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How to Install a WordPress Theme and Plugin

How to Install a WordPress Theme and Plugin

WordPress has a highlight of allowing unlimited possibilities for customization. Users can beautify their sites using some carefully-designed themes, and are able to extend the functionality of websites beyond the WordPress core with the help of powerful plugins.

At present, people can search for and download their needed themes or plugins from and many other third parties available on the web. Now, the question is how to install them and integrate them with the websites properly? In the following, we have come out a detailed tutorial displaying the step-by-step guidance.

How to Install Theme

In fact, WordPress theme is a collection of files working together to skin your website with a unique design. These files can be called template files that decide the way the website is showcased without affecting the underlying applications or scripts.

Currently, WordPress has three default themes that are Twenty Fourteen theme, Twenty Thirteen theme and Twenty Twelve theme. You can switch among them via the Appearance section of your control panel. After going to Dashboard < Appearance < Theme, you can choose one of the three default options and click the Customize button. Then, modify the settings based on your needs and click Publish button. theme activation

If you don’t want to use the in-built themes, you are allowed to search for and download your preferred one. You can find the best options from WordPress Theme Directory or some selling platforms like Elegant Themes. After downloading one to your local computer, then you can install the theme using one of the two methods listed in below.

Use WordPress Admin Panel

The easiest way to install a WordPress theme is to use the WordPress admin panel. After logging in, you can find the Appearance tab in the left column of the screen. Simply click the Themes button. In the next screen, you can find the three default themes. To add a new one, you need to click the Add New button.

addd new theme

Next, you can upload the theme you have already installed at your local machine. Click the Search option and open the targeted one. Then, simply hit on the Install Now button to upload the theme to your website. After the installation process is completed, don’t forget to activate the theme for utilization.

install theme

Use File Manager

Generally, you can get a compressed zip file after downloading a WordPress theme. To upload this file, you can make use of the File manager available in your control panel. Here, we simply assume you use the popular cPanel control panel.

Within the cPanel File Manager, you need to navigate to your Theme folder and click the Upload link to upload the zip file. Note that if you locate the WordPress core at the document root folder, you need to navigate to public_html/wp-content/themes, but if you have it installed in a sub-folder, you need to navigate to public_html/sub-folder name/wp-content/themes.

The next step is to extract the uploaded zip file. You only need to right-click the file name and choose the Extract option, then the file can be uncompressed.

extract file

Now, you have uploaded the template file successfully, thus can activate the new theme from the WordPress dashboard.

How to Install Plugin

WordPress plugin is composed of PHP scripts to add new functionalities to the WordPress powered websites, such as optimizing a site for search engines, increasing the page loading speed, improving the security level, and integrating a forum, etc.

Generally, WordPress Plugins Directory can help you find all the plugins needed with rich features and a high quality. There are two ways for you to download the WordPress plugins.

  • Download from WordPress admin panel
  • Download directly from the official plugin directory

Use WordPress Admin Panel

Firstly, you need to log into your WordPress admin panel and go into the Plugins section in the left column. Simply hover the mouse on the Plugins tab and then click on the Add New button. Then, you can be directed to a new page, with which you can search for any plugins as you want. Simply enter the name of your target plugin and click the Search Plugins button.

search plugin

Then, you can see a list of related plugins with the name, version, rating, and description attached. You can choose your targeted one and click the Install Now button. The next step is to click on the Active Plugin in the next page for app activation. After this, you can get this plugin started and can configure the settings for better performance.

Download from Plugin Directory

Also, you can download the plugins from or some third parties. After downloading, you can get a zip file that is needed to be uploaded to your website. Again, navigate to the Dashboard < Plugins. Then, click the Upload button to upload the zip file. After that, you can follow the steps we have introduced previously to install the button with ease.