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JustHost VS BlueHost - Sister Brands' Comparison

JustHost VS BlueHost – Sister Brands’ Comparison

Both JustHost and BlueHost are reliable and affordable web hosts, acquired by Endurance International Group that is US based. As the sister brands, these two companies simply offer the similar features and hosting solutions, so you may feel hard to choose. In this case, we have made a JustHost vs BlueHost comparison, demonstrating their commons and differences to help you make a wise decision.

JustHost VS BlueHost – Similarities

JustHost was founded in 2008, having three headquarters located in UK, Australia and USA, along with a cutting-edge data center in Illinois. As for BlueHost, this company was established in 2003, having an impressive head office that features over 50,000 square foot at Utah, as well as over 700 employees to push boundaries for the best hosting solutions.

Clearly, their first similarity is that both of them are large and experienced web hosts, knowing your ultimate hosting needs, as well as how to satisfy you. Besides this, they also have many commons in terms of the features, reliability and support service.


Initially, both JustHost and BlueHost offer an all-in-one web hosting package. Since 2014, however, they all expand the web hosting plans to three, coming with the same plan names and feature offerings.

  • Basic – Both of the two companies allow 100 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, one website/domain on one account, 5 parked domains, 25 sub-domains, 100 email accounts and $50 free marketing credits.
  • Plus – Both set no restrictions to the utilization of server resources, domain hosting and email accounts/storage. Besides, they allow $200 marketing offerings, Global CDN and one SpamExperts.
  • Business Pro – Both allows all the features included in the Plus package, adding some extras such as SSL certificate, domain name privacy and SiteBackup Pro.

Besides these basic features, the two web hosts also provide the cPanel, SimpleScripts installer, free domain name, numerable website scripts, PHP 5, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and many more. Also, they all allow an ANYTIME money back guarantee.


To guarantee at least 99.9% uptime, both JustHost and BlueHost utilize the high-performing DELL web servers to support the website running. In addition, to make sure that these servers can work uninterruptedly, these two web hosts utilize the world-class data centers as the server spaces. All the data centers are featuring the following infrastructures.

  • Uninterrupted power supply and backup
  • All-time and all-around network monitoring
  • Courtesy data backup
  • Diesel power generator
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Fire/water detection system
  • 24/7 climate control

Backed by these advanced technologies, both JustHost and BlueHost are able to offer a reliable hosting solution.

Since September, 2014, we have done an uptime monitoring for these two web hosts using two identical blog sites. Based on the unceasing monitoring using Uptime Robot, the JustHost-hosted website is 99.99% online while the BlueHost-hosted one is 100% accessible.

Technical Support

Based on our real hosting experiences and customer feedbacks, both of the two companies have done great in terms of the support service. Instead of outsourcing the support department, they all decide to build up their self-owned team, comprising of professional support staffs that are available all the times.

As for the contact channels, both JustHost and BlueHost allow the phone support, live chat support, email support and the ticket system.

JustHost VS BlueHost – Differences

The differences between these two web hosts mainly lay on the aspects of price, page loading speed, WordPress hosting and newbie services.

JustHost Edges Over BlueHost

The only aspect that JustHost wins over BlueHost is the price. You only need to purchase via this promotional link; then you can enjoy JustHost web hosting starting at $2.5/mo.

As for BlueHost, this company also releases this beneficial promotion link, from which you can get an up to 60% discount, reducing the price down to $3.49/mo effectively.

BlueHost Edges Over JustHost

The first aspect that BlueHost wins over JustHost is the page loading speed. As we have tested their hosting speed since September, 2014, alongside the uptime monitoring, we have found that the BlueHost-hosted website is around 14% faster than the JustHost-hosted site when it comes to server responding.

The following chart is a small piece of our whole testing, demonstrating how these two sample sites perform for the past 30 days. According to the winding lines, it is easy to find that BlueHost requires less time for the server response.

The second aspect is about the WordPress hosting. With the increasing popularity of WordPress, BlueHost offers a special WordPress Hosting solution that is optimized for the best running of this CMS. This solution contains four packages, suitable for websites ranging from blogs to enterprise portals. JustHost, however, simply lacks this kind of hosting solution.

The third aspect is about the newbie service. Besides the common technical support service, these two web hosts also establish the knowledge base and Blog page for newbies to learn some basic hosting knowledge. However, as compared intensively, BlueHost adds more information.

  • Knowledge base – Since June, 2015, BlueHost has 779 results while JustHost has 776 results.
  • Blog page – BlueHost updates the Blog area on a weekly basis, but JustHost stop adding new information since April, 2014.

Besides, BlueHost has an exclusive forum for better communication, from which you can raise your confusion and share your hosting experiences with other people. JustHost, however, simply fails to offer such a great platform.

Final Result

Based on this comparison, it is easy to conclude that both JustHost and BlueHost are affordable web hosts offering quality hosting solution. However, if you really have to pick one, you can judge based on your situations.

  • If you are serious about the hosting budget, you can choose JustHost.
  • If you want super-fast hosting speed or you are a WordPress fan, you can choose BlueHost.