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iPage VS JustHost – Shared Comparison on Cost-Effectiveness

iPage VS JustHost – Shared Comparison on Cost-Effectiveness

Have you ever felt hard to make a decision between iPage and JustHost? If so, this iPage VS JustHost decides for you. In this comparison, we focus on cost-effectiveness of each shared hosting solution. By the way, we also mention the uptime, speed and technical support so as to help readers take all things into consideration.

Giving credit to high quality and cordial hosting service, both hosting companies have won publics approval during the past few years. The following rating table shows the evidence why iPage and JustHost can make a hit in the market.

Rating iPage JustHost
Tech Support
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JustHost is an award-winning hosting company that mainly focuses on the budget-friendly service by launching the attractive promotional campaign. However, unlike many other cheap web hosts that oversell the service to save budgets, JustHost pays much attention to the hosting quality by leveraging the power of great servers and data centers to ensure the top-notch performance, setting up their own support team for the helpful technical support and including rich features into each plan. At present, they have been acquired by EIG, being the sister brand of many other top web hosts like BlueHost.

iPage is a long lasting web host that offers the quality service for online business, social networking platforms, personal blogs and business sites for more than 10 years. With years of experiences, they know what webmasters are looking for the most, thus ensure the great service with almost no over-complicating things. In addition, this hosting mainly focuses on three things.

  • Your site – This web host tries the best to give you the top-notch experience from website creation to blog posting and from traffic generation to spam prevention.
  • Your email – They constantly perform extensive monitoring to ensure that your mail messages are received and sent properly.
  • Your security – To ensure the website security, iPage enables the malware scans on a daily basis, offers automatic spam filters, allows the domain verification and many more.

iPage VS JustHost – Cost-Effectiveness

iPage has released one shared hosting solution named as iPage Essential Plan, regularly starting at $9.99/mo. Considering that most customers wish to develop a small and medium sized website with small budgets, this company enables 77% discount for $2.25/mo. The following promotional link is used to activate this exclusive discount.

iPage Promotional Link Activation

The same as iPage, JustHost has launched three shared hosting plans starting at $5.99/mo in regular. And now, people are encouraged to click the link activation below to bring 58% discount into effect and then make the price automatically down to $2.5/mo.

JustHost Promotional Link Activation

The two hosting solutions both include one free domain name and a certain amount of marketing offers, like Facebook, Google Adwords, Yahoo!/Bing, etc. Besides, iPage and JustHost both supports anytime money back guarantee thereby offering risk-free and trust-worthy hosting services.

In addition to affordable price, the shared hosting services of iPage and JustHost include unlimited hosting resources and the most advanced features, such as the latest version of programming languages, the most powerful control panel, free scripts, user-friendly site building tools, and so on. Check detailed information in the following table.

Feature iPage JustHost
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Yes Yes
FTP Manager Yes Yes
MySQL5 Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Control Panel vDeck cPanel

iPage and JustHost offer a large number of powerful plugins for different purposes. For instance, WordPress, PixelPost and b2evolution are offered to start a blog; Gallery2, Coppermoine and ZenPhoto are used to create photo galleries; Gbook, phpBB and SMF are designed for forum building. In addition, JustHost also enables Tikiwiki and Moodle for the creation of wiki site and education site.

iPage VS JustHost – Uptime & Speed

iPage locates two data centers in Boston, covering an area of 2,400 square feet of space and consisting of thousands of robust loaded balanced servers. To make good on the promise about 99.9% uptime, this company runs each data center on N+1 power generator to ensure redundant power supply. And also, the security system keeps running day and night in case of an emergency. The following chart shows the uptime record of iPage during the past 30 days.

JustHost utilizes two data centers located in Chicago. Each data center is equipped with UPS power backup generator and 24/7 network monitoring to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. The following statistics show the strength of JustHost in terms of hosting reliability.

Enhancing all servers with cutting-edge technologies and utilizing multiple gigabit connections, both companies deliver high level of performance and consume less than 600ms server response time.

iPage VS JustHost – Technical Support

When it comes to technical support, both iPage and JustHost own well-trained support teams to provide people with effective solutions via live chat, phone and email. Before making this comparison, our editors have tested the response time of each communication channel. Finally, we draw a conclusion that the support staffs give a response via live chat within 15 seconds. Besides, people are able to get an effective answer via email within half an hour. For some emergencies, we suggest you to ask for help via phone, which is the most responsive communication method.

The technicians have posted numerous hosting tutorials and help articles in terms of domain name registration, website design, email configuration, and so on. Those resources enlighten some webmasters lack of hosting skills, especially for the beginners.

iPage VS JustHost – Ease Hosting Solution

This part is pretty essential for newbies. After all, the majority of them only want to focus on the editing and publishing of the online content. In this case, JustHost offers the most popular and easy-to-use cPanel control panel for the effortless management over your hosting account and website files, statistics, database, security and many other aspects.

As for iPage, they also offer a powerful control panel that is vDeck branded. As compared with the intuitive cPanel, the vDeck one is a little bit more advanced that is suitable for some experienced webmasters. In addition, unlike cPanel that uses the graphical based interface, the user interface of vDeck is somewhat complicated, along with a relatively disordered function categorization.


iPage and JustHost both cost-effective shared hosting solutions. However, iPage happens to be the better option for people who wish to save more budgets. For some webmasters having a high demand on hosting performance, JustHost is worth going.