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PacificHost Review & Rating on Shared Web Hosting Service
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PacificHost Review & Rating on Shared Web Hosting Service

PacificHost is known for offering unlimited shared hosting services at cheap prices. However, a large number of webmasters are worrying about the quality of the services and doubt about how the company makes profits with such low prices. After investigating the company thoroughly, our editors find out that there are many hidden fees behind its low prices and the company oversells its hosting resources to make more profits.

In order to help webmasters know more about the little tricks utilized by the company, our editors carry out the PacificHost review and reveal all hidden secrets of PacificHost one by one and list them in the following paragraphs. Before navigating to the main part, we’d like to present you an overall rating chart as below that includes all review results.

PacificHost Review
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Hidden Secrets in Prices

PacificHost displays three shared hosting packages – Basic, Advanced, and Ultra that are priced at $2.49/mo, $6.99/mo, and $10.99/mo with 20% off discount. In fact, among over 200 web hosting providers we have reviewed, $2.49/mo for shared hosting service without extra costs is affordable and attractive.

However, with the review goes deeper, we find out the real condition is totally on the contrary, which means PacificHost shared hosting plans are not cheap at all. Firstly, the cheap price is only valid for 3-year plan rather than all subscriptions. Besides, the company offers a long list of optional add-ons that are necessary to build an excellent website at expensive prices.

PricesFor example, it prices domain registration at $15/yr, SSL certificate at $24.99/yr, website builder at $5/mo, and SiteLock security at $59.99/yr. If you want all these services, you need to pay at least $100/yr apart from the plan fee. Nevertheless, those above mentioned add-ons are offered for free by many reputable and reliable web hosts, such as BlueHost, JustHost, and HostMonster.

Tricks in Money Back Guarantee

At the first glimpse of the refund policy offered by PacificHost, you may be satisfied with the 45-day full money back duration. However, things are totally different from what it guarantees when we take a look at the terms of services where the 45-day money back shortens to 30 days. In fact, 30-day full money back is quite acceptable, but inconsistent expressions may mislead consumers.

Besides, 30-day full money back guarantee only ensures refund within 30 days; however, how about cancellations over 30 days? Broadly speaking, 90% of web hosts choose to offer anytime prorated money back, which pay back the unused part. But things are entirely different in PacificHost that refuses to provide anytime prorated many back, which means people who cancel the service over 30 days won’t get a cent back.


Based on the principle of being unbiased and objective, our editors have carried out a performance testing with PacificHost for several months and recorded uptime and server response time periodically. As a result, the company keeps good tracking record in uptime that is 99.95% on average.

However, its page loading speed is not that optimistic, which only achieves 746ms on average. Although its speed is still less than a second, it loses competitive edge when compared with fast web hosts, like BlueHost. Besides, the hosting speed of PacificHost is quite unstable for overselling server resources.

Tricks in Unlimited Resources & Support

Although the company claims to offer unlimited hosting plans for all webmasters, it does limit some features and resources. For example, it only allows 5 domains, 25 FTP accounts and MySQL databases, and 25 email accounts. Besides, many features are not available as well, such as free SSL, free shell access, free site builder, SiteLock, as well as suPHP.

As for customer service, the company promises to offer US based support 24x7x365 through various channels including phone, email, and online chat. To test the quality of its after-sale service, our editors try to contact their supporting staffs via live chat several times. Disappointedly, the average responding time is over 6 minutes.

Conclusion – Not Recommended

After knowing the true condition about hosting services offered by PacificHost, you may feel upset about the company and confused about where you can find a cost-effective hosting provider. Considering this, our editors pick out three famous and trustworthy web hosts from over 200 hosting companies we have reviewed and list them in the following table.