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MyHosting Review & Rating for Bloggers and Small Business Owners
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MyHosting Review & Rating for Bloggers and Small Business Owners

MyHosting is a hosting company offering various hosting services. Now, with the enlarging of its business, the company appears in people’s daily life more frequently. Webmasters may consider it to be their choices for the company claims to offer the best hosting plan for all customers. However, on the other side, people are hesitated about its service for lacking understanding of the true hosting condition.

In order to eliminate webmasters’ concern, our editors conduct MyHosting review in every aspect, including plans & price, features, money back, technical support, as well as performances on behalf of all bloggers and small business owners. The review is not only based on our years of experiences and customer feedbacks, but also based on real-time testing. After collecting all data, we classify them into advantages and disadvantages to present you clear and intuitive outcomes.

MyHosting Review
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Pros of MyHosting

During the review process, our editors find out some obvious advantages about MyHosting including uptime and money back. We explain them in detail as below.


All websites in MyHosting are hosted with Dell servers that are recognized as the best in the industry. Besides, the company builds enterprise-level data centers in multiple geographical areas, such as Toronto, New York, as well as Rochester. All the data centers are equipped with physical and network security, world-class network, UPS power system, immediate cooling system, as well as fire suppression.

UptimeBesides, MyHosting sends their professional staffs to monitor its data centers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In this way, as soon as there is something wrong with data centers, they can deal with the problems instantly.

Money Back

You may wonder whether you can get full money back if you cancel the subscription. In this regard, MyHosting offers 30-day full money back guarantee which is fair enough. Note that setup fees, domain registration fees, and many other fees are non-refundable.

Cons of MyHosting

As the old saying goes, nothing in the world is perfect; therefore, MyHosting has its undeniable drawbacks in offering hosting services. We are going to list them one by one in the following.


PriceMyHosting displays three shared hosting plans including Personal Website, Business Hosting and eCommerce Hosting that are priced at $4.95/mo, $9.95/mo, and $18.95/mo without any claimed discount. To tell the truth, $4.95/mo is unaffordable for bloggers and small business owners who are more inclined to choose cheap web hosting plans ranging from $2/mo to $4/mo.

Page Loading Speed

We have mentioned the infrastructure building of the company in uptime, and theoretically, the company can offer good page loading speed. However, as professional reviewers, we can’t judge things based on theories but on reality.

Our editors build a testing site hosted with the company for several months. During the time, we record the server response time periodically. As a result, the server response time of MyHosting is less than a second but much slower than that of some creditable hosts like BlueHost.

After digging the problem deeply, we find out its slowness should be attributed to the shared server over-selling.


FeaturesKnowing features are essential reflections of hosting quality, our editors treat this part carefully. Broadly speaking, the company offers decent server resources like disk space, hosting domain, and monthly data transfer. However, it performs poor in regard to offering some practical and useful features like Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Cron Jobs, and so on so forth. Besides, instead of using cPanel, the company applies the custom-build control panel that may require extra time to get familiar with its interface.

Technical Support

Technical support is also known as after-sale service or customer service, which shows the responsibility of a hosting company. Usually, web hosts offer constant support through three main channels, including phone call, email, and live chat. Every channel is indispensable, for it may be someone’s single choice. However, disappointedly, MyHosting refuses to offer live chat support.


Based on the advantages and disadvantages concluded above, it is obvious that the demerits of MyHosting are far more than its merits. Therefore, for people who are seeking for hosting providers with affordable price, high performance, rich features, and responsive support, we highly recommend the following companies.