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NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting for Business Hosting

NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting for Business Hosting

This NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting comparison is made for business owners who are looking for a reliable and budget-friendly web host to support their online stores. To come out the precise answer, we have checked their hosting charges and features, monitored their uptime and page loading speed, tested their technical support and collected hundreds of feedbacks from real customers.

By figuring out which web host wins more games, you can learn better about their hosting services and make a wise decision.

Price Comparison – InMotion Hosting is Better

The hosting charge can be a sensitive issue for the majority of webmasters. InMotion Hosting has done great in this aspect. It has three business hosting packages available, ranging from $3.49/mo to $9.49/mo for people visiting through this beneficial promotional link, achieving an up to 56% discount off the regular rate.

As for NameCheap, it is true that this web host only charges you starting at $0.28 each month, and even its most-popular Profession plan can be purchased at the price of $1.66/mo. However, as you get what you pay, these cheap packages can hardly meet the requirements of online businesses. Therefore, the majority of business owners may choose its most powerful plan of Business SSD, which has been charged at $19.88/mo, already doubling the price of InMotion Hosting Pro plan.

Price InMotion NameCheap
Plan In Review Pro Business SSD
1 Month $9.49/mo $19.98/mo
12 Months $7.49/mo $18.14/mo

Feature Comparison – Both Have Drawbacks

In fact, both of them have offered all the basic hosting features to achieve a proper running of business websites, including cPanel control panel, 1-click script installer, sufficient server resources and email accounts, multiple domain hosting, regular backup service, SSL, SSH, the latest version of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, Ruby and many more.

In some aspects, however, they just fall behind each other.

InMotion Hosting Wins Over NameCheap:

  • Money back guarantee – InMotion Hosting allows 90 days for money back while NameCheap only allows 14 days.
  • Marketing credits – InMotion Hosting offers up to $300 advertising credits for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Page and Amazon. As for NameCheap, there are no such offerings available.

NameCheap Wins Over InMotion Hosting:

  • Server resources – NameCheap displays the allocations of server resources of each package clearly, which are top-notch in the industry. As for InMotion Hosting, it claims to offer unlimited volumes. However, there is no unlimited hosting available actually.
  • CloudFlare CDN – NameCheap provides this feature for free to increase the reliability, security and webpage loading of all the hosted websites. InMotion Hosting, however, simply lacks this offering.

Uptime & Performance Comparison – InMotion Hosting is Better

The uptime and page loading speed are critical for all the business owners, as these two factors influence and page views and bounce rates, thus affect the generation of online revenue indirectly.

In this case, both InMotion Hosting and NameCheap have paid much attention to website uptime and performance by using the robust web servers and data centers. The below three charts demonstrate our monitoring results for their uptime and speed for the past 6 months. Note that our monitoring tool is Pingdom and our tested sites are two identical ones.

InMotion Hosting Uptime

NameCheap Uptime

InMotion Hosting vs NameCheap for Hosting Speed

Obviously, InMotion Hosting has done better in terms of hosting uptime and speed. This is because this web host only adopts the DELL servers with SSD drives, which can guarantee the highest level of reliability and stability for website running.

Besides, InMotion rents two data centers, partners with the largest ISPs, achieves direct data delivery using peer exchanges, all aiming to guarantee a fast and reliable business hosting.

Technical Support – InMotion Wins Slightly

In fact, both InMotion Hosting and NameCheap offer the round-the-clock technical support that can be acquired through hotline dialing, email sending, ticket opening and online conversation. However, in terms of the response efficiency and the quality and troubleshooting, InMotion is better based on our personal experiences.

On average, InMotion responds us via email and ticket system within 10 minutes, and replies us via live chat and hotline within 5 seconds. Besides, all the support staffs are sincere to resolve our issues, but not just giving us some official and rigid replies.

Besides, InMotion Hosting has a large knowledge base containing thousands of useful tutorials featuring a wide variety of topics.

Summary – NameCheap vs InMotion Hosting

Obviously, InMotion Hosting is the better option for business hosting as compared with NameCheap. It allows more cost-effective hosting packages, better uptime track records, faster page loading speed and more responsive customer service. Even, this web host has gained a good industry reputation among verified customers.