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Best Joomla Shopping Carts - Great Options for Selling Online

Best Joomla Shopping Carts – Great Options for Selling Online

Recent years have witnessed an increasing bandwagon of online shops. After all, starting an online shop is much easier and cost-effective than a physical one for money making. In addition, with more and more people prefer to shopping online for the convenience, lower prices and more choices, you can get huge profit from the online business. To make your Joomla web shop stands out of so many competitors, you definitely need to make full use of an excellent shopping cart extension.

In the following, we have presented the best 9 Joomla shopping carts for you to connect with your buyers effectively. You can pick up one of these full-featured and user-friendly shopping carts to better manage your online business.


HikaShopHikaShop is a lightweight shopping cart software that is compatible with Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x. If you are running a small to medium sized shop, then this shopping cart is a good choice for you. It allows you to have a control over the taxes, zones, languages and currencies, making your customers from foreign countries feel free to purchase goods on your website. It also offers a powerful dashboard, coupons and discounts, user address custom fields, 60+ payment plugins and more functionality to customize your online store.


MyMuseMyMuse is ideal for you to sell any type of products that are related to music, such as CD’s, DVD’s, mp3’s, video files and many more. With MyMuse, you are able to create multiple categories for albums and display them clearly, making it easier for buyers to find the right product they are looking for. What’s more, you can help your customers to make the decision effortlessly by showing them previews of your products with flash or HTML5.


SimpleCaddyTo someone who is looking for a Joomla shopping cart that is easy to set up and use, the development of SimpleCaddy is definitely a good news. With SimpleCaddy, you can present all of your products with Joomla’s standard content without effort, and you can transfer the money to your PayPal account with this shopping cart quickly. In addition to PayPal, your clients can also have access to other payment gateways in the same page.


EShopEShop is really a powerful shopping cart for Joomla that contains a great many of robust tools to help in managing your business. With 20+ payment gateways, 10+ shipping methods, multiple currencies & languages, unlimited categories & products & images per products, coupon code and many more features, you can customize your online store to a maximum limit and offer your customers a pleasant online shopping experience. Besides, by using EShop, your visitors are no longer restricted to PCs, because they can enjoy a responsive layout in mobile devices, which contributes in promoting more sales.


jMarketjMarket is a carefully designed and multi-vendor Joomla shopping cart. By utilizing this shopping cart extension, you can upload unlimited products and set up various categories. Whether you plan to sell physical and downloadable products, or you try to offer specific services, or you want to organize a succession of auctions, jMarket can bring your dream into reality. It supports B2B e-commerce as well and you can exchange ideas with your peers effectively. Featured SEO optimized, jMarket has the ability to get your e-commerce site noticed by as many as would-be purchasers.


joocommercejoocommerce makes it possible for you to create an online shop on your Joomla website with little time and energy. It is compatible with Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5. This shopping cart software is well integrated with Stripe and PayPal, and it also supports credit card & offline payment, thus your customers can pay for their purchases easier and faster. Furthermore, you can choose the countries that you want to sell your products, so as to avoid taxes issues or other obstacles.


  • Last updated: October 14, 2013
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DigiStoreDigiStore is a reliable and budget-friendly shopping cart that can be integrated into your Joomla website effortlessly. With features such as email reminders and coupon codes, DigiStore has the ability to bring your customers back to your site and encourage them to buy more products. What’s more, it can present the statistics in a table, enabling you to better track your sales.


RokQuikCartDirectly integrated into Joomla, RokQuikCart is an easy to use shopping cart that can be applied to display your products, images, descriptions and additional options. It provides 16 different currencies and auto calculation for shipping and tax. Hence, you can expand your business worldwide with ease. You are also able to display larger previews of your product images with RokBox.


Quick2CartQuick2Cart Joomla shopping cart is extremely flexible and installation friendly. It features different CCK integration, allowing you to have a complete control over your products. In addition, this shopping cart comes with rich features that are super helpful in customizing your online store, such as product attributes & attribute options, Bootstrapped, multiple currency & payment gateways, order control and CSV export, order notification emails and Google analytics.