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iPage VS BlueHost – Unbaisedly Comparison

iPage VS BlueHost – Unbaisedly Comparison

Since affordable price, high level of reliability, limitless possibilities and premium technical support become the essential conditions of a quality hosting solution, webmasters get started on selecting such service. In order to attract more customers, many hosting providers go into action and release new hosting plans continually, among which iPage and BlueHost are two of the most popular ones picked out in this comparison.

The iPage vs BlueHost concentrates on the basic elements of the two companies’ hosting services so as to help readers access to the information that they need to know most.

Rating iPage BlueHost
Tech Support
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iPage ensures the high-quality hosting service for online business, personal presence, social networking, e-commerce and non-profit websites for a decade of years. They are experienced enough to know what you want to get the most and fully meet your needs accordingly. As compared with some other web hosts online, this one has a great highlight that you can get enough freedom you may need for creating an online presence that can ultimately reflect your personality or brand with all the online site builders, blog applications and software available. In addition, iPage pays much attention to the email service, making sure that all the mail messages can be sent and received with the best efficiency. Due to the importance of email at present, this guarantee can achieve you the communicating lifeblood for organizations and businesses.

BlueHost is an out-of-box hosting provider that leverages the power of open source technology to ensure you the great hosting solution. By offering the online solution that is cloud based, this web host now has become one of the world’s greatest hosting providers. In addition, while operating In Utah, BlueHost now has more than 700 staffs working unceasingly for pushing the border of the truly trustworthy web hosting.

iPage VS BlueHost > Price

iPage Helps You Save Budget

ipage vs bluehost - priceSince most hosting providers compete on price, iPage tries every effort to lower the price less than $3/mo. This company only releases one hosting package named as Essential Plan, which regularly starts at $9.99/mo. With the 77% discount off the original price through this promotional link, the price is down to $2.25/mo. Frankly, such affordable hosting solution is suitable for building individual websites or blogs.

After upgrading the hosting products, BlueHost launches three premium hosting packages instead of an all-in-one plan, including Basic, Plus and Business Pro, regularly pricing from $5.99/mo. By releasing up to 60% discount via this promotional link, this company makes the price down to $3.49/mo, $3.95/mo and $13.95/mo. For the variety of price ranges, the hosting solutions of BlueHost can meet the needs of all customers, no matter for bloggers or corporations.

iPage VS BlueHost > Features

BlueHost Brings You More Possibilities

The iPage Essential Plan provides unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains allowed and MySQL databases. The plan integrates with Blog Setup Wizard and the 1-click installation for a series of blogging software, including WordPress, b2evolution and PixelPost, which makes a big difference on blogging. iPage enables Gbook, SMF and phpBB for starting forums while it allows webmasters to create photo showcase websites with the help of ZenPhoto, Gallery2 and Coppermine.

In addition to sufficient resource allocation, BlueHost supports the latest PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails. In this case, all hosting solutions can be 100% compatible with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and some other software. Thus, webmasters are able to create their websites for different purposes, like shopping site, blog, education site, wiki site, and so on. To make the feature showcase clear at a glance, we make the following table.

Feature iPage BlueHost
Plan in Review Essential Basic
Disk Space Unlimited 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Drag & Drop Site Builder Yes Yes
PHP5 Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
Python No Yes
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Control Panel vDeck cPanel

iPage vs BlueHost > Security

Both of Them Pay Much Attention to This Aspect

No matter which web host you choose between iPage and BlueHost, both you and your readers can be ensured with a high level of online security.

  • BlueHost – This hosting provider ensures the encryption process, database lock-downs, firewalls and pooled structures, all of which can create an extremely safe environment. In addition, BlueHost has the exclusive segregation technology, which is ideal for shared web hosting users to be isolated from some bad neighborhoods.
  • iPage – This web host activates the daily scans for malware to protect you from potential hacking issues and viruses. If your site is 100% risk-free, you can get a special security badge. Even, you can have your domain verified to inform people that your site is legitimate with no fishing scams.

iPage VS BlueHost > Uptime

Both Achieve 99.99% Uptime

For hosting reliability, both companies claim 99.99% uptime. iPage uses two data centers located in Boston, both of which run on N+1 power. This company pays much attention to network security by enabling daily malware scans, spam scanning, security badge and domain verification.

BlueHost locates its data centers in Utah and makes use of the UPS power backup to fulfill the promise on delivering excellent uptime. Also, the technicians are monitoring the infrastructures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to figure out critical situations at the first time. Here, we display the uptime statistics charts during the past 30 days – to convince you that both of them are outstanding.

iPage VS BlueHost > Speed

BlueHost Performs Much Faster

iPage runs 100% DELL servers, all of which come with redundant T3 connections to guarantee fast page loading speed. Besides, it supports 1GB free Cloud Storage Account from JustCloud so as to help webmasters access files in a fast and secure way.

BlueHost integrates with Dual Quad Processor Servers with multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections to provide customers with fast hosting experience as well as to minimize the waiting time when loading a web page. According to our monitoring, we make the following chart to show the server response time of iPage and BlueHost. In fact, BlueHost servers performs much faster than iPage.

iPage VS BlueHost > Technical Support

Both Enable 24/7 Technical Support

As live chat, phone and email are recognized as the most convenient ways to contact the support staffs, both iPage and BlueHost support those communication methods to ensure a better user experience. In addition, the support teams of the two companies keep online regardless of day and night in dealing with any issues.

The technicians of both companies have written a large amount of hosting tutorials to help webmasters get more knowledge about hosting.

Summary > BlueHost is Recommended

By virtue of the low pricing, iPage is a solid option for people who just want to start a small-sized website with limited budgets. However, if people need more features based on a powerful server to start individual or business sites, BlueHost brings more possibilities.