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OpenCart Review Based on Usability and Popularity

OpenCart Review Based on Usability and Popularity

OpenCart is a shopping cart solution for dynamic websites established in the world of internet. With the existence of intense competition among the leading software for online shopping cart, OpenCart is a simplified tool that allows users to build websites of a basic level. Being fair enough in the OpenCart review, it cannot be said that this product matches the levels of customization and performance set by the powerful software like WordPress and Joomla. However, there are many reasons why OpenCart is appreciated by millions of people.

In this OpenCart review, listed here are some imperative factors that ensure the overall effectiveness of OpenCart.

Ease of Use

Ease of UseAlthough there are tremendous numbers of cloud-based carts on the internet, thousands of developers find OpenCart the most suitable among all because of the ease-of-access. As OpenCart is open source software, webmasters can simply download and install it on a server that they find appropriate. Apart from it, addition and alteration of products in the cart is everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is recommendable that if the owner doesn’t have sufficient knowledge of coding, he does not need to appoint a developer to launch and manage an online store using OpenCart.

When it comes to the features of the online cart, the items in this CMS can be filtered and sorted on the basis of name, price, quantity and model. Options are available to use coupons and vouchers on a specific sales page of the cart along with the details of orders and returns. Overall, it is open source software with user-friendly interface and features.


Developed in the year of 2007, OpenCart has managed to impress about half a million prospective users initially. But, with timely updates and modification, the online platform has grabbed the attention of many owners and developers and has expanded its popularity. Today, this open source platform is popular in six out of seven continents because of its features and interface. The Hong Kong based company gives intense competition to some big names in the industry such as Zen Cart.

In fact, the software is used by 3.5 million presently, which is only a bit less than the statistics of Zen Cart. It is also referred as “the easy to use Magento” by many experienced and practicing developers. Hence, the statistics itself highlights that the software is quite popular on the internet world.


SEOWith the ever advancing techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the essence of having an SEO optimized website receives the utmost importance from prospective website owners. There are many online tools that facilitate sophisticated website, but very few of them give importance to SEO.

OpenCart follows the latest SEO guidelines and provides its users with an SEO optimized website. The websites that run on this software are indexed by all major search engines. Adding to it, these websites include support for META tags that provide assistance in better performance of the website in a search engine results page. Hence, it is suitable for people who look for SEO optimized website.


Open source platforms are frequently the target of hackers. Being an OpenCart platform, OpenCart software can bring the threat of unethical hacking because hackers know its basic structure and coding. Hence, it is recommendable that the owners must change the name of “admin” folder so that the hackers cannot attack the file. Although it won’t make the website completely secured, it can avoid the basic threats of hacking. Besides this, the use of spam filters, the frequent backup and the use of strong passwords are also important.


The most-imperative factor that ensures the level of attractiveness of a website on the basis of appearance is its theme. Being an open source platform, OpenCart supports tremendous numbers of themes, some of which are available for free, whereas the rest can be owned by paying a specific fee.

Whatever be the pricing, the themes render an eye-soothing view to the viewers without bargaining with the management or performance of the website. There are a plenty of templates that can be added to the website for enhancing its beauty. Overall, OpenCart is an appreciable platform that allows the installation of some wonderful themes available in the market.

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There are thousands of plugins for many online website development tools. But when it comes to OpenCart, it believes in providing limited but powerful plugins. Hence, website owners are allowed to install a variety of plugins and extensions on their website that are efficient enough to enhance the performance of the website. There is a bundle of widgets that are compatible with the online platform of OpenCart.


With more than a dozen website building software, the potential website owners look for the most-efficient one so that they can have an effective website. Keeping this in mind, it is worth discussing in this OpenCart review that this software has a bundle of effective features for its users. From a user-friendly interface, powerful plugins to affordable pricing, OpenCart is a suitable platform for prospective website owners of the modern era.

Besides that, there are a large number of OpenCart hosting solutions that can run this software effectively. Below is a list of the top 3 options that are awarded by a large number of webmasters.