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How to Move from Tumblr to WordPress

How to Move from Tumblr to WordPress

At present, there are a lot of blogging tools for you to set up your personal blog site with ease, among which Tumblr and WordPress are two of the widely used options. However, as compared with WordPress, Tumblr has a lot of limitations. For instance, it is simply an online platform that allows you to share your thoughts and ideas, but does not give you the true ownership of your blog and the full control over the site appearance and add-on functions. You can check this Tumblr vs WordPress comparison to get more detailed information between them.

Now, as many Tumblr users are looking to move their content to a self-owned WordPress site, in the following, we have listed some tips about how to move from Tumblr to WordPress with ease.

Something You Need to Prepare Before the Migration

Here, you need to know that a truly independent WordPress blog site requires the proper domain name and the reliable WordPress hosting provider. In this case, you firstly need to decide a good domain for your online address and sign up with a top-notch web host. Here, we have listed the top 3 options for you to choose.

After that, you need to install WordPress using the 1-click WordPress installer offered by your web host and use your preferred blog template to beautify your site.

As all the preparations are done, now, you can start moving your blog from Tumblr to WordPress using the following steps.

Step 1 – Install the Tumblr Importer Plugin

To begin with, you need to install this plugin on your WordPress site. Here, you can install it via the Plugin tab on your dashboard. Or, you simply need to click the Import button from the Tools tab. Here, you can find a list of systems for the import practice. Simply click the Tumblr button and press the Install Now button in the pop-up window.

Tumblr Importer Tool

Step 2 – Create the Tumblr APP

After installing this special button, you now need to click an app with the Tumblr API. To do this, you firstly should enter this page and log into your blog site using Tumblr account. In the next screen, simply click the Register Application button.

Register Application Button

From the registration page, you are required to enter a series of information such as the name and description of your application, the contact email for administrative, the name of the application website and many more.

Here, you need to enter a special URL for the default callback. You can find the right link offered by the Importer plugin.

App Registration Page

After finishing the registration process and clicking the Register button, now, you can be presented with the Secret Key and the Consumer Key. Just copy and paste them into the setting page of your Importer plugin. Then, connect your WordPress site to the Tumblr account.

Enter Importer Keys

In the next screen, you need to click the authorization link of the application, so this importer plugin can access your Tumblr account.

Authorize the Application

Step 3 – Import Your Tumblr Blog to WordPress

Now, you can import your blog site from Tumblr to WordPress simply by clicking the Import This Blog button. It is possible that you might set up multiple blogs using the same Tumblr account. If so, do not forget to choose the right one for migration.

Import This Blog Button

The importing process may take a while to finish and works in the background. The duration is based on the number of posts, pages, drafts and images.

In addition, when the migration is completed, the plugin will show you the “Finished” status. Note that all your content is moved with the correct format. For instance, the textual article in Tumblr will be transformed into a blog post in WordPress; the image in Tumblr will be transformed into the gallery in WordPress.

Step 4 – Redirect the URL of Tumblr Blog

Only moving the blog content from Tumblr to WordPress is not enough, you also need to redirect the blog URLs.

If you use the custom domain name in your Tumblr blog site, the redirection process is much easier. You simply need to install the Redirection plugin in your WordPress admin, and then, click the Redirection button from the Tools tab.

Now, you can add the new redirection by entering the source URL and target URL the same way as the below screenshot. After that, your blog URL can be redirected successfully.

Add New Redirection

However, if you use the default domain of Tumblr that looks like “”, you need to continue to the next pace and use the coding stuff to achieve the redirection purpose.

Here, you need to enter your Tumblr account and click the Edit Appearance button from the Account drop-down menu. Then, click the Edit Theme button.

Edit Appearance

In the next screen, you are allowed to edit your theme HTML. Simply press the edit button and add the below highlighted lines of code into the head element.

Head Element of Tumblr Theme
Also, you need to copy and paste the following code into the body element.

Body Element of Tumblr Theme

That’s it! The coding stuff can redirect your Tumblr blog to your WordPress site with the right URLs.