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JustHost VS DreamHost on Cost-Effectiveness, Performance & Support

JustHost VS DreamHost on Cost-Effectiveness, Performance & Support

As our readers want, we have made a JustHost vs DreamHost comparison in the following to help them make a wise choice between the two companies for web hosting service. To come out an objective answer, we focus our eyes on every aspect that customers may take into account, including the cost, offerings, hosting speed, uptime guarantee, technical support, and user satisfaction.

Here, we have to mention that this comparison is 100% based on our real hosting experiences with the two companies respectively as we have got the free trial accounts from them. Also, the results for performance and company reputation are from our real-time online monitoring and real customer reviews. In this case, the comparison is absolutely accurate and comprehensive.

Overall Rating

Before comparing these aspects one by one, we firstly have come out an overall rating chart for this comparison. This chart is made by our experienced editors who have partnered with these two companies previously or currently.

Overall JustHost DreamHost
Comparison JustHost Shared DreamHost Shared
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About JustHost

JustHost aims at the affordable web hosting for years. This web host is one of the brands of the EIG company, being the sister company of some great providers such as BlueHost. Due to this, JustHost can be viewed as the cheap and quality hosting provider, with which you can enjoy the great hosting solution at a cheap charge.

About DreamHost

DreamHost is the larger hosting provider than JustHost, which hosts over 400,000 of webmasters throughout 100+ countries around the world since the year of 1997. In addition, this web host offers more services and products than JustHost, which include the domain registration service, hosting solution, cloud service, email service and many more. However, when it comes to the quality and the dedication to the web hosting, JustHost does much better.

Cost Comparison

The first comparing aspect is about the hosting charging, for many webmasters view this part greatly. JustHost is award-winning for its concentration on offering budget-friendly hosting, so it has done a better job than DreamHost in this part obviously.

  • JustHost – This company initially prices its all-in-one web hosting at the price of $7.99/mo, but now, it offers a special 69% discount that cuts the rate down to $2.5/mo for customers who purchase via this exclusive promotional link.
  • DreamHost – As compared with the average charging of web hosting, the price of the hosting solution offered DreamHost is expensive, requiring customers to pay $8.95/mo. Even with the 34% discount, you also need to pay $5.95/mo.

Offerings Comparison

These two companies all focus on the feature-richness of the hosting service, so customers can get almost everything they want from their hosting packages, such as the sufficient allocation of server resources, unlimited domain hosting on one account, unlimited email addresses, free domain name that is valued at least $9.95, $100 free credits for Google AdWords, 1-click automatic script installation for hundreds of applications and scripts, as well as some other advanced features including SSH, PHP 5, Perl, MySQL 5, Python, CGI, Ruby on Rails, and many more.

However, as compared intensively, JustHost offers more competitive highlights than DreamHost including $50 free vouchers for Facebook, $50 free vouchers for Bing, cPanel control panel, Cron Jobs, and PostgreSQL.

Features JustHost DreamHost
Comparison JustHost Shared DreamHost Shared
Unlimited Domain Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes
Domain Privacy No Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
cPanel Yes No
PostgreSQL Yes No
SSL Yes No

Hosting Reliability

The reliability of a hosting company is pretty important for all the webmasters. Whether they are going to build up a small personal blog site or a large business site, they need to make sure that visitors can enter their websites successfully at anytime. This depends on the hosting reliability.

In fact, both JustHost and DreamHost guarantee a good uptime record with no big downtime in the real world. After all, as the experienced and long-time standing web hosting companies, they know how to ensure the reliability using quality servers and data centers.


This web host makes use of the robust web servers featuring dual quad processors, Linux operating system, and the latest version of customized Apache. To locate these servers, JustHost has its data centers equipped with redundant power backup for uninterrupted supply of power, diesel generator to ensure the electrical energy, and advanced cooling for controlling the climate automatically. In addition, this company has a group of experts who can resolve the issues of all the facilities in data centers effectively and promptly. Along with the monitoring system, every issue can be found instantly for dealing.


DreamHost also utilizes reliable web servers coming with the best quality. It is worth mentioning that this company is partnered with Alchemy, running two large data centers with large network capacity, advanced monitoring system, UPS backup, fire suppression system, and many more.

Page Loading Speed

With the top-rated web servers and data centers, both JustHost and DreamHost can achieve a fast hosting speed undoubtedly. According to our online testing, the server response time achieved by JustHost is around 366ms while that of DreamHost is 500ms averagely.

Support Service

According to the customer reviews of JustHost, almost all the customers are highly satisfied with the technical support offered by this company without any complaints. This is because it offers a responsive support service with a group of knowledgeable and professional support staffs. The service is available 24/7/365, and customers can contact the support employees for help via hotline, ticket system and online chat.

The support team offered by DreamHost is also reliable, but the service can only be asked via email. If people need an instant help via callbacks and live chat, then they need to pay extra money of $9.95/mo.

Support JustHost DreamHost
Comparison JustHost Shared DreamHost Shared
Email Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes $14.95/mo

Control Panel

To help you manage your website without any problem, the control panel can be viewed as the must-have tool offered by all the web hosts. In this case, JustHost provides you with the cPanel control panel, which is highly recommended by us due to the following reasons.

  • The cPanel is a widely adopted one by most web hosts. In this case, for experienced webmasters who have tried the hosting service offered by other companies, they can get used to the control panel quickly without any learning curve.
  • The cPanel is well-known for its ease of use. With the simple layout and graphical icons, you can leverage the power of its user interface with ease, even if it is the first time for you to use this control panel.
  • The cPanel is surely functional. With it, you can control your domain name, email, security, database, files and any other aspects of your site. Even, different web hosts may insert different tools into it to help you better run your site.

As for DreamHost, however, they do not offer the cPanel. Instead, they choose to develop their own control panel. Frankly speaking, this tool is surely functional, but can bring some troubles if you use it for the first time.


Without doubt, both of these two web hosts are reliable hosting solutions. However, JustHost is surely the better option when it comes to prices, features, speed and support.