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Media Temple Review on Price, Features & Performance
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Media Temple Review on Price, Features & Performance

Established in 1998, Media Temple has been in web hosting industry for more than 15 years. Due to its long history, many people may have heard of the brand but don’t have a clear idea about its hosting quality. In fact, the dilemma is understandable for it is difficult to judge a hosting company without professional knowledge and rich experiences. Of course, you can search for Media Temple review in Google to get help.

Nevertheless, there are many armatures writing low quality posts on behalf of their own interests. Under the circumstance, our editors decide to help webmasters out with the unbiased Media Temple review based on real customer feedbacks, real time testing, as well as professional judgment. After coming out the result, we make an overall rating chart in below to help readers have a preliminary understanding of the host concerning price, supports, uptime, speed, as well as control panel.

Media Temple
Media Temple Review

  • Reputation
    rating 2 of 5
  • Feature
    rating 2 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 3 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Price
    $20/mo – too expensive for shared hosting

Pros of Media Temple

As a hosting company with a long history, Media Temple bounds to develop some advantages that help it make profits and support daily expenditure. Thus, we are going to list all its eye-catching aspects in below to help people know more about the company.

Reliable Uptime

Uptime is an important factor that has a great impact on website performance. All servers in Media Temple are under direct control 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In order to ensure all servers run in a proper environment, the company invests a lot of capital in building two world-class data centers located in west and east coast. Both of them are equipped with certified Tier3+, redundant power supply, private fiber connection, as well as armed security. With those robust constructions, the company is confident enough to ensure at least 99.9% uptime.

Professional Technical Support

SupportMedia Temple provides around the clock technical support for all customers through multiple channels. For people who encounter serious and urgent problems, they can get help from hotline and online chat. For people who prefer to get problems solved with social media, they can ask help from the Twitter of Media Temple. Of course, there are many other ways to get help, such as help center and community.

Cons of Media Temple

Although the company tries to be the leading role of the industry, it never reaches the goal for there are some drawbacks hindering its development. It is those undeniable shortcomings that make people hesitated about whether to go for its service.

Monotonous Plan & Expensive Price

Disappointedly, the company only presents one shared hosting plan – Grid, which leaves no choice for people. Besides, Grid is pricing at $20/mo without any discount, which is extremely expensive for shared hosting service. As the average price of shared plans is around $4/mo, the price of Grid is unacceptable. Let alone some cheap hosting providers offer budget-friendly plans at around $3/mo.

Hidden Secretes in Money Back Policy

SecretesMedia Temple claims to guarantee 30-day full money back that is reasonable at first glance. However, when looking carefully, we find the company lists many items that are non-refundable, such as domain registration, setup fees, handling fees, renewal fees, and so on so forth. Once deducted those fees, you’ll just get a little portion of your money.

Ordinary Performance

Although the company spares no effort to achieve a faster hosting speed, the result is not as good as we expected. In order to figure out the true condition of its speed, we make an analysis in customer feedbacks and build a website to test its server response time. As a result, the hosting speed of the company is less than a second but loses competitive edge when compared with some fast hosts like – Arvixe.

Incomplete Features

The company offers limited server resources, such as 100 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 100 domains, and 1,000 email addresses. Besides, it also fails to support some important and useful features like cPanel, SSH, Cron Jobs, suPHP, and many others.

Alternatives to Media Temple

You may have made up your mind whether to choose Media Temple after reading the review. Undoubtedly, the company is reliable for uptime and support; however, it is not a cost-effective choice for the expensive price, ordinary speed, as well as incomplete features. Thus, in the following, our editors recommend several alternatives to replace the company.