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NameCheap vs Arvixe on Cost-Effective Web Hosting

NameCheap vs Arvixe on Cost-Effective Web Hosting

For almost all the common webmasters or bloggers, the hosting budget can be one of the top priorities they will consider before signing up with their target web hosts. In this case, to better attract customers, many hosting providers claim to offer the cost-effective services at the cheap rates, among which NameCheap and Arvixe are the top options that ensure the quality hosting solution.

Now, to help you choose the better one between these two web hosts, we have made the NameCheap vs Arvixe comparison in the following, discussing their pros and cons based on the aspects of affordability, customer service, hosting features, uptime, industry reputation, page loading speed and many more.

Editorial Rating for NameCheap and Arvixe

Surely, both NameCheap and Arvixe are the affordable hosting providers that charge no more than $3 for each month with their exclusive promotional campaigns. However, the difference is that Arvixe focuses on the fast and reliable hosting solution while NameCheap pays much attention to their domain registration and transfer service.

To compare these two affordable web hosts in an objective and comprehensive manner, we have registered the Personal Class plan of Arvixe and the Professional plan of NameCheap for trying their services personally. Besides, to get the precise statistics of their hosting speed and uptime, we have monitored our sample sites that are hosted with them since the middle of the last year.

Based on the real experiences and online testing, our experienced hosting reviewers decide to give Arvixe a better star rating than NameCheap. You can check the below chart to know how can Arvixe edge over the competitor.

Rating NameCheap Arvixe
Technical Support
In-depth Review NameCheap Review Arvixe Review

Why Arvixe Is Better Than NameCheap?

Based the comparisons and reviews between these two hosting providers, Arvixe has done a better job than NameCheap for almost all the critical aspects including prices, hosting speed, technical support, features and uptime. Check the details in the following.

Affordable Discounted Prices and Cheaper Renewal Prices

In fact, there are only two hosting plans available with Arvixe. To sign up with them, you are required to pay at least $4/mo regularly. To be frank, as the average hosting rate is about $6/mo, this level of price can be surely affordable for the majority of common webmasters. At present, moreover, this web host even releases a coupon code BWH360 for the 30% discount, reducing the initial charge down to $2.8/mo effectively.

When it comes to NameCheap, this web host offers up to 4 plans for you to choose. With their default discount, you can purchase these plans at the prices ranging from $0.28/mo to $17.98/mo.

Surely, both of these two web hosts offer the budget-friendly hosting plans. However, you have to note that these cheap discounted prices are only valid for new customers. The promotional rate of NameCheap even is available for 12 months only. As for the renewal prices, NameCheap already triples their discounted charges, which are more expensive than those of Arvixe. Check the details from the below comparison table.

Price NameCheap Arvixe
Plans Professional Personal Class
Regular Price $1.66/mo $4.00/mo
Discounted Price $1.66/mo $2.80/mo
Renewal Price $6.57/mo $4.00/mo
Discount N/A 30%
How to Claim Not Recommended Coupon BWH360

More Server Resources and More Free Extras

After checking the feature list of these two web hosts, we have to admit that both of them offer a long list of hosting features that are useful and competitive, such as the cPanel control panel, regular website backups, 100% compatible with all the popular scripts along with the 1-click script installation, email service providers, phpMyAdmin, PHP and MySQL with the latest versions, SSH, SSL and many other programming languages.

However, when comparing them deeply, we have found that Arvixe allows more server resources for each plan, along with more free extras.

  • Unless you overuse the allocated resources, Arvixe does not restrict your consumption of disk storage, monthly data transfer, FTP accounts, sub-domains, mailboxes and databases. Even, you can host at least 6 websites on a single hosting account.
  • With NameCheap, however, your allocation starts from 20 GB of disk space, 50 sub-domains, 50 FTP accounts, 50 email accounts and 50 MySQL databases. Besides, the allowed number of web hosts on one account starts from 3 only.
Features NameCheap Arvixe
Plans Professional Personal Class
Disk Storage 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Sub-Domains 100 Unlimited
Email/FTP Accounts 100 Unlimited
Advertising Credits No $200
Free Domain No For Life
How to Claim Not Recommended Coupon BWH360

In addition, Arvixe offers a long list of free extras that NameCheap does not provide, such as the domain name available for free and $200 free advertising vouchers for Yahoo, Bing and Google AdWords.

Longer Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee is important for any web hosts as this special policy gives you a sense of risk-free for hosting service online deal. Generally, most web hosts guarantee at least 30 days for the full refund, but NameCheap only allows 14 days, which is much shorter than the 60 days allowed by Arvixe.

Faster Page Loading and Slightly Better Uptime

These two aspects are pretty essential when comparing NameCheap and Arvixe. In this case, to get the precise answer, we have done the following two things.

  • Check the information of their server quality and data center facilities.
  • Start the online monitoring with two identical sample sites that are hosted by them for more than half a year.

For the first task, we can conclude that both of them only adopt the top-quality server machines and industry-standard data centers. Arvixe, especially, hosts all the websites using the DELL branded servers that are coming with the rock-solid machine components, SSD arrays, RAID 10, Intel processors and many more. Besides, they place these servers at multiple data centers to ensure the proper running. Each center is well equipped with the redundant power system, cooling system, monitoring facility and many more.

As tested, Arvixe ensures the 99.96% uptime for our sample site.

As for NameCheap, the uptime track record is not as satisfactory as that of Arvixe, which is 99.93%.

In addition to the uptime, Arvixe also achieves a faster speed than NameCheap after monitoring their hosting performance for a long time. Check the below comparison chart for the detailed information.

Better Compatibility for Popular CMSs

Arvixe offers multiple CMS hosting service for different scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, nopCommerce, Magento, Drupal and many more. To ensure the proper running of these scripts, they have fully optimized the hosting environment with 100% compatibility.

NameCheap, however, only offers the common web hosting environment.

More Support Channels

With the rich experiences for ensuring the quality hosting service, both of these two web hosts have their exclusive support team that can ensure the responsive support service at all the times. In this case, whenever you are in trouble, you can contact them via the live chat support, email support and ticket system.

However, unlike Arvixe that also allows the phone support to deal with some emergent issue, NameCheap lacks this kind of support.

Why NameCheap Is Better Than Arvixe?

As for how can NameCheap win over Arvixe, we have to admit that this web host offers the cheaper starting plan named as Value than that of Arvixe. To get it, you only need to pay $0.28 for each month. However, due the limited features of this plan, you can only use it to host some small blog sites.

In addition, as both of them have multiple data centers, NameCheap gives you the freedom to choose the data center location before placing the order.


As Arvixe gets more scores for affordability, hosting speed, technical support, uptime and many more than NameCheap, they are surely the better option to recommend. Also, you can check the below chart to figure out how their real customers view their hosting service.