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NameCheap VS BlueHost on Web Hosting For PHP

NameCheap VS BlueHost on Web Hosting For PHP

When it comes to the PHP web hosting offered by NameCheap and BlueHost, which one guarantees a better service? In the following, we have carried out a detailed NameCheap vs BlueHost comparison, mainly focusing on their price value, hosting performance and after-sales technical support.

Here, we have to mention that both of the two web hosts offer multiple hosting packages. Therefore, we mainly compare their most-popular plans – Professional offered by NameCheap and Plus offered by BlueHost.

Rating NameCheap BlueHost
Technical Support
In-depth Review NameCheap Review BlueHost Review

In fact, both NameCheap and BlueHost are the long-lasting web hosts that have rich experiences about how to ensure the top-notch hosting service for you, so you can enjoy the fast and stable hosting solution without the need to pay too much. However, the difference is that NameCheap is a multi-purpose service provider, which not only offers the hosting solution, but also provides many other services and products for the easy starting on website running, such as the domain registration service, SSL certificate, some popular applications, site building service and many more. In addition, this hosting provider ensures you the great affordability that charges you starting at $0.82/mo.

As for BlueHost, they are the dedicated hosting provider that only focuses on the Linux based hosting solution. Supporting millions of websites all over the world for tens of years, BlueHost now becomes one of the leading wb hosts that have been recommended and trusted by a large sum of webmasters.

Surely, both NameCheap and BlueHost have some pros and cons respectively. In this case, when comparing them for the truly better one, our experienced reviewers have finished the below tasks.

  • Have a personal try on their technical support by contacting the support staffs via multiple communication channels. This way can test which of them ensures the faster and better support service.
  • Compare the prices and features of their packages, along with the money back guarantee.
  • Carry out the online testing to get the statistics for their page loading speed and hosting uptime.
  • Gather and analyze the reviews and feedbacks of their real customers.

Price – BlueHost Wins

Firstly, let’s begin with the hosting charges. NameCheap sets the price of the Professional plan at $19.88 for one year, namely $1.66 per month. As for BlueHost Plus plan, you need to pay $3.95/mo to get the service.

It seems that NameCheap offers a much cheaper hosting service than BlueHost. Actually, the truth is just contrary.

  • $1.66/mo is just a promotional price that is available for the first year. As for the second year and later, customers need to pay the renewal price of $6.57/mo.
  • $3.95/mo is also a discounted price offered by BlueHost, but this charging is available for a three-year paying.

In this case, NameCheap can only allow for an overwhelming price for the initial year. As for the second and third year, BlueHost is absolutely better, nearly half cheaper than NameCheap.

Besides, the billing circle allowed by NameCheap is only 1 year, while that of BlueHost includes 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

Features – BlueHost Wins

As compared with many other web hosts on the web, both NameCheap and BlueHost can be viewed as feature-rich hosting providers, offering unlimited bandwidth, cPanel control panel, CloudFlare CDN, backup service, 1-click script installer, as well as the latest version of PHP, MySQL and many other programming languages. However, when comparing them intensively, BlueHost is better actually.

  • Server Resources – NameCheap Professional plan allows for 50 GB of disk space, while BlueHost Plus package offers more than 100 GB.
  • Sub-Domains – NameCheap sets the number to 100, while BlueHost has no restriction.
  • Email Accounts – NameCheap allows 100 accounts, while BlueHost allows unlimited.
  • Money Back – NameCheap only allows 14 days but BlueHost offers an anytime refund.

Besides these, there are some other aspects that NameCheap falls behind BlueHost. Check the comparison chart as following.

NameCheap BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Professional Plus
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Sub Domain 100 Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 Unlimited
Cron Jobs No Yes
Python No Yes
Money Back 14 Days Anytime
How to Claim Not Recommended Link Activation

Uptime – Both Great

In fact, the uptime guaranteed by a web host is directly impacted by the quality of web servers and the infrastructure of data centers.

For this aspect, NameCheap uses the latest DELL servers, and locates them at multiple data centers in North America and Europe. To promise a good uptime, every component is 100% redundant, ranging from the power supply to multiple network delivering. The unsurpassed capacity simply handles the traffic peak without any hassle.

As for BlueHost, it just does the same as NameCheap, utilizing robust Apache servers and data centers featuring diesel generators, multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection and 24/7 security monitoring.

Here, we’d like to show you two screenshots about the uptime monitoring of the two web hosts. The former one is for the NameCheap-supported website while the latter is for the BlueHost-supported site. According to the result, both of them are great in terms of uptime, among which BlueHost even guarantees no downtime since March, 2015.

BlueHost vs NameCheap - Uptime

Speed – BlueHost Wins

In terms of hosting speed, both of these two web hosts allow the utilization of the CDN service offered by CloudFlare, which promises the ultimate performance for each hosted website by caching the static webpages via more than 60 caching points around the world.

Here, we have used Pingdom and Uptime Robot to check this aspect with our sample websites, both the real-time checking and the checking for the last 24 hours are available. According to the result, BlueHost does a better job than NameCheap.

Real-Time Checking

  • NameCheap

    NameCheap Real-Time Checking

  • BlueHost

    BlueHost Real-Time Checking

Checking for Last 24 Hours

  • NameCheap

    NameCheap 24-Hours Checking

  • BlueHost

    BlueHost 24-Hours Checking

Support – Both Great

In fact, the two web hosts are all experienced companies that support millions of webmasters over decades. Therefore, when it comes to the technical support, both of them are great, allowing customers to get professional assistances via multiple communication channels.

In addition to the support team available through live chat, ticket system, email and phone, they also have their exclusive forum, knowledge base and blog, offering related information about their web hosting service.

Summary – BlueHost is Recommended

Based on the above-mentioned comparing aspects, BlueHost absolutely gets more winning than NameCheap. Therefore, for people who are confusing between the two web hosts, BlueHost is absolutely better. Here, to get the discounted price starting at $3.49/mo, you can check the following promotional link.

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