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iPage VS HostGator on Cheap Shared Hosting Service

iPage VS HostGator on Cheap Shared Hosting Service

As top hosting providers in this industry, both iPage and HostGator are favored by numerous webmasters and 90% of them think highly of both companies. However, high reputation and good user experiences may make people feel puzzled about which one is a better choice. Therefore, iPage VS HostGator is designed to analyze the details of shared hosting services offered by the two companies, and finally give a guideline to choose a suitable one between them.

The comparison is entirely objective and unbiased, which is based on customer feedbacks from hundreds of real customers and our monitoring results for several months. After collecting all useful statistics, our editors make an overall comparison table in below in regard to reputation, features, speed, technical support, as well as reliability.

Overall iPage HostGator
Comparison Essential Hatching

Price Comparison

iPage offers an outstanding shared hosting package that is priced at $9.99/mo initially. Now, the company gives a big time-limited promotion that cuts 77% off the regular price and allows webmasters to subscribe its plan from $2.25/mo by going through the promotional link. On the other side, HostGator presents multiple plans that are priced at different level, ranging from $5.95/mo to $13.95/mo regularly. As usual, people who use this coupon code EUNGE30OFF can get a 30% discount and purchase HostGator plans starting at $4.16/mo.

Price iPage HostGator
Comparison Essential Hatching
Regular $9.99/mo $5.95/mo
Discount 77% 30%
Discounted $2.25/mo $4.16/mo
Money Back Anytime Anytime
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To come out a conclusion, both companies offer affordable hosting services, especially for iPage. However, low prices are just one of those reasons that make them reputable. iPage and HostGator provide two popular payment methods including credit cards and PayPal. In addition, in order to eliminate webmasters’ concern, they offer long time duration for full money back guarantee and anytime pro-rated money back.

Ease of Use

This is an essential aspect for all the new webmasters or for those who only have the most basic knowledge of computer. After all, most of them do not want to spare their time and energy into the aspects of website building and hosting management, but only want to focus on the blog content and webpage design.

Due to this case, both iPage and HostGator include the powerful control panel into their feature lists, with which you can control everything related to your domain, files, emails, database, FTP and many more with much ease. However, the difference is that HostGator offers the cPanel while iPage offers the vDeck.

To be frank, both of these two control panels are powerful enough for you to easily manage your hosting account and the overall website. But if we have to choose one between them, we personally think cPanel is the better option, which comes with the much easier user interface as compared with the vDeck option. In addition, the cPanel control panel is a widely used one that has been offered by most web hosts, leaving almost no learning curve for those already get used to its feature and UI.

Free Extras

In addition to the regular hosting features, there are also some free extras offered by these two hosting providers.

With HostGator, you can enjoy $100 Yahoo and Bing advertising credits, $100 Google advertising credits, thousands of free website templates and free website building service.

With iPage, you can get a free domain name, free security suite, free online store selling tools, up to $250 marketing credits for Yahoo and Google and the free backup solution on a daily basis. In addition, iPage gives you 1 GB of cloud storage for free from their exclusive JustCloud, with which you can store your music, images, files, documents and videos online.

Uptime & Page Loading Speed

Reliable uptime guarantee is the basic to build a popular and profitable website while page loading speed decides whether you can satisfy and maintain visitors. Thus, both terms are important factors to evaluate the hosting services offered by web hosts.


iPage invests a large sum of money to purchase the best web servers with robust quality. Instead of assembling second-hand servers from the market, the company uses web servers that are one hundred percent factory tested with high specifications. Besides, to place these quality servers, the company builds two data centers that come with NetApp snapshot backups, Cisco routers with BGP4 protocol, UPS power backup, and many more. With all those robust infrastructures, iPage is confident enough to ensure at least 99.9% uptime.


HostGator also purchases top-rated servers that are all Dell branded – the recognized best brand in server offering industry. Besides, the company establishes multiple data centers in different geographical areas including Houston and Provo. Both data centers are industry standard and equipped with many cutting-edge technologies, such as diesel generator, water storage, HVAC, UPS power unit, and 24×7 monitoring system. As a result, the company is able to offer at least 99.9% uptime.

Speed Comparison

As both companies attach much importance on their infrastructure construction, it is hard to judge their page loading speed theoretically. Thus, our editors build two testing sites hosted with them separately for several months. As a result, the server response time of iPage is 559ms while that of its competitor is 338ms. To be honest, both companies perform pretty well in speed.

Support & Offerings

Apart from cheap prices and excellent performances, iPage and HostGator also offer free and responsive 24x7x365 technical support through email, phone call, help center, live chat, as well as community.

As for features, both companies are quite generous in offering server resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, domain hosting, email accounts, and so on so forth. About control panels, iPage utilizes vDesk while HostGator uses cPanel. Besides, their differences are also lying in offering advanced features, including phpMyAdmin, Python, instant backups, and Ruby on Rails that are ignored by iPage but all available in HostGator.


In summary, both iPage and HostGator are affordable and reliable web hosts. However, when considering their differences in expense, features, and speed, iPage is recommended for lower prices while HostGator is favored for outstanding performance and rich features. Therefore, if you run a small or personal website, iPage is a better choice; otherwise, we highly recommend HostGator.