewed as slow, but is far behind some top-notch providers such as BlueHost and InMotion Hosting.

PowWeb Speed

PowWeb Technical Support

PowWeb allows customers to contact the support representatives via a wide variety of methods.

  • Click the Live Chat button to start an instant conversation.
  • Call the hotline number of 866-476-9932.
  • Open a ticket and get responds using email.

Also, customers can check the knowledge base and User Guide to learn something about PowWeb web hosting.

It seems great. But when we collect real customers’ feedbacks, there are so many complaints about its support service. Some people complained about the waiting time and others complained about the professionalism of the support staff. Below are some examples.

PowWeb Complaints

Is PowWeb Recommended?

Personally, we do not think PowWeb is a worth-trying option. It is true that this web host allows for a cheap price and great uptime, but when it comes to any other aspects, it fails to do a satisfactory job. Besides, when checking its Twitter and Facebook account, we have found that this web host only has 185 followers and 227 Likes respectively. To be frank, this level of online presence cannot give people a sense of reliability.

In this case, we suggest you to try some thriving web hosts. Based on our real experience, the following three companies are worth trying.