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How to Make Money with a Blog Site – Great Monetization Methods for Bloggers

How to Make Money with a Blog Site – Great Monetization Methods for Bloggers

As online presentation has become more and more important for every person in this digital world, building up a personal blog, whether a large one or a small one, has become a trend. People simply use this platform to share their personal life, to express their opinions on a specific topic, or to keep in touch with their friends, classmates, colleagues, and relatives. Honestly speaking, with the huge development of the blog, it can achieve a wide range of purposes for you. At present, it even has become a great platform for online monetization. In the following, we have listed some tips about how to make money with a blog site, with which you can generate profits with ease.

Basic Preparations

preparationBefore starting telling you how to turn your blog site to a money-making tool, you firstly need to do some preparation works. After all, not all the blogs can give you the chances for revenue-generation.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your blog site is a quality one promising a fast page loading speed and a high level of safe and security. After all, how can you grab the opportunity for money earning if your site is slow and is attacked by hackers every day? In fact, this aspect is pretty easy to resolve. You only need to choose a reliable web hosting to build your blog, the two factors of speed and security can be guaranteed with ease.

The second one is about your blog site content and website design. Always remember that the word is the core component of every site, and website appearance is the first thing showing in front of people when they enter your blog. Therefore, you have to pay much attention to blog writing and blog design.

The last preparation is about your website traffic. The more daily readers you have, the more money-making chances you can get. To guarantee large website traffic, you need to learn something about SEO to have your webpages and even the whole site ranked highly by search engines. This process cannot be achieved within a short time, so you’d better be patient and stick to your efforts uninterruptedly.

After finishing these preparation works, now you can start making money on your blog site.

Sell Advertisement Spaces

This is the most common way for bloggers to earn money, for they only need to have the ads placed on their blogs and can get a commission based on the click through rate. Generally, the more traffic you blog site has, the easier you can earn money. After all, more traffic means more chances of link clicking. This is why we suggest you to pay attention to this aspect in the preparation step.

Generally, the banner area, the sidebar area and the header of the homepage can be viewed as the best options in putting advertisements. This is because people who are used to visiting the blog sites are used to clicking the links added in these places. Also, the footer of your website or the end of your blog posts are also good for placing ads. For instance, some bloggers may add the image links or word links at the end of the webpage to arouse people’s interest when they finish reading.

Moreover, if your blog site is a popular one having a lot of loyal readers, then the ads on your site are more likely to be clicked as people believe the products, services, or even the websites recommended by you. This can be regarded as a communication channel of word to mouth.

Sell Advertisement Spaces

Make Use of Google Adsense

The second effective way to make money online is to make use of Google Adsense – a great Google service choosing the ads that suit your blog site the most and placing them in any places you like within your site.

In fact, although we have already told you how to attract advertisers in our previous post, picking their attention on your blog site is still not an easy thing as a personal blog site can hardly achieve enough traffic to attract advertisers. In this case, Google Adsense can come into play.

Once you join into this Google platform, it simply analyzes your blog site and your readers and selects the best ads from its advertising pool that can bring you the most benefits. Then, you simply need to copy the advertising code generated by Google Adsense and paste it to any of your webpages you like.

To be honest, this program can be regarded as a powerful robot that makes money for you unceasingly. You don’t need to sit in front of your computer and stare at the screen all the days, you still can get money flowing into your pocket.

Google AdsenseTo utilize this platform, you only need four steps as the following.

  • Sign up for an account using your Google account
  • Wait for the authentication
  • Create the ads unit
  • Copy and paste the ads coding

Sell Goods or Services Directly

As online shopping has become more and more popular nowadays, you can also turn your blog site to a small online store if you have the physical commodities for selling. In fact, many people are more likely to go for this kind of virtual store than go for some large e-commerce sites. This is because they are more likely to trust a blogger they are familiar with than the webmaster they know nothing about.

If you have no physical goods, you can also sell services. For instance, if you are specialized in some areas like website building, house decoration, art design, and many more, then you can sell related services to your blog visitors.

Also, you can compose some advanced articles that require people to pay for reading. You can create these paid posts for your own blog site or for your peer blogs.

Join an Affiliate Program

Affiliate ProgramAt present, there are a lot of famous and reliable affiliate programs for you to join like Amazon. These programs can pay you commission every time their links are clicked or their products are sold from your blog site.

To earn a commission, you only need to keep large website traffic and create related blog posts including the affiliate links naturally and obviously. For instance, if you join Amazon affiliate program, you can write some book reviews with the positive words and book links. People may click that click for further information or even buy that book if your words arouse their interests. The whole process is simply as easy as drink water.