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MidPhase Review & Rating on Real Hosting Experience
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MidPhase Review & Rating on Real Hosting Experience

Founded in 1998 as a web host, MidPhase now offers a variety of web solutions including domain registration, shared web hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers. It comes out on top according to Alexa ranking.

Given its popularity, we carried out this MidPhase review and rating based on our real hosting experience. The review focuses on price, features, performance and technical support, which are all key aspects to evaluate a host.


pricingMidPhase used to offer 2 hosting plans named as Personal Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting, respectively charging $2.95/mo and $7.95/mo for 3-year plans. Now it has launched a new hosting package called Professional Hosting with a starting price of $4.95/mo. This plan is mainly targeted at small businesses.

Currently, MidPhase is offering a 40% discount for all shared hosting plans. So the starting price for the above 3 plans drops to $1.77/mo, $2.97/mo and $4.77/mo. Payment can be made through PayPal or Credit Card. A hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee is offered.The discount seems attractive indeed. However, we sincerely suggest our readers thinking it over before signing up a long term plan.


The Personal Web Hosting Plan meets the basic needs for all types of personal websites. It comes with 1 domain, 1 database, unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. More features are listed below.

  • Email Features: Unlimited Email Accounts, Spam Assassin and Enterprise-class Webmail;
  • E-commerce Features: PayPal Support, Merchant Account Support and Self-signed SSL;
  • Advanced Features: Private .htaccess and Cronjob Editor;
  • Online Statistics: Weblizer, Analog Log File Analysis and Visitor Tracking Reports;
  • Free Transfer of Website, File, Database and Script.

These features are good but not enough. The most obvious problem with this plan is that it does not offer a flexible control panel. Since a large proportion of shared hosting users are web beginners, they may encounter many technical obstacles when building and managing their websites without an easy-to-use control panel.


performance With over 15 years of hosting experience, MidPhase knows how much performance matters to users and hosts themselves. To guarantee a reliable hosting environment, the company builds a Tire 3 data center in Utah. The security level of this data center meets the expectation of large banks and financial institutions.

The data center is located in a disaster-free zone specified by National Emergency Management Information System. It is backed up by redundant power sources and 24/7 digital video surveillance. More protective measures are listed here –

  • Multi-network carriers with excellent reliability and performance;
  • Optionall managed firewall and data backup services;
  • On-site technicians to monitor and provide assistance when needed;
  • Advanced climate control technology.

To guarantee loading speed, MidPhase cooperates with sister companies to enjoy their expensive networks and robust hardware. This is a common strategy used by some tight-handed companies but it is certainly not the best policy. As a result, the speed is OK but not very satisfying.

Our editors feel a little puzzled about the result for its speed this time because it is much slower than the testing results we made last time. We searched the Internet and found some users complaining about the same thing. We guess maybe this company is going through some big changes for now. So we do not recommend it until everything becomes stable.

Technical Support

MidPhase offers technical help via live chat, phone and email. Their support teams are staffed in America, London, Ukraine and India, ready to offer help to customers around the world. Users can also seek help through Client Portal or find useful information in the knowledge base.


Based on our comprehensive review, we find MidPhase is not a very good choice for web hosting. Though the price is affordable, its features are limited and its performance is unstable.

In case our readers are looking for more reliable hosts who offer cost-effective plans with rich features, fast and stable performance, and responsive support, we recommend them the following three companies.