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How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites in One Time Using Plugins

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites in One Time Using Plugins

Moderating a single WordPress site is fancied by every webmaster. But when it comes to the management of multiple WordPress sites, a majority of website owners consider it as a challenge and start looking for an effective solution. Seeing the demand for a single tool that can provide assistance in managing multiple websites, developers have come up with various plugins for WordPress. As installing and using plugins is the preferred method to manage multiple WordPress websites, there are some effective tools in the online store.

In this article, we have discussed some powerful plugins to manage multiple WordPress websites followed by the method to install and use these plugins.

Reasons to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

There are tremendous numbers of things that every webmaster needs to implement on the sites they manage. If you are looking forward to managing multiple sites, you must be aware of your duties that involve updating the core, installing updates of themes and plugins and making various customizations in all the sites. As it is a difficult task to perform these operations individually, the plugins allow you to manage multiple WordPress websites effectively.

Plugins to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

When it comes to the plugins, the list of tools for managing WordPress sites is pretty long. However, we have selected some of the best ones from the list on the basis of their performance and popularity. Here are some WordPress plugins that assist you in managing multiple sites conveniently.


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ManageWPThis is one of the most popular online services that allow you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one source. It renders a simplified platform wherein all the websites are listed on the left side of the page while the other panels are occupied by the overview section. The overview section allows you to update themes and plugins, modify the posts, delete the revisions of published posts and avoid or remove spam comments.

You can use the trial version of this service to get familiar with its interface and operations. The trial version is for 30 days on the completion of which you have to upgrade to a premium service.


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InfiniteWPInfiniteWP is an application that allows you to manage your WordPress sites conveniently by installing the plugin on your server for free. It provides you the flexibility to remember just one login information, i.e. the master login information after you adding all your WordPress sites successfully. You can install and update plugins or themes on all your sites in a single click.

Being a powerful tool, InfiniteWP provides you with the backup and restore options for your website. You can choose to use its free version to save a couple of dollars. However, if you want to utilize some highly efficient features, you must upgrade to a Premium plan. Although the Premium plans are expensive, it is preferred by people because of its attractive offerings.

WP Remote

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WP RemoteThis is a free tool that allows you to manage unlimited numbers of WordPress sites. You can execute various tasks such as updating the plugins and themes or downloading backup of your sites by using this plugin. Although the basic version doesn’t pinch your pocket, you have to pay $5 per website every month to enjoy the features of premium plans.
Premium plans are much more beneficial than the basic plan as you can get detailed notification emails of activities related to your websites regularly.

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites Using ManageWP

As ManageWP is preferred by tremendous numbers of webmasters, we are taking it as an example to discuss the steps for managing multiple WordPress sites. You can install any plugin of your choice by following the same procedure after installation and activation.

To begin with, you should navigate to the introduction screen and click on Get Started option to sign up with ManageWP. After you sign up successfully, it is time to add the first website to the newly created ManageWP account. This can be done by simply clicking on the “Add your first website” option available on the dashboard. Now, you need to enter your site’s URL and the administrator details of the site.

Add your first website

After you adding your first website, you should navigate to your website and install the ManageWP worker plugin on the site. This plugin creates a communicative link between your website and the ManageWP tool so that you can manage the site conveniently. Once you complete the installation and activation of the plugin, you should go back to the ManageWP account and select the “Add Site” option. This can successfully add the first website and allow you to enter the details of the second website.

Add Site

You can add various websites by executing the same steps and entering the details of every website accurately. The procedure of adding websites is not hectic and can be implemented in minutes. However, you must ensure that the details about the websites are 100% correct and accurate.