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Media Temple vs BlueHost For an Affordable Blog Hosting Choice

Media Temple vs BlueHost For an Affordable Blog Hosting Choice

Both BlueHost and Media Temple are especially popular among bloggers, but which one is the more affordable choice for blog hosting? To figure out this question, we have worked out an elaborated and objective comparison of their hosting services.

The Media Temple vs BlueHost comparison mainly focuses on prices, features, uptime guarantee, speed and technical support, which are all key factors to evaluate a hosting provider. But before you go into the detailed comparison, please refer to the following table for their overall ratings.

Rating MediaTemple BlueHost
Tech Support
Read Review BlueHost review

Plans and Pricing – BlueHost Is More Affordable

The Grid Web Hosting Plan is the only shared plan offered by Media Temple. The plan is priced at $20/mo, which is as expensive as a VPS plan. If users choose an annual payment term, they can save $40 to $60 per year. Payment can be made by credit card only and a 30-day money back guarantee is available.

In comparison, BlueHost offers more three options at more affordable prices. The three plans are named as Basic, Plus and Business Pro, normally priced at $5.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo. For people who sign up through the exclusive discount link below, the price can be as low as $3.49/mo. Payment can be made by both PayPal and credit card.

Features – BlueHost Offers Richer Features

Although the Grid plan is a shared plan by nature, it is more like a VPS plan in terms of hosting features – the resources are limited and most tools are optional and paid. For example, Grid users need to pay $15/yr for domain registration and $75/yr for SSL Certificate.

By contrast, BlueHost offers unlimited resources and many useful tools for free. Please refer to the table below for detailed feature comparison. Note that Media Temple uses self-developed AccountCenter as the control panel, which is supposed to be less convenient than cPanel.

Feature MediaTemple BlueHost
Plan in Review Grid Plus
Websites 100 Unlimited
Storage 100GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 1TB Unlimited
Email Accounts 1,000 Unlimited
Control Panel Self-developed cPanel
Marketing Offer N/A $200
Regular Price $20/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 17% 50%
Discounted Price $16.67/mo $3.95/mo
How to Claim Not Recommended Link Activation

Uptime – BlueHost Is More Reliable

Unfortunately, the Grid Plan does not offer any uptime guarantee. We believe they are able to maintain a 99.9% uptime or above if they really care about their customers. But it turns out that they do not care. According to our research, many Grid customers report to have experienced downtime so frequently that they have to leave Media Temple in the end.

In comparison, BlueHost is more reliable by promising a 99.9% uptime with all its plans and it honors its promise. According to our monitoring results, BlueHost uptime has been 100% for most of the time during the past month as shown by the chart below.

Speed – BlueHost Is Faster

Media Temple claims to build the Grid around shared clusters of server hardware so that users always have access to sufficient resources. It also offers performance-boosting technologies such as FastCGI to accelerate page loading speed. However, it seems that FastCGI does not help much because many current users are complaining about slow performance in Media Temple Forum.

This is not the case with BlueHost. We have been hosting several websites on BlueHost Plus and are quiet satisfied with its performance so far. Based on our real hosting experience, we know this company truly uses the best hardware such as 16-Core AMD Opteron and smart software like CloudFlare for excellent performance. We’ve monitored its server response time in the past month as reflected in the chart below.

Technical Support – BlueHost Is More Helpful

Both companies offer around the clock support via chat, phone and email. Besides, both of them build knowledge bases and forums as self-support channels. We find the technicians from both companies are really friendly and responsive, but the replies given by BlueHost are more helpful. For example, when a Grid user complains about serious downtime, he/she is often advised to migrate to a VPS plan, which is much more expensive. When a BlueHost customer reports any performance issues, he/she will get precise answers as to what goes wrong and get problems solved timely.

Conclusion – BlueHost Is Recommended

Based on our detailed comparison above, we find BlueHost is a far better choice than Media Temple in every way. Therefore, we strongly recommend BlueHost as your blog hosting provider.