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iPage VS GoDaddy - Cheap Hosting Comparison for Quality Hosting

iPage VS GoDaddy – Cheap Hosting Comparison for Quality Hosting

Anyone who pays attention to web hosting industry may have heard of iPage and GoDaddy, for both companies claim to offer quality hosting services at an affordable price. However, people who have neither experiences nor hosting knowledge tend to be confused and hesitated when it comes to making a choice between the two.

Thus, to help people come out a conclusion, our professional editors review iPage and GoDaddy carefully and thoroughly based on price, performance, features, as well as support. Then, according to the results, our editors write the iPage VS GoDaddy in regard to their commons and differences.

Overall iPage GoDaddy
Comparison Essential Economy

About iPage

The guru team of iPage has more than 10 years of experiences on hosting personal, e-commerce, business, social media and non-profit websites. They know a lot for web hosting and know how to support you well. With a great deal of reliability and flexibility, you can have your website running properly all the times.

As for the main highlights of this web host, we have summarized 3 aspects in the following.

  • Cheap hosting – iPage insist in offering the cheap hosting for a long time, releasing different discounts and launching the promotional campaigns constantly. Frankly, if you only want to build a blog site or just want to have a try for website creation, iPage is the great option.
  • Hosting security – Although this is a cheap option, it does not mean that you need to worry about the core point of hosting security. Instead, iPage pays much attention to this aspect by activating the daily detection for malware and spam, verifying your domain name in case of the fishing scams, offering the daily backup and SSL features and many more.
  • Easy start – iPage gives you enough freedom needed for the starting and creation of a website, from the blogging tools and the website builder to the script installer and the default site templates.

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest hosting providers available. With the stable growth and the great popularity, this web host now has more than 14 million of active customers all over the world. With the aim to help webmasters start and grow their websites easily, GoDaddy continues enlarging their user base with over 5,000 employees who have the rich experiences and knowledge in this field.

As for the highlight of GoDaddy, the biggest one can be the comprehensiveness of their products and services. It seems that all the things you may need to create and to host your site can be found from this web host, such as the hosting solution, SSL, email service, domain registration and many more.

Similarities Between iPage and GoDaddy

As famous and reliable hosting providers in this industry for more than ten years, both companies have won the trust of millions of people for outstanding uptime and trustworthy money back. In the following, we are going to list their main similarities to help readers know more about the two companies.


Uptime is something valued by both webmasters and hosting providers as well, which decides whether a website can be visited by people normally. As every host does, iPage and GoDaddy also attach much importance on this aspect and spend a large sum of money to purchase industry level servers rather than assembling servers from second-hand markets.

Besides, both companies establish world-class data centers to offer a proper running environment for their servers, and all the data centers come with constant power supply, advanced cooling system, fire suppression, as well as around the clock monitoring. With all these robust infrastructure constructions, both companies are confident enough to ensure at least 99.9% uptime.

Secure Purchase

As reputable web hosts in the industry, the two companies accept payment from multiple channels, including credit cards and PayPal. Besides, to ensure the purchase worry-free and risk-free, both companies promise 30-day full money back and anytime prorated money back without asking any question.

Varieties Between iPage and GoDaddy

As the two companies target for different consumer groups, iPage and GoDaddy bound to have a lot of differences that are the basis to make a better choice among them. Please get to know their varieties in the following paragraphs.

Plans & Price

iPage puts all energies on developing an all-in-one hosting package – Essential that is priced at $9.99/mo regularly. Now, the company releases 83% discount allowing webmasters to subscribe the excellent plan starting at $1.68/mo by going through this promotional link.

Price iPage GoDaddy
Comparison Essential Economy
Regular $9.99/mo $6.99/mo
Discount 83% 50%
Discounted $1.68/mo $3.49/mo
Money Back Anytime Anytime
How to Claim Link Activation Not Recommended

As for GoDaddy, it provides three shared hosting plans containing Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate whose discounted prices are ranging from $3.49/mo to $7.49/mo. Now it is clear that even the cheapest plan in GoDaddy is $1.81/mo more expensive than that of iPage.

Hosting Features

iPage does well in offering unlimited basic features like server resources, PHP, MySQL, and email accounts. However, most of those mentioned resources are limited with GoDaddy that only allows one website and 100 GB storage.

Page Loading Speed

In order to display the real condition of the two companies’ hosting speed, our responsible editors carry out a performance testing about the two hosts and keep records on the server response time constantly for half a year. As the result shows, the average server response time of iPage is inspiring – 559ms while that of GoDaddy is 784ms. The former is 40% faster than the latter.

Customer Service

Any reliable and trustworthy web host will take customer service seriously, for it shows the conscience and sincerity of a company. Having realized the principle, both companies setup their professional and responsible supporting team with experienced experts. However, their differences lie in the offering of supporting channels. iPage allows people to get help from three main methods, including live chat, hotline, as well as email. On the other side, customers from GoDaddy can contact supporting staffs only through email and phone call.

Conclusion – iPage Is Highly Recommended

Undoubtedly, iPage and GoDaddy are worth trying hosting providers for reliable uptime and reasonable money back guarantee. However, when concerning cost-effective purchase, iPage is a better choice for offering more features, low price, faster hosting speed, as well as outstanding technical support.