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Top 3 MyBB Hosting for Forum Building and Running
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Top 3 MyBB Hosting for Forum Building and Running

MyBB is the open source and free software used for the establishment of forums and discussion boards. It features everything you require to run a captivating community, such as the intuitive interface, extensive plugin system, powerful tools for moderation, syntax template editor, advanced warning and scheduling system, automatic user promotion and many more.

In the following, we’d like to introduce the top three MyBB hosting providers, with which you can enjoy its features with the best efficiency. This post also references the reviews at other leading hosting review sites, such as BestHostingSearch, HowsHost, etc.

Why They Are the Best MyBB Hosting

Before demonstrating our hand-picked award winners, we firstly would like to list the reasons as why we name them as the best MyBB hosting providers.

  • All of them meet the recommended system requirements for running this software properly, including PHP 5, MySQL 5 and Apache web server of version 2.x.
  • To better support this forum builder, these web hosts also offer some recommended PHP extensions including GD, mbstring and SimpleXML.
  • To ease the financial burden of all the customers, they all launch the promotional campaign to achieve the great discounts.
  • Page loading speed and online uptime are the key factors for any forums, so these web hosts all adopt quality servers, advanced data centers and some special technologies to guarantee the best site running.
  • Responsive and helpful technical support is required, so all of them hire a group of professional support staffs who can resolve your MyBB hosting related issues timely.

Bearing these requirements in mind, we finally decide to recommend BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and HostGator after comparing and reviewing tens of popular MyBB hosting providers on the web.

BlueHost – Reliable and Affordable

BlueHostBlueHost is the leading web hosting provider that guarantees the best environment for running the MyBB software with the best performance. Coming with sufficient allocation of server resources, cPanel control panel, automatic script installation, advanced security technologies and some advanced features, this web host can fully meet your hosting needs to set up and manage a MyBB based forum with much ease.

Affordable Hosting

BlueHost regularly charges you ranging from $5.99/mo to $19.99/mo. But now, it releases a special promotional link that reduces the hosting charges down to $3.49/mo effectively, up to 60% off the initial rates. Besides, this web host allows a 30-day money back guarantee and an ANYTIME pro-rated refunding policy, giving you a great sense of worry-free for online dealing.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

Reliable Hosting

BlueHost claims to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the hosted websites. But actually, it succeeds in achieving a 100% uptime for our sample forum during the past three months of testing period. What contribute to the great result includes two aspects.

  • All the web servers used by BlueHost are developed with the top-quality components, including the solid state drives, Intel processors, Linux Kernel and CentOS 6 operating system. All of these can guarantee you a proper delivery of website contents through the net.
  • In order to keep an uninterrupted running of these web servers, BlueHost has set up three self-owned data centers that are equipped with UPS, redundant network, automatic cooling and security system and 24/7 facility monitoring.

Check the following chart that showcases how BlueHost performs during the past 30 days.

InMotion Hosting – Fast Speed and Great Support

InMotionInMotion Hosting is another affordable MyBB hosting provider that can be afforded easily by the majority of forum builders without any burden. It offers three hosting packages that are charged starting at $7.99/mo regularly. With the release of this beneficial promotional link, however, you can enjoy an up to 56% discount and purchase the hosting service starting at $3.49/mo effectively. As for the money back policy, this web host sets the refunding period to 90 days.

Fast Hosting Speed

Among these three web hosts, InMotion Hosting achieves the fastest page loading speed for the hosted sites. According to our real-world monitoring with Pingdom, our tested site that is hosted with it only requires 237ms on average for responding each request.

This is because InMotion Hosting not only adopts robust servers and world-class data centers to ensure the proper running of websites, but also utilizes some advanced routing technologies to speed up the hosting performance greatly.

  • The exclusive Max Speed Zone technology can shorten the ISP connection greatly to boost up the loading speed of webpages.
  • Connecting your data with peer exchange can create direct delivery of your website content.
  • The use of Solid State Drives can make your site run 6 times faster than before.

Premium Support Service

InMotion Hosting has a group of professional support representatives who have the rich knowledge about hosting, website building and account management. To make sure that you can get assisted at any time you need, this web host promises that the support service is available 24/7/365.

In addition, to promise the ultimate convenience, InMotion Hosting offers multiple contact channels for you to choose, including dialing the hotline number, sending the emails, opening the ticket, clicking the live chat button and leaving your questions on the Q&A community.

  • Live chat and phone support can be responded instantly within seconds.
  • Emails and the ticket system can be responded no more than 15 minutes.
  • The community questions can be responded within an hour during the working days.

HostGator- Rich Features and CDN Service

HostGatorHostGator is an experienced web host that offers the top-notch MyBB hosting solution. Regularly, this web host sets the hosting rate at the price of $4.95/mo.

At presents, however, it offers a 30% discount that reduces that price down to $3.46/mo effective via the coupon code EUNGE30OFF.

Rich Features

HostGator offers three hosting packages that includes all the features and tools you may need.

  • An unlimited allocation of storage and monthly bandwidth.
  • The allowance of unlimited domain hosting and email accounts.
  • A Powerful cPanel control panel that is web-based and intuitive.
  • Free advertising credits of $100 for Google AdWords and $100 for Yahoo and Bings.
  • The latest versions of PHP and MySQL.
  • Advanced features of CGI, SSL, SSI, SSL, Python, Perl, Cron, Ruby on Rails and many more.

CDN Services

The content delivery network is a great and effective service for speeding up your website speed. With it, your website can be cached from multiple web servers that located at tens of data centers all over the world. Once your readers send a request, they can be responded from the nearest server machines and load your webpages instantly. Even, CDN is useful to improve your website stability and security.

Due to the great functions of CDN, HostGator gives you the CloudFlare CDN service that is included into the package for free. To activate it, you only need to login into your control panel and follow the first method introduced in this post.

Things You Should Know About MyBB

MyBB, or named as MyBBoard, is an open source forum builder that is developed and maintained by the MyBB Group and is free of charges. This special software is written in the PHP programming language and supports the databases of MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL. In addition, MyBB ensures the database failover support and can be available in dozens of languages.

As for why you should choose this option to start your online forum, you can check the below benefits achieved by MyBB.

  • Ease of use – This tool is designed to be user-friendly for both the website masters and the online visitors. It uses the standard structure for the discussion board, so both you and your visitors can feel familiar with the way it performs. In addition, the interface of MyBB is also easy to use, which contains all the unique and common features you may need for the proper website running and management.
  • Plugin system – There is an extensive plugin system available that makes it a simple thing to add the new features to the forum. Note that it only requires a few minutes to install these plugins so as to make your forum work better and faster, such as showing all the threads, displaying the permissions for each active user, extending the website statistics and may more.
  • Theme editor – This tool also offers a lot of available templates along with the theme editor for the easy style customization, such as the syntax highlighting, stylesheet editing and many more.
  • Private messaging – With it, you can start the private conversation that only allows some particular registered users to participate at a time.
  • User promotion – This is an exclusive highlight that allows you to promote users automatically based on their posting date, registration date and reputation.