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How to Make a Featured Content Slider in WordPress

How to Make a Featured Content Slider in WordPress

With the increasing advancements in the online world, visitors are fascinated by vibrant design. As the idea of highlighting your most notable content on homepage through links has been common, more and more webmasters are switching to the featured content slider option. This is a feature in WordPress, with which you can offer your noteworthy content in the form of sliders.

As even some big names of Yahoo! and ESPN use the featured content slider on their sites, you are absolutely recommended to use this practice for highlighting imperative content. In this tutorial, we’d like to illustrate the steps to create a featured content slider in WordPress by using the Soliloquy plugin.

How to Use Soliloquy to Make A Featured Content Slider?

There are several tools that add the featured content slider to a WordPress site. In this illustration, we are using the Soliloquy Plugin. To start with, you have to install this plugin on your site and activate it. Upon activation, you should navigate to Soliloquy Menu item for the configuration process.

Soliloquy Plugin

Here, you need to click the sub-menu of settings, select the Add-ons tab and scroll down the next screen until you find the Featured Content Add-on option. As you have to activate this feature of the plugin, you should click on the Install and Activate buttons.

In addition to this, if you want to avail some pre-made designs from this plugin for your WordPress featured content slider, you can also activate the Themes Add-on. This can be done in a similar way as discussed above, by locating the Themes Add-on option.

Soliloquy Add-ons

Upon the activation of the desired Add-ons, it’s time to create a new featured slider. For this, you have to click on the Add New tab under Soliloquy menu.

On the next screen, you can find a Featured Content option in the Add New Soliloquy Slider page. When you click on this option, the interface can change to featured content selection automatically.

Now, as Soliloquy is an advanced tool, it enables you to select content from all the available types of posts. This means that you can highlight testimonials, pages, posts, products, custom post types and events on the featured content slider.

Once you are done with the selection of content, you should choose taxonomy using this tool. This means that you can categorize your posts using a tag. For instance, if you add a “Trending” tag to a number of noteworthy posts, then all the posts that are marked with this tag can be displayed.

Add New Slider

Besides, inserting or removing a particular post from the featured content slider is very convenient. Soliloquy offers you an option to choose the posts individually from the list. To find a desired post, you can type in the initial words of its title, and the tool can come up with matching results instantly.

Apart from the above-discussed functions, you can customize the featured image, total slides, fallback image setting and link settings. Moreover, you can configure slider’s appearance from the Config tab in the settings menu.

Config Settings

How to Display A Featured Content Slider?

Following the procedure discussed above, you can configure the featured content slider effectively. But, where can you display this slider? Well, the Soliloquy tool allows you to display the slider for highlighting content at any location in your site. You can offer it on your pages as well as posts.

All you need to do is to create or edit a page (or post) and select the Add Slider option beside Add Media tab.

Add Slider option

Apart from this, you can add a featured content slider at any location through the alternative method. Soliloquy plugin generates a shortcode and a template tag for every slider you make using this tool.

Shortcode and Template Tag

In order to display a slider on a specific area, you can use the shortcode. This method is effective when you want to add a slider to the front page of your site. Alternatively, if you prefer editing a theme file for inserting a slider, you can copy a template tag from the Soliloquy Sliders menu and paste it on the desired theme file.