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PayPal vs Credit Card - Better Payment for Hosting Service Purchasing

PayPal vs Credit Card – Better Payment for Hosting Service Purchasing

To provide customers with great convenience, almost all the reliable hosting companies have offered multiple payment methods allowing people to pay the service the way they like. Among various options of Google checkout, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Visa, AmEx and Mater card, PayPal and credit card are two of the most popular payment channels available on the web.

Making deals online, the level of security and convenience are essential. In the following, we have made a PayPal vs credit card comparison to figure out which option can meet the two requirements the best.

PayPal Overall

Started since 1998, PayPal is a safe and secure payment method allowing users to send money and make an online deal easily and quickly. It is under the economic rules and conventions required by the US laws or government.


  • PayPalWith PayPal, people can pay for their needed hosting services quickly. Once you finish the order, the money can show up in the PayPal business account of your web host within a short period of time.
  • PayPal supports 22 currencies within 193 countries all over the world, making the payment convenient for users.
  • People will never be charged for the fees in connection to setup and account cancellation.
  • PayPal provides a secure way to shop online as the web host can never know your financial information such as the credit card, back account and CVV number. Also, there is the automatic fraud screening service and a Seller Protection policy available.


The drawback of PayPal mainly causes inconvenience for hosting companies as there are a lot of rules that they need to abide by. In addition, if the web host receives a huge sum of money in one time, they have to explain the source of funds, otherwise the money will be frozen.

Credit Card Overall

Credit card is another payment option for online dealing. Due to its immense popularity, all the web hosts allow customers to pay in this way. Depends on the policy of different credit card vendors, users can enjoy different benefits and conveniences.


  • Credit CardThere are no time and geographical restrictions in using credit cart, meaning that people can purchase online at anytime and anywhere.
  • The majority of card providers give users some small gifts when their consumptions accelerate to a certain level.
  • It allows people to keep a record of their expenses, thus balancing the budget effectively.
  • With it, people can build a credit history that is beneficial for some other online activities.


  • It may lead to the financial debt for buyers as the buying process is pretty easy.
  • The financial information and identity information are easy to be disclosed as the credit card numbers and personal information are maintained by card providers.

Convenience Comparison – Both Win

Without doubt, both PayPal and credit card can help people pay for the hosting packages with ease. After placing the order, PayPal users only need to login to their PayPal accounts and credit card users only need to choose the card type and enter the card number and password. Generally, the money can be sent within seconds. To be honest, this simple and quick process guarantees great convenience for both buyers and sellers.

Security Comparison – PayPal Wins

securityAlthough both of the 2 payment channels have paid much attention to the safe and security, PayPal still succeeds in doing a better job. This is because you can pay for hosting online only by logging into the account. The web host will charge for PayPal and PayPal will charge for you. In this case, the hosting provider can never get your financial information, decreasing the possibility of online fraud significantly.

In terms of credit card, the things are different. To achieve a systematic account management, all the credit card vendors have stored the financial and personal information of users. Therefore, once their security systems crack down, all the sensitive information might be exposed or stolen. In addition, some careless people fail to set a password for their credit cards, so web hosts still can deduct the money from the cards even if they have already canceled their accounts.


Credit card is supported by all the hosting providers, but not all of these web hosts allow customers to pay via PayPal. Considering the safe and security, we highly recommend you choosing a web host that supports PayPal payment, such as BlueHost, Arvixe, or HostGator.