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Is A2Hosting SSD Plan Worth Purchasing - Detailed Explanation of This Plan

Is A2Hosting SSD Plan Worth Purchasing – Detailed Explanation of This Plan

A2Hosting is a well-known web hosting provider that has served for loads of customers all over the world with a long history. The main reason why it can be trusted and recommended by customers is its concentration on the hosting speed, which plays a vital role in affecting the quality and popularity of a website.

The main hosting package is named as Prime that comes with a long list of competitive features and can be purchased starting at $3.92/mo by going through this special promotion link. Customers can get the detailed information about this plan from the in-depth A2Hosting review. This time, we’d like to review A2Hosting SSD plan that is another trustworthy hosting plan offered by this company. This review mainly concerns about the price, features, hosting performance, and technical support, which are the key elements for customers to consider when choose their hosting solutions.

A2Hosting SSD Promotion Link Activation

Price and Features

Unlike many other web hosts that cannot achieve a perfect balance between price and features, this company simply guarantees a cost-effective package that is not only budget-friendly, but also rich-featured.

Billing Sales Now Discount
1 Month $6.86/mo 51%
6 Months $6.36/mo 51%
12 Months $5.39/mo 51%

In fact, the billing cycles allowed by A2Hosting are various, ranging from 1 month to 36 months. Originally, customers need to pay at least $8.99/mo to purchase A2Hosting SSD plan. It seems affordable, but this cheap price is only valid for the 36-month billing in one time. If customers want to go with a shorter period, the price is higher.

At present, however, this web host has offered an attractive 51% discount with an exclusive promotional link, allowing customers to purchase the SSD plan starting at $5.39/mo that can be afforded easily by many customers. Note that this beneficial discount is valid for one-month billing, 6-month billing, and 12-month billing.

Features Prime SSD
SSD No Yes
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes Yes
1-Click Installer Yes Yes
CloudFlare CDN Yes Yes
Railgun Optimizer Yes Yes
SSH Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days

In addition to the large discount and cheap prices, this SSD plan also guarantees all the features need to keep the site up and running properly. For instance, it allows an unlimited amount of server resources for customers to store and to transfer data freely, the user-friendly cPanel control panel to better handle and manage everything on the website, the one-click script installer to have the applications installed simply via a few clicks, free advertising credits for Bing, Yahoo, and Bidvertiser to start the website marketing online. Besides, this package allows all the advanced programming languages including PHP5, MySQL5, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. To guarantee a high level of security, the SSH is also available.

Note that all of these are included into the 30-day money back guarantee offered by A2Hosting, meaning that customers can stop the account and get the money refunded if they are not satisfied with any of these aspects.

Page Loading Speed and Uptime

Before introducing the technologies used by A2Hosting to guarantee the amazing hosting performance, we firstly want to showcase a testing result concerning about the page loading speed and online reliability achieved by the SSD plan in the past 30 days. The tested website is a newly-launched blog site, containing a lot of images, music files, and audio files. We have monitored this blog for 2 months uninterruptedly, and have found that the site hosted by A2Hosting SSD only consumes 397ms for server response averagely, along with a 99.99% uptime track record. How can this plan achieve such an excellent hosting performance? Check the reasons in the following.

  • Qualified Data Center – A2Hosting locates the web servers at multiple data centers in USA and Europe. All of these data centers are SSAE16 certified and are well equipped with the advanced technologies to guarantee the data security, facility cooling, and redundant power supply. Besides, there is a team of on-site experts monitoring these infrastructures 24/7, along with a special monitoring system to keep the data center working properly all the times.
  • Robust Web Server – All the web servers used by A2Hosting are 100% reliable and quality. These DELL branded items is factory built and tested, and is tuned by A2Hosting experts to ensure the best performance.

In fact, many reliable web hosts make use of the world-class data centers and quality servers to guarantee a perfect hosting performance. A2Hosting, moreover, also makes use of an exclusive SwiftServer Platform containing a lot of performance boosting technologies.

  • Solid State Drive – This is a special device for data storage that can enhance the page loading speed up to 300% faster. This web host simply uses it to host the operating system, MySQL database, and all the files included in the site, which is great for the website speed.
  • CloudFlare CDN – This is a popular and reliable content delivery network that makes use of multiple data centers located all around the world with the copied website data stored. Thus, readers can get the information they want from the closest server. As estimated, CloudFlare CDN can achieve an average of 200% faster hosting speed.
  • SwiftServer Platform – This is an exclusive platform developed by A2Hosting experts, including a lot of technologies for performance optimization, such as redundant network, CloudLinux OS, no-time account activation, and many more.
  • Railgun Optimizer – This is a special optimization tool used for speeding up websites, achieving an up to 143% faster loading speed for HTML.


According to the information reviewed above, the SSD plan offered by A2hosting is undoubtedly worth the money for it offers competitive features at affordable price and utilizes advanced technologies for excellent performance. In addition, this company has paid much attention to the customer service, assisting customers 24/7 with the best efficiency and manner via email, live chat, and phone.