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MochaHost Review on Hosting a PHP Site
MochaHost Review 2.5 5

MochaHost Review on Hosting a PHP Site

Launched since 2002 and located in the center of Silicon Valley, MochaHost is an experienced hosting provider that specializes in offering reliable web hosting solution at a well-balanced price. It claims to guarantee the ultra-fast and secure unlimited hosting, backed by 100% uptime and savvy tech support. To figure out whether this company has kept these promises, we have done an all-rounded MochaHost review in the following after experiencing personally and collecting real customer reviews.

MochaHost Review
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    rating 2.5 of 5
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    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 3 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 4 of 5
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MochaHost Web Hosting Packages

MochaHost has three web hosting packages that are priced ranging from $1.95/mo to $6.21/mo. All the three plans set no restriction on monthly traffic, disk space, parked domains, sub-domains, email accounts and FTP accounts, along with the cPanel control panel, free shared SSL, MySQL Databases, PHP 5, NEVER Reboot Protection service, Mocha Load Protection service, 180 days money back, $100 Google AdWords credits and many more.

  • Soho – Charged starting at $1.95/mo, allowing only one website on one account and 50 MySQL databases.
  • Business – Charged starting at $2.45/mo, allowing unlimited websites and MySQL databases, alongside the offerings of free SEO tools, a life-time free domain, 180+ scripts, $500 social bundles, Python, Ruby, Perl and many more.
  • Mocha – Charged starting at $6.21/mo, offering all the features included in the Business plan, plus free private SSL, free static IP, 2 GB dedicated memory and PCI scanning, etc.

Summary – All the three packages are budget-friendly. However, the cheapest Soho plan is feature-limited that may not be enough even for small bloggers.

MochaHost Web Hosting Pros

Cheap Price

MochaHost is undoubtedly a cheap hosting provider that is suitable for some budget-conscious webmasters. Besides the affordable hosting charges, this web host has an exclusive life-time discount service, with which you can enjoy the cheap prices for the account renewal, almost same or even cheaper than the first-time purchasing.

However, you have to note that this service is only valid for the three-year billing. If your billing circle is less than 3 years, you cannot enjoy the life-time discount. Besides, the discount level is different for the three plans. The 50% discount is for the Soho and Business plan and the 40% discount is for the Mocha plan.

180 Days Risk-Free Guarantee

As many web hosts in this industry only allow 30 days or 45 days money back guarantee, MochaHost allows 180 days.

However, you need to know that if you cancel the account before 30 days, you can get the full money back; if you cancel the account after 30 days and before 180 days, you get the pro-rated refund. To be frank, as compared with BlueHost that offers ANYTIME pro-rated money back, the guarantee offered by MochaHost cannot give enough sense of worry-free if you go with the 3-year billing.

Reliable Hosting

MochaHost claims to offer 100% uptime for websites located in any spaces around the world. The confidence comes from the SAS 70 Type II certified data centers, robust servers and a series of advanced technologies.

  • Data centers – Multiple options located in Chicago, Illinois and the USA, featuring UPS, backup power generators, fuel tanks, weekly generator tests, HVAC and physical security, etc.
  • Web servers – Quality servers that come with Intel/AMD processors, SSD, RAID protection, 256GB+ RAM and SAN storage.
  • Additional technologies – Mocha NEVER Reboot Protection that eliminates the downtime caused by server reboot for software updates. Mocha Load Protection that deals with the high CPU/memory usage and High I/O activities caused by your neighborhoods.

Backed by these above-mentioned facilities, MochaHost succeeds in offering a reliable hosting solution. As we have started an uptime monitoring for a sample blog hosted by this web host, we have found that MochaHost achieves a 99.87% uptime for the past 6 months. Although this result is not matching its 100% uptime promise, it is still good in the real world.

MochaHost Uptime

MochaHost Web Hosting Cons

Frequent Email Issues

After searching online, we have found that lots of real customers complaining that MochaHost utilizes Smartermail version 10 but not the version 13, leading to frequent email access issues for readers. Besides, as checking with Senderbase of Cisco, so many MochaHost’s email servers have been blacklisted for several times.

Slow Setup Process for New Websites

This is another major complaint about MochaHost. Many customers simply complain that MochaHost spends days or even weeks to get a website started.

Poor Technical Support

There are loads of complaints concerning about the technical support offered by MochaHost. It is true that this web host provides 24/7 support via live chat, email and phone. However, the support efficiency is far behind its competitors on the web.

According to customer reviews, the support representatives always use irritating and rigid email templates to respond your questions, leaving no useful information for you. Besides, some support staffs are not US based, bearing strong accent that causes troubles for the communication via phone.

MochaHost Support

Moderate Page Loading Speed

We are expecting to have a great page loading speed with this web host. However, as we have tested online, MochaHost only achieves a moderate hosting speed for the past days. Our tested website requires about 550 ms for server responding. Not bad, but also not excellent.

MochaHost Speed

MochaHost Review – Is It Worth Going?

MochaHost is absolutely a reliable and affordable web host. However, we do not recommend it due to its poor customer service, frequent email issues and moderate hosting performance. If you are looking for a fast, reliable and quality web hosting coming with cheap prices, rich features and responsive support, we sincerely suggest you to check the following options.