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JustHost VPS Review, Rating & Secret Exposure
JustHost VPS Review, Rating & Secret Exposure 4.5 5

JustHost VPS Review, Rating & Secret Exposure

JustHost, founded in 2008, has grown into a major web hosting provider now. Since its inception, the company has been pursuing for ideal hosting experience featuring by reliable service.

Over seven years, JustHost has hosted thousands of websites worldwide. Now, its main products cover shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. And for its dedicated service, JustHost has gained good reputation in the industry.

This review focuses on its VPS hosting. Details about price, feature performance and technical support will be displayed below.


priceFirst of all, for VPS solutions, there are four options available: Standard, Enhanced, Premium and Ultimate. And the company rates them regularly at $29.99/mo, $59.99/mo, $89.99/mo and $119.99/mo. Besides, if you purchase longer period of service, you pay less than the regular price. For example, if you buy Standard plan for 12 months, you only need to pay $24.99/mo.

Another good news is that you can enjoy 50% discount for the first month through the promotional link. So, you only need to pay $14.99/mo to get a start.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

JustHost is really giving a huge discount recently. If you are going to purchase any products, you can make payment via PayPal, credit card, checks and money orders. Besides, the company supports anytime money back, which is quite rare in the industry. From this guarantee, you can also have a glimpse of their company strength. Thus, with JustHost, you can really experience a worry-free and customer-oriented service.


Features are the key factors when people make their choices. In order to provide excellent experience for users, JustHost has put lots of efforts on research and development.

Generally, primary plans are the mostly customer-required. So we choose the primary plans Standard and Enhanced as examples in order to better present JustHost VPS features.

Plan In Review Standard Enhanced
CPU Single Core Dual Core
Monthly Data Transfer 1TB 2TB
Storage 30GB 60GB
IP Addresses 1 2
Domains Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Yes Yes
Free Domain Name Yes Yes
Control Panel cPanel & WHM cPanel & WHM
Price $14.99/mo $29.99/mo

From the table above, you can find it that JustHost is quite competitive in VPS solutions because its features are prominent. Taking Enhanced plan as an example, with the same price at $29.99/mo, JustHost has much larger amount of RAM, storage and bandwidth than GoDaddy.

Besides, the company also supports multi-account management, by which you can manage all your accounts through one login. What’s more, JustHost has powered all its VPS solutions with cloud technology which would provide you more features in the coming years.


Reliability, one of the most crucial factors in hosting service, is taken seriously by JustHost. The company uses high quality servers and takes advantage of KVM hypervisor virtualization so as to keep downtimes at the lowest level. Besides, the company has its network under 24×7 monitoring and prepares to tackle problems right away.

Officially, the company guarantees 99.9% uptime. And according to statistics, JustHost performs 99.98% uptime overall. Since 2010, the company only had one serious outage. And most of their users think highly of their performance.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting Service

Here, we have to note that the VPS hosting service offered by JustHost is fully managed. In this case, it is their responsibility for the server maintenance tasks but not yours, which include security patches, application update, operating system installation, server configuration and many more. This means you can enjoy the powerful hosting solution and focus on your website running only, without the need to pay attention to the server-side issues.

In addition, with the fully managed VPS hosting, you can enjoy the great technical support whenever you encounter any problem concerning about your virtually private server machines.

Hosting Speed

In addition to monitoring their hosting reliability, we also have tested their server response speed to figure out whether they can ensure the peak performance for all the customers. According to the result, this hosting provider achieves the great server response speed of 366 ms only for our sample site. To be frank, as compared with many other web hosts we have tested, this level of hosting speed can be rated into the top 5.

To achieve the satisfactory result, JustHost has done the following preparations.

  • All of their web servers are of branded components, SSD database storage and RAID 10 array to ensure the efficient delivery of website data.
  • JustHost locates these server machines at multiple advanced data centers, which are equipped with 24/7 facility monitoring, strict security system, redundant power supply, power and water prevention system, automatic climate control and many more.
  • The CloudFlare CDN service is offered for free. Upon the successful activation, your webpages can be stored and cached from more than 60 data centers all over the world.
  • The I/O isolation technology is used by JustHost. In this case, your site can be segregated properly from some bad users within the same server, so your website running can hardly be affected negatively by these neighborhoods.


When it comes to support, JustHost provides 24×7 phone, email and live chat support. In addition to that, you can also submit support ticket, go to their knowledgebase or watch some video tutorials in the support center.

In general, customers hold that JustHost is doing ok in customer service. According to our survey, there have been nearly no complaints about being not knowledgeable or low-efficient.


Generally speaking, JustHost is quite competitive particularly for its appealing price and outstanding features. All in all, JustHost is recommendable for VPS solutions.